Tropitone Patio Furniture Review

Tropitone furniture is built for outdoor environments of all kinds, featuring materials that fit within most budgets.

Their products encompass both modern and transitional styles, using color to create an inviting environment. Furthermore, they offer various seating options including sling chairs and cushion seats.


Tropitone offers outdoor-grade furniture pieces designed for hospitality industry use, resorts and private residences alike. Their pieces feature durable aluminum construction with powder coated finishes designed to resist corrosion while others feature faux wood finishes meant to withstand moisture and direct sunlight.

Tropitone outdoor furniture comes with a limited warranty. This protection covers the frame from structural damage for 15 years and covers fabric on cushions, patio chairs and market umbrellas against tearing or discoloration for one year – this excludes minor variations in finish texture or coating finishes that might occur over time.

Proper care of sling fabrics can lessen the need for warranty coverage. Regularly cleaning with mild detergent and water solutions should suffice to keep fabric looking its best, while air drying afterwards should prevent mold or mildew growth which could potentially damage fabric over time.

Tropitone furniture should be regularly checked for signs of wear and tear, including loose screws or bolts near headrest ratchets on chaise lounges and recliners. If any signs of damage or issues arise, contact your local Tropitone Contract Sales Representative or Dealer immediately for repair service.

During winter months, it is wise to store Tropitone furniture in a dry place to protect its frame tubing from freezing temperatures and ensure its fabric doesn’t become damaged in snowy or icy conditions. This way you will avoid having your furniture exposed and potentially breaking due to snow-induced moisture build-up.

Tropitone patio furniture has become immensely popular. Some of their more notable pieces include the Capri collection with its exquisite teak finish and sleek, comfortable design; Kenzo Woven collection provides durable yet stylish sling seating; it boasts lower back support with its woven bucket feature and comfortable seating arrangement.


Tropitone patio furniture is created with comfort in mind, offering numerous frame styles, finishes, and fabrics that allow you to build the perfect outdoor set that matches your personal aesthetic. Tropitone’s designs balance traditional details with modern advances in comfort and design for optimal outdoor seating solutions.

Tropitone’s KOR Relaxed Sling Side Chair embodies their commitment to merging comfort with style. Featuring an ergonomically curved back and seat that wraps you gently, providing hours of relaxing comfort. In addition, this chair comes equipped with an industrial-grade sling designed to last.

Tropitone furniture is designed for both residential and commercial environments, providing poolside lounge chairs, restaurant patio seating and other commercial outdoor spaces with beautiful pieces that stand up against all weather conditions. Some products even weatherproof their design so it can remain outdoors year round; in extreme climates where extreme cold or wet seasons prevail it may be wiser to store indoors for greater longevity.

Tropitone’s outdoor furniture pieces boast stackable designs, making them easy to store when not in use and saving space in your outdoor living area. Furthermore, many chair and chaise lounge frames come equipped with built-in drain holes designed to prevent water accumulation that could freeze into freezing pools and cause lasting damage to their furniture frames.

Tropitone offers a range of tabletop styles and accessories designed to complement its seating options for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Their Matrix collection of tables boasts durable table tops compatible with most seating collections from Tropitone; perfect for dining by the poolside or relaxing while taking in scenic views.

Tropitone’s products can be purchased through professional Contract Sales Representatives or Dealers that specialize in serving hospitality, club, resort, multifamily housing and restaurant markets. They will assist in selecting furniture tailored specifically to meet your individual requirements as well as providing maintenance, warranty and safety information.

Hauser’s Patio is your destination for high-quality Tropitone patio furniture at competitive rates, providing both commercial and residential clients with high-grade replacement slings for Tropitone products.


Tropitone’s outdoor furniture collection boasts something to match any taste or budget; with casual dining chairs and tables as well as reclining chaise lounges available. There’s sure to be something that speaks to you here!

Tropitone furniture collections come in an assortment of colors, finishes and fabrics to meet your outdoor space’s individual needs. Plus, with customization options such as unique finishes or custom cushion fabrics – find exactly the pieces you need for your outdoor space here.

Tropitone’s patio furniture is constructed using quality materials that are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and daily use, and their products come backed with a robust warranty to provide peace of mind when purchasing from them. As well as their robustness, Tropitone furniture looks beautiful in any outdoor setting – adding another element of outdoor enjoyment.

Tropitone has long been recognized for their innovative commercial outdoor furnishings. Their versatile offerings can be used across various outdoor settings from restaurants and resorts to office buildings and parks – featuring chairs, tables, loungers and accessories in their comprehensive product portfolio.

Tropitone’s patio furniture comes in an assortment of frame styles, finishes and fabric choices that offer endless possibilities. Their outdoor chairs come with multiple configurations to help you find just the right pieces for your space – the Laguna Beach collection features clean lines with modern aesthetic while Shoreline provides more traditional style pieces. When searching for dining tables outside consider Matrix as its durable table top is compatible with existing Tropitone commercial table bases as well as being compatible with seating from any collection.

Tropitone’s reclining furniture is known for being both highly comfortable and long-lasting, providing stylish support for your back with their sling patio chairs featuring sleek modern profiles and back rest support. They’re easy to keep clean, maintain, and can withstand the elements season after season if properly protected from sunlight exposure; but be mindful of excessive sunlight as prolonged exposure could damage its material over time – following these tips could extend its life, giving you years of enjoyment from it.


Tropitone outdoor furniture is made of eco-friendly materials and manufactured sustainably, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. Tropitone is dedicated to using recycled plastics and aluminum in its products as well as practicing other eco-friendly practices that produce long-lasting furniture that’s great for both the environment and backyards alike.

Tropitone patio furniture features an array of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, customization options allow you to make it truly your own outdoor space. Their Laguna Beach collection embodies clean lines and modern design; alternatively the Tropitone Shoreline collection provides cozy seating areas.

Tropitone’s furniture stands out for its customization options and durability, with most pieces offering customizable frame colors, fabric materials and vinyl finishes to perfectly suit the space in which they will live. Plus, most pieces are manufactured upon order ensuring that it will meet all of your home furnishings. Hauser’s Patio in San Diego is an excellent source for Tropitone outdoor furniture such as the South Beach Ravello Lakeside Corsica Kenzo Collections!

Tropitone furniture is not the only outdoor brand we carry; we also have access to other popular outdoor brands and their respective furniture collections. Our team knows all of the latest trends in outdoor living furniture and can assist you in selecting pieces suitable for your backyard oasis.

Tropitone has been at the forefront of designing aluminum outdoor furniture since 1954. Their products can be found poolside at some of the world’s finest resorts and hotels; now you can bring that same luxurious experience into your backyard with Tropitone’s residential patio furniture line! Tropitone’s commercial products have long been known for exceptional performance and comfort; now their residential products follow suit too.