The Uttermost Company Review

the uttermost company

The Uttermost Company has been in business for over 45 years. Headquartered in Rocky Mount, Virginia and serving many top home furnishings retailers.

Their home goods feature neutral tones and geometric forms that blend effortlessly into any room, while offering a range of products.

The Uttermost Company is a Family-Owned Company

Bob and Belle Cooper established The Uttermost Company as a family-owned business in 1975 with a goal to provide high quality home goods at reasonable prices. Production takes place in Rocky Mount, Virginia while they also have warehouse/distribution center locations in California as well as showrooms located throughout Atlanta, Dallas, and High Point. Customers, designers, sales reps are treated as partners within this partnership model business model.

The Uttermost Company provides an impressive collection of accent furniture, mirrors, alternative wall art pieces, clocks, lamps, and lighting fixtures that can complement any style. Their material selection ranges from carved Mindi wood and golden mango wood grain finishes to aged white finishes – not forgetting metals and glass used to craft each product!

Their broad selection of home goods sets them apart from companies who only specialize in certain items, like furniture and home decor items, while others specialize solely in lighting fixtures or artwork.

Uttermost products feature neutral tones that blend easily into any design scheme, while their geometric forms help them stand out. This unique combination of form and function makes them suitable for use in any room of your home.

Since 1979, this company has been producing home accents and accessories that help create focal points in rooms. Their selection includes accent furniture, framed art, alternative wall decor, clocks, lamps and botanicals – perfect for adding flair to a room!

Popular items in their collection are wrought iron fireplace screens and decorative vases and candleholders, decorative boxes and shelving, and an extensive range of contemporary and transitional furniture pieces such as consoles and cabinets.

Uttermost recently expanded its product lines with the launch of REVELATION, featuring larger scale furniture and accessories designed to complement its existing Uttermost offerings. REVELATION will make its debut at October’s High Point Market with its own space (IHFC C447) next door to Uttermost’s showroom.

They Offer a Wide Range of Home Goods

Uttermost offers a selection of home goods designed to complement every room in your house, such as living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. In addition, lighting solutions and wall decor items complete their product offering. Uttermost is known for using only top quality materials in their craftsmanship with meticulous attention paid to every detail – their mission being bringing style into every area of your home!

Bob and Belle Cooper established their company in 1975 and it remains family-owned today. Based out of Rocky Mount, Virginia they work tirelessly to guarantee product quality; with designers and engineers continuously adapting to new interior design trends year-round.

Are You Searching for the Ideal Chandelier or Mirror from Uttermost Company? From their modern to classic designs and range of finishes and details – including one year manufacturer warranties on every item – there will surely be something that fits. The Uttermost Company boasts one of the finest collections for chandeliers and wall mirrors available anywhere!

Uttermost offers an impressive variety of home accents, such as decorative sculptures, art, clocks and wall art featuring neutral tones framed in natural liners. Additionally, there is an array of clocks in various shapes and sizes with some featuring carved wooden hands; Uttermost’s home furnishings are designed to suit any style of furniture.

The Uttermost Company is an industry leader in furniture and home accessory production. Their products are designed and produced here in America using only high quality materials. Rocky Mount, Virginia-based business has over 200 employees working from its Rocky Mount headquarters as well as an advanced West Coast distribution center that helps it deliver products quickly and efficiently to customers. Their company continues to expand, yet still prioritizes creating great products at reasonable prices for their customers. Furthermore, they have an experienced customer service department dedicated to handling any customer issues promptly. Call or email their representatives and they’ll provide answers promptly.

They Have Neutral Tones

Uttermost’s use of neutral tones in their lighting fixtures and home goods makes them a versatile option that fits seamlessly into any style room. Their products also boast geometric forms, making a statement in any room they inhabit – something unique to Uttermost that sets it apart from companies who specialize solely in one type of product.

This framed landscape print is created using hand painted canvas with neutral tones that match any setting, stretched over wooden stretchers and enclosed in a silver leaf gallery frame – designed for vertical or horizontal hanging and featuring unique qualities created through hand painting techniques. Since each piece is different due to being hand-painted, there may be subtle variations between pieces.

Another stunning framed animal print featuring neutral brown, white, and gray tones. It is complimented with double white matting held together by a simple wood frame for maximum effect and placed under glass for display.

The company provides an array of home goods, such as furniture, wall clocks and table clocks, rugs, mirrors, botanicals and other accessories – including styles and materials tailored specifically to meet customer preferences – plus premium materials with low damage rates for its premium rugs.