Tropitone Patio Furniture

Tropitone furniture has long met the product and service demands of outdoor environments since 1954, offering contract products tailored specifically for poolside dining, bar seating, VIP area access, gardens patios balconies.

Their eye-catching collections exude transitional and modern styles, from exquisite sling loungers to sturdy tables – everything needed to create the ideal commercial outdoor space!


Tropitone patio furniture sets are meticulously crafted to be long-lasting, comfortable, and attractive. Their commercial outdoor lines are popular choices among restaurants, hotels, and resorts; homeowners also turn to Tropitone furniture in their outdoor living areas – durable enough to withstand both climate conditions and frequent usage while offering both contemporary and traditional styling options.

Tropitone invented and pioneered the powder coating process, which offers superior durability and scratch resistance. Today, their outdoor furniture frames and fire pits come with either textured or smooth powder coat finishes that withstand years of sun, rain and even stain resistance; additionally their weather and stain-resistant fabrics make up part of the package.

The company offers the URComfort(r) seat adjustment system, enabling you to customize seating to meet your comfort needs. It features multiple pivot points and height adjustability so that it can accommodate different body sizes. In addition, they offer cushions featuring quick-drying fill and foam for optimal seating experience.

Tropitone furniture that’s subject to heavy use requires regular maintenance, which includes regularly rinsing its fabric with a mixture of 2 ounces of mild, biodegradable soap and 1 gallon of lukewarm water – this solution is gentle enough not to cause damage while effectively dissolving mildew and other contaminants from its surface.

Tropitone furniture requires regular cleanings in order to retain its beautiful aesthetics, with regular rinses using a specific solution designed to remove dirt and grime buildup that could otherwise lead to cracking or fading. Tropitone’s upholstery fabrics have UV inhibitors built into them, as well as fast-drying fill and foam cushion materials made for fast dry times.

Tropitone furniture is easy to maintain when stored properly, particularly if stored right-side up in its frame tubing. Doing this prevents moisture accumulation which could otherwise lead to corrosion or rust issues if left accumulating within. It is therefore vitally important that rust protection measures be taken as soon as possible.

Store your furniture in a dry area during winter to protect it from freezing conditions, which could result in its tubing freezing and breaking, ruining its appearance and functionality. Professional Tropitone furniture repair services offer restoration of furniture to its original state if this occurs.


Tropitone furniture makes creating urban oasis or private retreat effortless – from lounge chairs and chaise lounges, sofas and more – their patio chairs, chaise lounges and sofas offer stylish comfort durability options that fit seamlessly into every lifestyle. Their South Beach Cushion collection boasts transitional styles while Ravello or Lakeside collections provide classic designs; there is something suitable for every backyard aesthetic!

Our extensive collection of frames, finishes, and fabrics offers you endless design options that fit perfectly into your style. Choose from woven basket or vineyard weave frames equipped with cushions utilizing RELAXplus technology for unsurpassed comfort and durability, or an aluminum slat dining chair which stands up well against commercial use – ideal for poolside areas or restaurant balconies.

Tropitone offers an assortment of accessories for luxury outdoor furniture, from tables with unique shapes and sizes, such as small cube end tables to dining room sets. Their high quality materials such as marine-grade polymer and powder coated aluminum ensure these pieces can withstand outdoor elements without disintegrating over time.

Tropitone offers durable and stylish furniture to make any patio or garden inviting space, plus they have a range of vibrant colors that enable you to craft the ideal atmosphere. Their extensive color selection ranges from neutral tans, whites and grays through more vibrant teal, red, blues and purple hues – enabling you to achieve rustic country contemporary modern inviting spaces for yourself or just simply your personal paradise!

Tropitone has built its reputation on producing exceptional commercial outdoor furniture for poolside areas, public dining zones and VIP spaces. Their excellence can now be brought directly into your own backyard via Hauser’s Patio’s remarkable residential line of Tropitone outdoor furniture – which will add the perfect piece to make it the centerpiece of your backyard oasis! Visit us at Hauser’s Patio today to find your ideal piece. Our experienced team is standing by to assist in finding it!


Tropitone offers a comprehensive line of outdoor furniture designed to be both aesthetically appealing and resilient enough to withstand all forms of weather. Each piece boasts an appealing finish which helps hold back moisture while resisting mildew and fading – with fabrics featuring stain protection, UV inhibitors, and quick dry times ensuring its long term enjoyment.

Tropitone offers customers an expansive selection of colors and finishes to meet any customer need, along with the ability to fully personalize each furniture piece they purchase – providing customers with something truly suited to them that will look beautiful for years.

Tropitone offers an assortment of seating solutions, from cushion to sling furniture. Their cushioned seats provide stylish yet comfortable seating that can withstand regular use and weathering; their sling seating features clean lines with designer fabrics that make up easy-care solutions that still offer all-day comfort like their cushion counterparts.

Tropitone offers dining chairs in various styles and materials to meet any need, be it poolside seating, bar seating or cabana encasings. From their EZ Span dining chair designed specifically for poolside use to TropiKane(tm) woven chairs providing durable cafe style seating arrangements – you are sure to find one to fit the bill.

Tropitone offers a range of towel and waste receptacles in different designs and finishes to bring an air of modern resort-living into any patio, restaurant or public space. These pieces provide the finishing touches to complete the design of any outdoor area, restaurant or public space.

Tropitone aluminum furniture sets the industry standard. Their sleek and sophisticated designs can be found at some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts. Their goal is always to exceed customer expectations with performance that surpasses them; their manufacturing facilities in Florida and California allow them to offer custom pieces with one of the shortest order-to-ship times in the industry.


Tropitone patio furniture embodies beauty, comfort and functionality – each piece made of premium materials designed to complement its surroundings like gardens, poolside areas, restaurant patios or public spaces. Craftsmen employing cutting edge techniques create modern or classic options of Tropitone’s outdoor furniture pieces.

Tropitone’s exclusive powder coating process on aluminum finishes gives Tropitone furniture an unrivalled weather resistance. This innovative process creates a protective layer three times thicker than paint that resists scratching, chipping and marring for effortless upkeep and keeps it looking new for years.

Tropitone furniture employs cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and an eco-friendly business model to produce its furniture, which helps keep its carbon footprint minimal while conserving natural resources. Tropitone furnishings make an investment that will provide long-lasting style, comfort, and functionality in any environment.

Dining Chairs

No matter the design of your outdoor living space or commercial setting, Tropitone chairs offer durable seating solutions suitable for every design imaginable. Woven TropiKane chairs provide transitional and contemporary styles while EZ Span chairs and aluminum slat chairs deliver flexible cafe seating to meet even the toughest food service environments.

Tropitone ottomans make ideal lounging spots both outdoors and inside your home, featuring comfort-enhancing RELAXplus cushions for ultimate relaxation in any climate. Offering style options like multiple styles and heights to meet any patio furniture aesthetic.

Tropitone Cabanas

Are You Needing Shade in Your Yard, or Looking to Add Resort-Style Elegance to Your Poolside Area? Tropitone cabanas offer outdoor canopy structures built of aluminum that feature canopies, corner curtains, valance and curtain rings; available in 8′ 10″ 12″ square sizes that can be customized with colors or fabrics of your choosing!