Top 5 French Patio Furniture Brands

french patio furniture

French manufacturer Fermob’s luxury patio furniture designs are full of joie de vivre and use colors inspired by nature for maximum impact, producing zero waste at their zero-waste facility.

Vondom’s luxurious poolside collections of sunbeds, sofas and lounge chairs feature fluid expressive lines and captivating geometric forms as signature characteristics of their design philosophy that blend ergonomics with innovative engineering while taking great care to consider environmental concerns.

Janus et Cie

JANUS et Cie is an innovative outdoor furnishings company known for their contemporary-meets-transitional collections of furniture, accessories and performance textiles. From contemporary to transitional styles they cover them all. Made of weatherproof materials that look luxurious including reclaimed wood, recycled plastic and woven rattan they also provide concrete-based JANUSstone planters which are lighter yet more long-term solutions.

Haworth Collection takes its inspiration from Roman god Janus, with two faces that both look forward and back, to create its Janus brand philosophy and maintain a balanced approach between design heritage and innovation. Their global design resources now span 19 flagship showrooms throughout North America, Singapore, Sydney and Milan as well as field offices and select dealers worldwide.

The Tosca Daybed features rounded forms and elegant braided strapping in linen finish, constructed of durable foam encased within knitted textiline and polyolefine sheathing for weather resistance and ultimate comfort.

Barlow Tyrie

Barlow Tyrie crafts luxurious garden furniture using stunning teak wood, which is famed for its long-term durability and natural, warm aesthetic. Their premium teak is responsibly sourced and pairs well with both classic and modern styling options to complete any outdoor living space.

Established in 1920, this British furniture manufacturer quickly earned international renown for their superior outdoor furniture designed in Britain. They continue to expand this international recognition by employing cutting edge manufacturing techniques to craft beautiful yet hardwearing pieces suitable for luxury gardens.

Their collection now encompasses items made of teak, wicker and stainless steel materials – the Quattro range in particular combines marine grade stainless steel with textilene and HPL for a modern, sleek look suited for year round outdoor use. Their commitment to using premium grade materials has seen their products regularly win design and construction awards from across the industry – such as our selection of Barlow Tyrie Furniture which includes chairs, tables and benches in an assortment of sizes and styles.

Coco Wolf

Coco Wolf was established as a collaborative effort between husband and wife team David Wolf and Amy Wolf in 2014. Since its launch in London, their boutique outdoor furniture business has quickly become one of the most coveted ethical designs on the market.

Their outdoor collections make use of environmentally sustainable materials and production techniques to produce stylish yet long-term durable furniture for both upscale residential and high-use commercial projects. Quick-drying chic upholstered pieces designed for transition from indoors to out can help blur the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.

Coco Wolf designers emphasize environmental sustainability throughout their processes, using FSC-certified timber, recycled fabrics and water resistant materials in their creation of outdoor seating pieces. Their engineers include custom features such as hidden drains that channel water away from frames while increasing airflow for quicker drying times; this minimizes maintenance needs while guaranteeing your seating remains beautiful for years.


Fermob is famous for their brightly hued bistro chairs and tables. You’ve likely seen them around Paris or Bryant Park or at outdoor eateries; their factory in Thoissey, France produces them to ensure maximum comfort, durability, and longevity.

Success for this company lies in its unwavering dedication to beautiful design and sustainable production, using recycled and recyclable materials while limiting packaging material in order to reduce their ecological footprint.

Modern furniture designers are renowned for reworking historical designs such as the metal bistro chair from the late 1800’s into something even more comfortable and durable for modern use. Steel furniture can develop surface rust in humid or salty environments, although this doesn’t mean rust is inevitable – touch up spray paint or paint pens can often help. Additionally, pieces should be kept away from objects such as flowerpots, bird droppings or tarps that could accelerate its progress toward corrosion development.


Gandiablasco offers luxurious patio furniture crafted from quality materials like teak and aluminum, featuring sleek silhouettes in high-quality materials that exude modernism. Their designs incorporate ergonomic elements for enhanced usability and extended longevity of outdoor furnishings. Explore their collections to find lounge chairs that suit your aesthetic!

Gandiablasco’s designer furniture collection takes its architectural inspiration from Mediterranean heritage. Their collections combine historical-cultural influences of Ibiza with cutting edge technologies like thermo-coated aluminum frames and ultra-resistant Dekton surfaces, producing elegant outdoor environments that blur the line between indoor elegance and outdoor comfort.

Gandiablasco offers luxury lounge furniture made of environmentally sustainable teak. Their weatherproof woven sofas and dining tables can be found adorning villa terraces and hotel poolside decks from Abu Dhabi to Geneva, while their contemporary seating options combine modularity with soft subtle colors and inviting textures for maximum conviviality. Their ONDE coffee table provides the ultimate lounging position combining its raised tray with an integrated seat.


Sifas furniture draws its inspiration from modern architecture and an aesthetic philosophy that emphasizes simplicity and pure elegance. Their products reflect this concept – each piece and collection produced is reflective of this philosophy; from lounge essentials to dining and entertaining options.

Sifas’ commercial products and designs are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Their metal furniture pieces feature unique details that evoke Moroccan decor; while their signature expanding dining tables include an ingenious center support leaf that flips open to expand it.

Sifas furniture offers various frame finishes and fabric choices to help create the ideal outdoor space at your hotel, resort, or commercial property. Select from sofas and modular lounge pieces designed to fit into any space perfectly as well as dining tables with or without arms for your outdoor dining area.


Exteta’s innovative designs aim to bring both indoors and outdoors closer together, blurring lines between them. Established by designers Staffan and Monique Tollgard, their collections utilize premium materials and craftsmanship and they follow an approach that balances tradition with evolution in their approach to design.

They utilize natural hardwoods, marine-grade stainless steel and premium outdoor fabrics to craft elegant pool furniture and upholstered patio chairs that last. Furthermore, they invest in innovative production technology and experiment with novel materials to produce pieces with lasting appeal that look beautiful for years.

Their striking outdoor furniture collection graces resorts and hotels from Dubai to Buenos Aires. Jacquemus Couturier collaborated on their bold outdoor furniture collection adorned with Locus Solus by Gae Aulenti from 1964, which now comes back into production as reeditions featuring sun loungers, armchairs covered with yellow, white and navy-striped fabric, teak slat frames with elegant teak slat frames as well as chrome-plated metal tube chairs for this latest edition!


Dedon revolutionized patio furniture design using synthetic fibers made from the latest high-tech fiber technology in stunning designs. Their exclusive material is easy to maintain, resistant to weather and saltwater damage and eco-friendly – ideal for resorts, spas, hotels, residences worldwide! Their elegant lounge chairs, sofas and tables can be found poolside.

Janus et Cie stands out as one of the world’s leading eco-friendly manufacturers. Utilizing only top quality materials and modern manufacturing processes, their modern luxury outdoor furniture lines feature natural hardwood, eco-friendly reclaimed teak, aluminum frames and Ferrari Batyline(r) fabric upholstery upholstery collections.

Barlow Tyrie is the oldest manufacturer of luxury outdoor patio furniture in the world and harvests their plantation teak from responsible and sustainable forests. Over time they have earned multiple design and product awards for their classic sunroom and porch lounge seating sets, dining tables and chairs.


Manutti’s luxury outdoor furniture blends comfort with design for exceptional quality. Their collections offer stylish lounge chairs, modern dining tables and luxurious sofas made from top-quality teak wood, aluminum alloy and woven fabrics for lasting pieces that withstand weather elements.

Talenti is known to interpret contemporary trends and collaborate with internationally acclaimed designers to produce furniture that blurs the line between indoor elegance and outdoor relaxation. Their refined lines of furniture can withstand commercial as well as residential installations while using eco-friendly materials and processes during production.

Sifas offers high-end outdoor furniture featuring contemporary designs and timeless classic details, customizable options, making their furniture easy to fit with your interior decor, premium materials like lacquered aluminum, marine grade stainless steel and tempered glass; long lasting durability covered in colorfast Sunbrella fabric upholstery make these pieces perfect.