Tips For Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions

outdoor patio furniture cushions

Outdoor patio furniture cushions provide a comfortable seating surface for chairs, sofas and lounge chairs in wet climates; on uncovered patios or poolside seating. They’re an ideal solution when considering seating arrangements adapted to outdoor environments like poolside seating.

Your patio furniture cushions’ edges, filling and fabric have an enormous influence on their style, comfort and longevity. To help make the right decisions when it comes to selecting them, here are three key points you should keep in mind when making this important choice:


Outdoor patio furniture cushions can add comfort to your backyard seating experience. They provide soft padding with many styles available to match any decor theme. When searching for new cushions, look for materials that are fade- and water-resistant as these will prolong the lifespan of your furniture and keep it looking new longer.

Opting for cushions made of stain-resistant materials is also an excellent solution if your children or pets may spill drinks or food on them, while polypropylene makes an ideal stain-resistant and moisture-wicking choice for outdoor cushions, offering soft comfort while remaining breathable in warm summer climates.

Fill type should also be taken into consideration when purchasing patio chair cushions, with polyester fills being most often seen but tending to wear out quicker than alternatives such as dacron and foam fills. Choose the optimal fill type based on your needs and budget.

If you are replacing patio furniture cushions, use a rigid tape measure to take accurate measurements for their shape and dimensions of seating area. Also bring along your old cushions when measuring for replacements to ensure you purchase exactly the size cushions that meet their needs.

Once you know your measurements, it’s easy to order custom outdoor furniture cushions. Some companies, like FoamOrder, even offer the convenience of cutting and shipping custom foam cushions directly to your doorstep – giving you exactly what’s necessary for your deck, patio, or backyard!

Add outdoor patio furniture cushions to your backyard space to transform it into an inviting retreat, perfect for hosting guests or unwinding after a long day. Explore your options at your local store and make a selection that complements both your backyard and style – remembering to cover and clean these cushions when not in use in order to extend their lifespan and extend their useful life!


Not only should fabric type, color and pattern be considered when choosing outdoor furniture cushions but durability should also be taken into account. To make sure that they will stand up over time it is wise to purchase high-quality materials; weather-resistant, mold-proof fabric with waterproof backing or filling such as foam or fiber should last over time and covers may help protect from dust and debris accumulation.

Durability of outdoor furniture cushions depends heavily on the quality of workmanship and materials used for their seams. Double-stitched seams will stand up best against weather elements; in addition, foam designed specifically for outdoor use such as moisture-wicking foam is recommended; final touches should include zipper or vent grommets in your cushions to promote water drainage and air circulation.

Your cushion fabric should also be resistant to sun damage. Extended exposure to sunlight can cause its colors and patterns to fade over time, shortening its life span. To maximize performance, rotate or flip your cushions regularly so they aren’t constantly exposed to equal amounts of sun exposure.

Most outdoor fabrics are constructed of synthetic fibres that can withstand outdoor climate and resist fading better than their organic counterparts, extending their longevity and protecting from fade-related problems. But this doesn’t make them invincible – cleaning cushions regularly with a hose, soft brush and mild cleaning solution is usually sufficient. Following manufacturer maintenance instructions may also help ensure the cushions don’t succumb to precipitation and colder temperatures that damage filling.


Add extra color and texture to your outdoor furniture by upgrading its cushions with new outdoor cushions. Fabric covers can help transform the look of your furniture, while you can choose from various styles, fillings and materials – just remember to measure your existing cushions to determine their exact sizes before ordering new replacements!

Foam is the go-to material for outdoor cushion fillings, offering both durability and comfort at an economical cost. Lightweight yet firm enough for movement, foam is also available in different densities that determine its amount of support – higher densities provide firmer seating while lower densities offer soft, cozy cushioning options.

Certain kinds of foam are best suited for certain furniture pieces. For instance, selecting high resilience foam for your reclining chair’s back springs will help prevent sinkage of its seat cushion. Mold and mildew resistant varieties should also be selected when furniture will regularly come into contact with moisture.

Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are among the most long-wearing outdoor fabric options for cushions, with its performance fibers designed to withstand dew drops, raindrops and harmful UV rays. Plus, cleaning Sunbrella fabric requires just a quick hose-down!

Sunbrella provides an assortment of colors that can complement the design of any backyard. Their solution-dyed acrylic fibers contain inhibitors which help retain their colors longer than other fabrics, giving you plenty of options when matching patio furniture designs.

Your cushions should be regularly cleaned to eliminate dirt and dust that can accelerate material degradation, prolonging their lifespan. By making this an integral part of your outdoor furniture maintenance schedule, this cleaning schedule will extend its life while keeping it looking fantastic for years. Be sure to clean them out thoroughly prior to long-term storage periods such as during the winter.


Outdoor furniture cushions must be regularly cleaned to stay fresh and odor-free, especially if pets or children frequent your space. Washing machines provide an efficient method for deep cleaning cushions; handwashing or power washing may also work depending on how dirty the cushions are and which fabric they’re made from; always refer to manufacturer tags for specific instructions, and test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area first before proceeding.

Before beginning cleaning, use a vacuum or brush to remove as much loose debris from your cushions as possible. This will make the process faster and simpler and prevent further staining; an all-purpose bristle brush works great here.

If your cushions are stained, start by using a scrub brush. Brush in an inwards motion to avoid fraying of fabric fibers. Next, rinse away cleaning solution using a hose pipe at an appropriate distance (anything closer may damage fabric surfaces).

Mild dish soap and water should work on most stains. For tougher spots, try mixing together 1/4 cup borax and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water and using it to dip a sponge or soft bristled brush into. Scrub the stained areas of patio cushions until all staining has been removed, and rinse off when finished – dampness can lead to mold or mildew growth! Be sure to let them fully dry out before covering or bringing them indoors as this could prevent mildew growth!

Staying clean outdoors furniture cushions is easy with regular maintenance and cleaning. Dust them regularly using an all-purpose brush or vacuum with crevice attachment, rotating and flipping them throughout the season so no discolored spot occurs.