Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis With Pool and Patio Furniture

pool and patio furniture

Create the feeling of a resort-like oasis in your own backyard by adding pool and patio furniture such as chaise lounges and wicker chairs with colorful cushions – think mimosas, floppy hats and relaxation all without leaving home!

Rustproof materials like teak wood are an ideal choice for poolside seating, as they will stand up well to spills and stains from drinks and splashes of chlorine.


Pool furniture and decorations can transform a backyard into an outdoor oasis, offering sunbathing sunbathers a refreshing beverage while lounging on lounge chairs, hosting pool parties or simply taking in the atmosphere – these modern furniture options will transform your space into the ideal relaxation spot.

Modern pool patio furniture features clean lines and sleek silhouettes to complete an aesthetically pleasing outdoor living area. Utilizing metals and industrial materials like concrete creates an eye-catching yet practical design aesthetic; many styles feature neutral color palettes to fit seamlessly with various decor themes; unlike traditional outdoor furniture styles, modern models are weather resistant so that they can remain outside all year long.

Wood may be the go-to material for poolside seating, but contemporary outdoor furniture options also include aluminum, teak, wicker, recycled plastic and recycled aluminum pieces that can withstand rain, sun and harsh chemicals. Choose the material that best matches your lifestyle and budget; aluminum and woven plastic pool furniture tend to be more cost effective while teak and wicker chairs may cost more.

Modern poolside furniture provides more than just a relaxing spot; it also includes accents and accessories to create an aesthetically pleasing and practical pool area. A bar cart makes serving drinks, snacks and other refreshments convenient; pair it with two matching lounge chairs for cozy seating in between dives into the water.

Other helpful poolside accessories include a towel rack or wall-mounted hook to hold towels and other essentials, while decorative planters filled with low maintenance flowers like petunias and begonias add height, color, and energy to your pool deck. Finally, fire pits offer an inviting place for warm-up after swimming or evening parties!


No matter your style preferences – from traditional pool furniture to contemporary metal aluminum lounge chairs or something in between – finding the ideal pool furniture set for your backyard oasis should not be difficult. Simply take measurements of your pool deck and plan a furniture layout that can comfortably seat guests; consider budget requirements when making this decision and which pieces should be considered essential and which are optional additions.

If your budget is limited, consider choosing an economical patio dining table and chair set with weather-resistant chairs for poolside meals. Such sets provide comfortable dining for poolside events while remaining stylishly chic; there is even the option of adding lounge chairs featuring high-density foam cushions for added relaxation and comfort.

Chaise lounge chairs offer an affordable way to create your own private lounge area. These chairs are specifically designed to sit atop pool ledges and come fully reclining for maximum comfort – many even come equipped with matching side tables for drinks! For something with more luxury appeal, add hammock or daybed to your patio space!

At all times during the day, it is crucial that your pool deck, pool and chairs remain shaded from direct sunlight. This is especially essential during summer when temperatures can soar beyond 300 F! Depending on your preferred method of shade provision – an umbrella, pergola, cantilever umbrella or pool cover could all offer shade protection from harsh rays.

When looking for poolside furniture, make sure it meets the specifications for outdoor use. Outdoor-rated pieces feature materials and fabrics designed to withstand moisture as well as resistance against fading and discoloration. Also keep sun exposure in mind; it could influence which pieces you pick – for instance a wicker patio set may work better in warmer climates as it won’t warp or fade easily while in colder environments steel with powder-coated finish might provide greater longevity.


Crafting an inviting poolside oasis is easy with the right furniture. Ranging from rustic to modern styles and colors, there is something perfect to fit in with any theme or budget. When shopping for backyard furniture it is essential to keep style, comfort and durability as well as price in mind when purchasing it – with a bit of planning you can easily craft an oasis that will impress friends and family this summer.

Before purchasing furniture for your poolside oasis, it is essential that you establish an overall theme. Think about what aesthetic you wish to create and the frequency with which the area will be used; this will help guide your decision regarding what materials and designs will suit its use better. In addition, choose a color scheme which captures its spirit and vibe.

Many people prefer rustic or coastal poolside settings, which can be achieved by selecting furniture in neutral tones such as white or refreshing blue – adding accent tables or pillows can help bring more color into the mix!

An ideal choice for poolside settings is a gazebo, offering shade from the summer sun while still being stylishly decorative in your backyard. Build your own or purchase pre-assembled versions to create a beautiful focal point in your yard.

Another option for your pool area is a deck or patio chair set that provides a cozy spot to read or take in the scenery around it. They come in all sorts of materials; wicker is particularly durable and natural-looking; metal patio chair sets also make an excellent contemporary statement while remaining durable and versatile.

If you prefer rustic decor, wood and rattan may provide excellent options that are durable yet require little upkeep; these pieces make great choices for rustic settings. Aluminum furniture offers contemporary elegance as a cost-effective, low maintenance choice.


Pottery Barn’s pool and patio furniture helps make your backyard the ultimate sunbathing paradise with stylish patio furnishings for every event – be it hosting an extravagant luau or simply enjoying some downtime in the sun. Whether entertaining guests at a poolside feast, relaxing by yourself by the water’s edge, eating outdoors, or hosting events – every sunny day should be made memorable by making use of these sunny days by swimming, lounging by yourself, dining al fresco, relaxing and socializing with loved ones and making memories cherished forever.

Select a comfortable lounge chair to relax in the water or a chaise to stretch out under palm trees and lush blooms, or select teak and wrought iron furniture that add a tropical feel. Wicker, rattan, teak and wrought iron furniture add tropical charm; aluminum is lightest while stainless steel, galvanized steel, recycled plastic are more robust options that resist corrosion rusting than wood furniture can. Plastic can also serve as affordable weather-resistant alternatives to woven seating options if that is your preference.

Add a dining table and chairs to your poolside area for easy dining, drinking, and socializing without compromising the view or comfort. Outdoor furniture made of teak provides a tropical aesthetic while it is easy to find dining sets in various styles to complement your decor. Metal furniture can also be easily moved around as its lightweight construction makes it suitable for meeting different needs.

Integrate a waterfall into your poolscape for an authentic vacation feel or to provide children with an area to play in the water. Surround it with large stones to mimic a rock hill, or build multiple waterfalls cascading down from different levels into the pool at different heights – Streaming water looks especially stunning at night when lighting illuminates it.

To add tropical touches to your landscape and poolscape, plant trees with swaying leaves and vibrant flowers. A shady tree or gazebo also makes an excellent way to bring nature inside; banana trees or fig trees provide additional shades and are especially nice features in pool areas for reading books while relaxing near water’s edge.