Transform Your Outdoor Oasis With Pool Patio Furniture

No matter if your backyard pool is above-ground or in-ground, adding stylish yet comfortable pool patio chairs and loungers is an easy way to transform the space. Your guests will surely appreciate their time spent relaxing by the waterside!

Poolside furniture must stand up to heavy use, humidity, sunlight exposure and chlorinated water conditions – such as aluminum or wrought iron materials which are long-lasting against such hazards.


At any poolside lounging session or entertaining event, guests want to unwind comfortably. A high-quality lounge chair or chaise with thick cushioning and durable materials that withstand frequent use as well as exposure to sunlight, water, and chlorine is essential.

If you’re planning a dining area, look for tables that can easily seat multiple people without overcrowding your space. For cozy seating clusters like our best-selling balcony settee (two tall Adirondack chairs with an optional center side table).

Your choice of pool furniture depends on the overall size and layout of your patio as well as how much room there is available for lounge chairs. A wider area will usually offer greater mobility for finding shade when needed.

An ideal addition to poolside areas is a hammock, which can be suspended from a sturdy stand and comes in various colors to match existing furniture and accessories. A hammock also allows you to take some quiet time for reading or sipping outdoor beverages without all the noise of pool life.

Comfort is of course key when selecting pool furniture, but durability should also be prioritized. Poolside furniture must withstand sun, chlorine and other environmental stresses that cause wear and tear over time; for this reason it should be constructed of tougher materials like teak, aluminum or synthetic wicker that not only look beautiful but are weather resistant as well. For added peace of mind when purchasing furniture with warranties on each product.


When selecting poolside furniture, it’s essential to take into account the overall style of the space. Make sure the patio furniture matches both the pool and its surroundings while offering guests an inviting aesthetic. In general, personal preferences will determine which furniture style works best in each scenario. If you need help getting started with this selection process, professional assistance may help ensure you select pieces perfect for your backyard oasis.

Outside the aesthetics, selecting durable materials for poolside seating and dining furniture is also key to its long-term viability. Your poolside furnishings must withstand rain, sunlight, chlorine water and any possible saltwater exposure in coastal regions – this means bare metals could rust over time and require more upkeep, so for optimal performance it would be wiser to invest in furniture made of aluminum, teak wood or synthetic wicker instead.

Color should also be taken into consideration when purchasing poolside furniture. While UV rays provide great outdoor fun and are great for swimming in, their exposure can cause colors on furniture to fade over time. When selecting outdoor wicker or poly lumber furniture from Phat Tommy that resist UV exposure will do best.

Beyond selecting durable, stylish and comfortable poolside furniture for commercial installation, it’s also crucial that you partner with an experienced dealer in providing commercial properties with pool patio furniture that meets guests’ specific needs. When making this important choice, seek a supplier with a comprehensive selection of high-quality furniture suitable for every guest in mind.

Patio Productions offers a selection of high-quality patio furniture that will help you craft an ideal poolside oasis. From lounge chairs, dining tables, sofas and more crafted in America using only top-grade materials that come protected against weathering, corrosion and rust, to powder coating protection on our selection. Browse online today or request delivery of your order. We’ve got something special in store just for you – all free of charge.


An oasis at the pool should be about comfort, from lounge furniture to dining tables and everything in between. Commercial-grade pool patio furniture must withstand repeated exposure to chlorine and other harsh chemicals while remaining stylish enough for guests’ relaxation.

Color of furniture is a key factor when creating an overall unified atmosphere in any given space. Your goal should be for it to complement both natural hues of the landscape as well as any additional colors you use on your patio, such as fade-resistant hues. However, for added flair choose vibrant tones for an additional pop of color!

While many may assume pool patio furniture must feature vibrant hues, there are also plenty of neutral options to consider when decorating their poolside areas. Light colors such as white can bring a clean and airy aesthetic while darker tones like gray may create more modern ambience. For an authentic wood or wicker piece with natural tones like pine or cedar woodgrain textures may create the desired result.

As another way of adding style and character to your poolside patio, dual-level tables can add an elegant touch. They make it easier for both you and your guests to reach the tabletop from seating without straining their arms or moving too far from loungers or chairs. When purchasing sets that include tables, it is wise to coordinate fabric colors to achieve a cohesive appearance.

If you have a larger budget and wish to give your poolside area a luxurious edge, a deluxe reclining chaise will do just the trick. Also referred to as patio chaise lounges, beach chairs, or sun deck loungers – these pieces of pool furniture offer unparalleled relaxation thanks to ergonomically-designed chair backs and seats, comfortable footrests and durable poly lumber materials that withstand spilled drinks, damp towels, weather conditions without cracking or fading over time.


Your pool patio furniture will likely spend most of its time under the harsh sunlight, which can cause it to fade or crack over time. To minimize this possibility, select pieces made with durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions – this includes outdoor fabrics like wicker and rattan as well as plastic, metal and teak wood options. Also keep the colors of both your pool area and backyard landscape in mind so as to choose furnishings which complement each other beautifully.

White poolside furniture is an attractive and classic option that reflects sunlight beautifully, while still looking clean and classy. However, it’s important to keep in mind that white patio chairs and cushions may become stained from body sweats and oils that don’t always wash away with soap and water alone. To counteract this issue, cover your pool furniture in protective covers at night or keep it covered during the day.

Soft pastels and earth tones work great as poolside seating colors, while blues, greens, and ocean hues pair easily with pillows, throws, and accessories in blue, green, or ocean hues. Ocean-themed accessories like coral accents, capiz wind chimes, or woven rattan towel baskets add the right beach touch!

Alternately, dark patio furniture can create an intimate poolside ambience. Dark browns and tans work with any number of styles from traditional to Tuscan. If these pieces become too hot in direct sunlight, consider installing umbrellas onto your pool deck – these will reduce how much solar heat is absorbed while making loungers more comfortable.

There is a wide range of poolside furniture options to suit every style and space, but it is crucial that you find furniture that both fits your personal aesthetic and is practical and attractive. By doing a bit of planning ahead, you can create an inviting poolside area that will be the envy of friends and family alike – just remember to consider both cost and durability when making decisions on which pieces best suit you.