Top 5 Brands of Outdoor Patio Furniture

outdoor patio furniture

With the right outdoor patio furniture, your backyard becomes the ideal setting for anything from an early morning cup of coffee to hosting an elegant weeknight dinner party. Constructed from durable materials that withstand weather, patio sets are designed for ultimate relaxation in any setting.

Way Day 2023 runs Wednesday, April 26 to Thursday, April 27 and features some of our most beloved outdoor patio furniture pieces below.


Gandiablasco is an outdoor furniture designer brand that combines innovative design with Mediterranean influence. Their pieces aim to encourage people to spend time outside year-round while providing a relaxing, comforting experience – they offer everything from sofas, dining tables and pergolas! Under President Jose A. Gandia-Blasco Canales’ leadership, Gandiablasco has recently introduced new concept for creating architectural spaces using furniture with architectural features.

His designs reflect the sensibility and passion for living associated with Mediterranean lifestyles as expressed by international architects such as Patricia Urquiola, Luca Nichetto, Neri&Hu, Soren Rose Front Raw Edges Mario Ruiz Fran Silvestre arquitectos among many others. His inspiration stems from Ibiza vernacular architecture.

Gandiablasco’s latest designs incorporate aluminium – their preferred material – into their pieces and also showcase Dekton by Cosentino as a high-performance surface that requires low maintenance and is durable; for instance, their Buit collection contains modular club chairs and poufs that can be combined into seating compositions.


Gandiablasco’s luxury outdoor patio furniture collection marries contemporary ideas with premium materials and traditional manufacturing processes to produce long-term pieces with minimal upkeep requirements. This includes durable frames made of sapelli wood or tempered glass, premium outdoor textiles such as Ferrari Batyline or Sunbrella fabric and beautiful marble tops for tables.

Brand identity stems from an approach to living that transcends strict indoor/outdoor space boundaries, merging Italian design and craftsmanship with fluid environments that extend indoor spaces into fluid outdoor ones. This lifestyle embraces fluid spaces where outdoor elements become an extension of interior spaces.

Talenti is known for interpreting contemporary trends and working with internationally-acclaimed designers to craft furniture that blurs the line between indoor elegance and outdoor convenience. Their designs combine sophisticated materials like tubular metal frames with fabric stretched over it for the Pouf Rossiccio by Massimo Castagna; its intricate metal tubing frame houses fabric stretched across it for added refinement and elegant resistance against weather elements. Furthermore, Talenti provides various outdoor lighting solutions, such as Globe Planters which comprise painted stainless-steel bowls perched atop golden rings to complete its products’ unique charm.

Barlow Tyrie

Barlow Tyrie, established in 1920, is one of the oldest manufacturers of teak leisure furniture. Their products are carefully designed for durability and long-term beauty; made using first-grade plantation teak from Indonesia that has been responsibly forested. Their luxurious outdoor furniture can be found at parks, hotels, resorts and fine homes worldwide.

Teak patio furniture is an excellent choice due to its weather resistance, strength, and attractive aesthetic. Teak contains natural oils which protect it against moisture damage while remaining sustainable – when properly cared for it can last many years with proper upkeep.

Barlow Tyrie’s rustic teak swivel barstool from their Barlow Tyrie collection is ideal for adding extra seating to any outdoor dining area, whether pub height tables are preferred or not. It features beautiful burnished rustic teak seat and back that blend seamlessly into modern farmhouse styles popular throughout Southern California.

An elegant teak refreshments chest is an indispensable component of outdoor dining spaces, serving drinks, storing cutlery, and displaying food.

Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders provides an expansive selection of wicker furniture to complement any home style. Their woven pieces are both comfortable and durable, able to withstand moisture, high heat, direct sun exposure and storage needs over the course of three years. Plus, all frames and finishes come with warranties covering them against mildew or mold growth!

The Visions collection features 20 custom Lloyd Loom finishes and offers chairs, sofas and tables designed to coordinate. Lightweight yet durable woven pieces replicate real Lloyd Loom furniture; paint enhances long-term beauty while the frame coating provides extra protection from scratches, dents, and weathering.

This company also offers an eco-friendly collection of teak furniture. Constructed from FDC-certified teak wood harvested sustainably in Brazil, its rich oil content and tight grain make this furniture ideal for outdoor use and make an affordable way to enhance patios or lanais without spending much.

Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan offers an expansive selection of luxury outdoor furniture designed to withstand the elements and be enjoyed year-after-year. Their designs feature top-quality materials crafted by some of the world’s premier designers; as well as dining, lounge and bistro pieces for every season.

Brown Jordan has long been recognized for creating luxury leisure furniture that transcends time and stimulates the senses. Their timeless designs, outstanding craftsmanship and luxurious comfort have cemented them as one of the premier names in outdoor casual living.

Still, Kantan and Swim are three of the company’s most beloved designs. Still is characterized by an x-form aluminum frame with Suncloth strap upholstery in elegant form; lightweight but strong enough to endure regular use; while its elegant backrest and arms suggest movement even at rest with graceful spiral volute details at both ends of arms and cross stretcher to complete its refined silhouette. Aluminum collections also boast lightweight durability with intricate designs to suit different lifestyles and environments.


Dedon is the pioneer furniture company to use durable synthetic fiber in modern designs to transform outdoor patio furniture industry. Their high-end designs combine elegance and luxury with unsurpassed comfort and quality; using Ferrari Batyline(r) fabric upholstery their pieces can often be found poolside at luxury resorts and spas.

Robert Dekeyser, a former football player, first came up with the concept for this company during his recovery from injury. He developed an innovative synthetic fiber which was weatherproof, colorfast and could be woven. Dekeyser then went searching for weavers worldwide – eventually discovering some on Cebu Island in the Philippines.

Dedon’s designers create lounge and dining furniture that reflects how indoor and outdoor spaces are merging, such as Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s TIBBO designed with teak, textiles, and woven fiber elements to form dining and lounge elements for luxurious outdoor furniture with clean lines and distinctive distinction. Their Celtic collection boasts high-end swivel chairs and sofas boasting polished stainless steel bases on fixed pieces for a nautical marine appeal.


Named for the narrow strait that connects Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Skagerak is a design house offering furniture and accessories inspired by Scandinavian design tradition. Their philosophy aims to combine form, function and beauty in products designed for generations; additionally they take environmental responsibility seriously by producing furniture with respect for nature.

The Skagerak Reform Dining Table is a stylish and functional addition to any patio space, featuring strong yet curved crossover legs that can support heavy dishes while its stadium-formed, slatted tabletop is made of teak to last through years of weather conditions. Plus, with one or two extension leaves available – perfect for large gatherings!

Niels Hvass designed the Cutter Folding Seat as a versatile seating solution that can be utilized in many ways – be it as storage space for outdoor utensils or helping children put on their shoes. Crafted of weatherproof teak from forests certified by Forest Stewardship Council, its construction ensures lasting use.

EGO Paris

No matter if it is hosting friends for cocktails or simply lounging around in the sun after lunch, designer outdoor lounge furniture will make outdoor living an exclusive and satisfying experience. Explore a comprehensive collection of luxury patio chairs, modular sofas and tables designed to meet both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements for optimal outdoor living experiences.

Manutti’s innovative luxury outdoor furniture lines incorporate a holistic design philosophy that goes far beyond product features and comfort. Belgian designer, Thomas Manutti believes the best luxury patio furniture should provide an experience of exclusivity, relaxation and enjoyment to all its users – something reflected by their expansive collections of outdoor couches, plush lounge chairs and weatherproof rugs.

Barlow Tyrie offers high-end teak furniture combining traditional solid wood designs and contemporary styling with premium materials, using environmentally sustainable hardwood forests and precise production techniques to craft classic garden benches, dining tables and deck chairs that will last for years. This British company is dedicated to using eco-friendly hardwood forests while producing lasting pieces such as garden benches, dining tables and deck chairs.

Brown Jordan has long been recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of luxury outdoor furniture for both residential and hospitality installations. Their award-winning premium patio collections combine cutting-edge modernity with traditional manufacturing processes to produce long-term outdoor seating and tables to complete any space perfectly.