Turn Your Backyard Into a Living Room With Outdoor Patio Furniture

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Make your backyard into an inviting living room with outdoor patio furniture that combines style and durability. Choose from stylish yet durable options like wicker, aluminum and teak that can withstand sun-heated afternoons as well as stormy weather.

Avoid cheap plastic resin wicker that may degrade over time and opt for High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wicker instead, which is recyclable and weather-proof.

Sofas and Sectionals

Are you looking to refresh the seating in your outdoor area? A sectional sofa can be an effective way of updating its decor. These modular pieces give you plenty of freedom in how they’re configured based on how you prefer to lounge and host events.

Modern and traditional sectionals can be found, along with upholstery fabrics to fit your tastes and space. When choosing upholstery fabric for your sectional, think carefully about its anticipated wear-and-tear, stain resistance requirements or pet friendliness – some waterproof options even exist so you won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling wine or leaving muddy paw prints!

An L-shaped sectional sofa is a popular choice in living rooms, as its L-shape maximizes relaxation by offering an extended chaise seat perfect for lounging and reclining. Position it near a window that gets morning sun for the best experience – offering cozy spots to read or sip coffee while reading or sipping beverages from. Moreover, an L-shaped sectional can function as a room divider to divide kitchen from living or dining spaces if your floor plan allows it.

One fantastic choice is a sofa featuring built-in tables. Not only can these versatile pieces provide storage or additional seats, they also add that chic designer touch. Many sectionals of this type also come in various configurations for optimal use in different spaces and layouts.

For an easier-going experience, consider investing in a four-seat modular sectional sofa. This type of seating solution offers more space than two-seaters and can seat larger groups comfortably. Plus, its slimmer armrests and more compact size make it suitable for smaller spaces; plus its reversible chaise seat makes placement easy!

Whoever prefers entertaining might want to opt for a sofa with built-in bar or cocktail tables. These options provide extra space for drinks and snacks while often outlasting standalone tables. Furthermore, sectional sofas come equipped with reclining seats for additional comfort.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are essential pieces of outdoor patio furniture that provide a comfortable place for you to enjoy snacks, drinks and conversation. You can purchase tables and chairs individually or as sets, featuring weatherproof chairs designed for outdoor use paired with sturdy weather-resistant tables suited for two people or seating four people comfortably. Choose between bistro tables for two, large dining tables that seat four and patio furniture sets which come complete with tables and chairs available in multiple color choices to meet the needs of any space.

Material selection plays an integral part in outdoor furniture’s durability, from aluminum and wood, wicker and teak all being great choices that withstand the elements well. Teak is particularly durable due to its natural weather resistance, insect- and rot-resistance, beautiful grain finish and durability; synthetic resin wicker offers another lightweight and convenient option – lightweight cleaning makes maintenance simple too! Avoid PVC synthetics which crack easily over time.

Wood patio furniture made from cypress, redwood or mahogany will add classic charm and value to your backyard space for years. These materials naturally resist rot and insect infestation, yet require regular care to look their best. Metal patio sets may also be less costly and treated against corrosion for maximum long-term performance.

An outdoor fire pit is an essential feature in any backyard patio, providing warmth and ambience while entertaining guests or simply providing a place for quiet relaxation in the sunshine. Jordan’s Furniture offers an assortment of fire pits which can serve as either stand-alone pieces or sets with chairs to create cozy retreats in your outdoor living area. They may even come equipped with LED lights and speakers to complete your patio furniture set!

Fire Pits

Nothing beats gathering around a warm fire on a cool evening with family and friends to create memories to last a lifetime. A backyard fire pit provides the perfect atmosphere to do just this, yet it is vitally important that we all follow safety measures while enjoying this enjoyable activity.

Before purchasing a fire pit for your home, it is recommended that you research all local city or HOA rules regarding permanent fire pits. Some communities require permits for permanent pits and specify minimum distance requirements between seating, plants or structures and the pit itself. You could also come across regulations about smoke pollution that might prohibit wood-burning fire pits altogether or force you to opt for gas options instead.

Propane fire pits have quickly become one of the most sought-after features, as they provide controllable heat while adding modern design elements. You can find plenty of styles tailored specifically to your space – from basic metal designs to more intricate stone veneers.

Backyard fire pits offer more than just roasting marshmallows or making s’mores; they can also serve as the centerpiece of your patio furniture set. When choosing the model that will become the focal point of your patio furniture set, select one with an integrated elongated flame to accommodate drinks, snacks and conversation; coffee table-style fire pits are ideal.

Before lighting a fire in your backyard, it is always prudent to check the weather forecast first. A windy environment could easily blow sparks from your firepit away from it and ignite unintended fires in nearby foliage or buildings – creating unintended fire hazards that threaten your yard as well. Recreational fires also produce air pollution and particulates which may irritate your nose, throat and eyes.

EcoSmart offers safe and convenient ethanol fire pits as an alternative to traditional wood-burning models, since these freestanding models don’t need flues or chimneys and do not emit smoke or soot. Furthermore, they’re easily transportable; perfect for moving between rooms indoors or outdoors with no fuss; plus their sear plates come equipped with adjustable motorized fans which provide adjustable airflow – they even double up as portable grills!

Balcony Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture transforms any backyard into a cozy spot where you can unwind and unwind, as well as being an effective way to increase curb appeal and add visual interest in outdoor spaces.

There is a wide range of outdoor furniture to choose from, such as lounge chairs, sofas and dining tables. The material used to craft your patio furniture and its color/style will have an impactful impact on its overall aesthetic in your space.

Wood patio furniture offers a classic, natural aesthetic with long-term durability, making it a timeless investment. Popular wood choices for this purpose are cypress, redwood and mahogany; such pieces require regular care to stay beautiful and should be oiled to extend its lifespan. Metal patio furniture offers another durable option; aluminum and steel are lightweight yet weather resistant and come in an array of colors; these items can even be painted or powder-coated to give a personalized touch; chairs and sofa frames made out of metal can also be upholstered to provide comfortable sitting surfaces.

Wonky materials in outdoor furniture is also becoming more widespread. Rattan, synthetic wicker and natural jute are all resilient options that can be woven together into durable outdoor pieces that offer an organic appearance. Wicker furniture features its signature woven look while all-weather synthetic wicker can be woven onto frames to form stylish seating solutions; natural jute is another attractive and resilient material commonly incorporated into this form of seating for an organic appeal.

Patio sets make furnishing your outdoor living space with all of the furniture easier, from tables and chairs, sofas, loveseats and loveseats – each made to match perfectly – to benches in various sizes that can suit any space perfectly.

Balcony furniture can add an excellent finishing touch to any small outdoor space. Specialized to meet the needs of smaller areas, balcony furniture includes lounge chairs and rockers as well as dining and coffee tables that stack away when not in use – perfect for storage!