The Utmost Definition of God

uttermost definition

Utmost is an adjective that refers to the most extreme amount or degree. It is typically used with another term such as farthest or highest.

Jesus’ intercession on our behalf silences objections, calms fears and restores hopes to their fullest extent. This phrase illustrates God’s great height, depth and breadth promise to save those who trust in Him.

The utmost

The word utmost refers to the highest limit or extent, degree or amount of something; or alternatively it can be used as a synonym for best or most. In Scripture there are two phrases which use this term: the highest and farthest. Utmost is an amalgamated term from “uttermost” and “most.” It has two Greek roots which combine into this compound word that signifies complete or total meaning – most prominently found in panteles which appears twice in New Testament’s New Testament with English translation as “unto the uttermost”. This phrase parallels God’s promise that He will save us up until the last moment possible!

Jesus gave a memorable demonstration of this promise on the cross. While suffering physically and spiritually for our sins, He persevered knowing that God would bring forth his plan eventually.

This promise can ease our concerns, ease fears, and renew hopes. No matter where our people may have fallen or what trouble they’ve gotten into through Christ, our heavenly Father can reach to reach them all with his mercy and salvation – something which should give us great comfort as his Lordship continues even now as intercessor for them all! He is even capable of saving their souls to salvation even at their most desperate points! That is good news for all of us because He will always be by our sides as help when needed in any given situation – something which gives us great peace that no matter how bad their troubles become! It is this confidence which gives us hope reassurance knowing He will come through! This is why so many prayers for those afflicted by trials due to Him as He can save them even to uttermost limits!

The farthest

The farthest is an extreme form of “far” which refers to being farthest away in time, space and degree. Additionally, it may describe something’s most advanced point or stage – for instance when railway track was advanced to its furthest end of its range.

Note: When discussing actual physical distance, either “farther” or “furthest” can be used; most grammarians advise using farthest because it offers greater flexibility than its counterpart; however, many writers still choose farthest anyway so the choice ultimately depends on you and what works for your writing style.

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