The Best Patio Furniture Brands

The best patio furniture brands combine artistic design with high-end materials and production methods for maximum sustainability.

Fermob keeps their designs relevant by working with both established and emerging designers, using durable fabrics like Sunbrella in its outdoor collections as well as eco-friendly Ferrari Batyline for production.


The best patio furniture brands create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces with their luxurious collections, which combine artistic design with premium materials and advanced production techniques. These high-end companies demonstrate a dedication to outstanding service and environmental responsibility, providing customers with 10-year warranties on their products as well as providing superior customer support. Sifas is an industry leader when it comes to producing luxury indoor/outdoor furniture that combines durability and style. Their collection features exquisite lounge chairs, tables and sofas made of colorfast Sunbrella fabrics for indoor-outdoor living spaces. Sifas pieces are handcrafted using lacquered aluminum, marine grade stainless steel and tempered glass materials that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Furthermore, Sifas employs revolutionary “ultra light” forged aluminum technology for an exceptionally strong frame. While Sifas outdoor furniture may cost more than other premium outdoor collections, the additional expense can be worth it for homeowners and interior designers who value durability.

Gandiablasco’s sophisticated designs are inspired by Mediterranean influences, with soft curves and flowing lines exuding distinction, serenity, and glamour in collections such as Solanas that showcase vibrant hues with soft curves and flowing lines that evoke distinction, serenity and glamour. Other collections such as Saler Teak evoke timeless villa elegance by marrying thermo-coated aluminum frames with high-tech Dekton surfaces for timeless beauty that blends historical cultural influences with modern technology.

EGO Paris emphasizes modularity and conviviality when crafting their elegant outdoor furniture collections, including coffee tables with raiseable trays that allow configurable seating to suit the space, dynamic daybeds, sofas, and daybeds suited to varying lifestyles.


Mamagreen is an innovative outdoor furniture brand known for their trendsetting designs and trendsetting collections that combine architectural inspiration with nature. Their innovative process continues to evolve while their products are crafted using only top quality materials – making these durable pieces suitable for residential and hospitality projects alike.

Mamagreen furniture offers stylish solutions for designing an entertaining backyard retreat or relaxing sunroom space, whether that means entertaining guests or relaxing in privacy. Their patio chairs, loungers and tables feature sleek modern aesthetics to match a variety of decor styles and outdoor cushions for added comfort and color to complete the picture.

If you prefer more classic furniture styles, the Estate collection might be perfect. Crafted from reclaimed teak for an appealing vintage aesthetic, this range features bar stools and dining chairs as well as side and armchairs to meet any seating need.

Dining tables by this brand are an ideal solution for entertaining friends and family in their backyard. Available in various shapes and sizes with some including an extension leaf, these tables can seat up to eight people at one time in one setting. Furthermore, these outdoor furniture pieces have been built to withstand different climates year-round; ideal for natural settings with trees and scenic vistas as well as urban rooftops or rooftop gardens.

Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan offers innovative, thoughtfully designed, and beautifully executed outdoor furniture. Established by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan in 1945 in Pasadena, California, their pioneering designs epitomized postwar carefree living while setting new standards in outdoor furnishings for over 70 years. Brown Jordan outdoor furnishings consist of tables, chairs and accessories crafted from durable aluminum with weather-resistant synthetic rope weaved through modern silhouettes with dynamic lines to bring any space alive with energy and vitality.

Aluminum collections by this brand come in 19 frame finishes and feature a multistep powder-coat process to produce world-class furniture that stands the test of time. Their Pasadena collection honors their heritage with sleek profiles and understated sophistication; Parkway cushion collections add comfort while their clean lines will compliment a range of design palettes.

Brown Jordan has relied on STORIS since its conception as one of the leading furniture industry software solutions for small to mid-sized retailers. With its EDI capability enabling Brown Jordan to automate purchasing, reduce time it takes for production and shipping custom orders and eliminate human error while improving accuracy – not forgetting its scalable nature which helps facilitate rapid business expansion.


Skagerak, based in Denmark, offers an expansive collection of wooden indoor and outdoor furniture designed by world-renowned Scandinavian designers for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Most pieces made of teak provide durability with weather changes while still looking stunning over time – they even come with a five year guarantee!

Since 1976, this design philosophy of the company is guided by principles established during the mid-20th Century. These include simplicity and functional minimalism in designs like their Bollard Oil Lamp that represents stability and permanence in an ode to harbor bollards.

Teak wood is an extremely durable material and ideal for outdoor furniture construction, with much of the company’s outdoor pieces made out of it. Teak is FSC-certified in Indonesia where one tree is planted per one that is felled; additionally, teak has superior water-resistance making it a suitable material choice.

Skagerak collections such as the Virkelyst are immensely popular due to their clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Created by Bernt Santesson, they combine classic Danish design with modern functionality; tables feature holes for parasols while benches and chairs can easily be cleaned without risk of weather resistance issues. Virkelyst stool also folds flat for storage, perfect as an additional side table or footstool option!


Exteta’s luxury outdoor furniture collections epitomize the tradition, culture and quality that distinguish Made in Italy. Exteta employs generations-old artisan techniques in its design process to produce furniture such as its Levante, Panarea 10th & Montecarlo collections – along with investing in advanced technologies for long-lasting contemporary designs that stand the test of time.

Seora offers luxurious beach and yachting style patio lounge chairs, daybeds, and outdoor tables crafted from solid mahogany frames with Loro Piana fabric upholstery upholstered with stainless steel canopies and Ferrari Batyline shades, providing elegant protection from sun and rain. In addition, these products come complete with matching woven rugs and pillows to complete their unique and sculptural designs.

Exteta was established in Brianza, Italy in 2006 and offers truly customizable designs that seamlessly bridge indoors and out. Their distinctively Italian aesthetic blends all elements, creating an unspoiled hybrid space between instinct and culture. As proud promoters of Made in Italy worldwide, Exteta remains committed to associating innovation with tradition – working alongside notable designers like Paola Navone, Franco Albini, and Gae Aulenti to achieve their goal.

Luxury outdoor furniture brands excel at crafting designs that blur the distinctions between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing nature and leisure into the home. Their products use premium materials and modern production techniques to produce luxurious patio lounge chairs, dining tables and poolside furniture – while maintaining environmental responsibility and superior craftsmanship.


The leading luxury outdoor furniture brands combine artistic design with premium materials and production techniques for long-term patio furnishings that exude elegance. Furthermore, these brands prioritize sustainability initiatives and offer exceptional customer service while offering a variety of styles to meet the unique needs of their clients.

The brand’s collections draw their inspiration from Ibiza and Mediterranean coastal architecture, resulting in sophisticated yet comfortable outdoor furniture. Utilizing minimalist approaches to design such as pairing modern thermo-coated aluminum frames with natural stone surfaces or high-tech Dekton surfaces. Their luxurious outdoor furniture includes tables, chairs and loungers available in multiple colors.

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Barlow Tyrie has been producing luxury outdoor furniture since 1932, using only teak sourced from responsibly managed forests and handcrafted into timeless classics. Utilizing both traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques, they produce some of the highest-quality pieces available; using eco-friendly materials like reclaimed teak and weather-resistant synthetic fibers; their products have long been beloved among hotels and resorts worldwide.