The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture For Your Home

An elegant outdoor patio furniture set can make an impressive difference in any home. From enjoying leisurely meals with friends, to entertaining guests and unwinding with a book – finding the right furniture set will help create a truly inviting outdoor area.

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Gandiablasco, the luxury patio furniture brand, is widely recognized for creating exquisite outdoor pieces that reflect minimalist Mediterranean design. Their relentless pursuit of essential elegance leads them to collaborate on creative projects that explore contemporary beauty from various viewpoints. Their exquisite outdoor lounge chairs, daybeds and sofas feature intricate architectural lines enhanced by natural light while their premium materials can withstand even extreme climate conditions.

Skargaarden has created their ‘DNA Teak, Clip and Lipstick’ collections with effortless sophistication in mind, using only FSC certified forests for their premium outdoor furniture – perfect for spas, hotels and private homes worldwide. These high-end loungers, sofas and chaises can be found everywhere from spas to hotels to private homes across the world.

Established in Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain in 1941, Ontinyent Furniture has quickly become synonymous with contemporary design and cutting-edge manufacturing standards. Their elegant sofas, chairs, and tables make an excellent complement for modern alfresco living areas; as well as offering innovative Dekton surfaces.

Seora’s designers draw their inspiration from the luxurious lifestyles of jet-setting elite. Utilizing high-end materials and Italian handcrafted craftsmanship, the Seora collection from Seora boasts luxurious beach and yachting style patio furniture that includes sculptural solid mahogany frames upholstered with Loro Piana fabric, Ferrari Batyline accents, inset marble side tables and stainless steel canopies – creating luxurious beach and yachting patio furniture collections featuring sculptural solid mahogany frames, Loro Piana upholstery, and Ferrari Batyline accents – producing luxurious beach and yachting style patio furniture collections that include solid mahogany frames, Loro Piana upholstery and Ferrari Batyline accents; these premium collections feature solid mahogany frames and stainless steel canopies; these premium collections include solid mahogany frames; combined with high-end materials used with refined Italian craftmanship to produce luxurious beach yachting style patio furniture collections featuring solid mahogany frames with Loro Piana upholstery as well as featuring inset marble side tables with stainless steel canopies for maximum effect.


Dedon is the world’s premier luxury brand of woven outdoor furniture and has revolutionized our outdoor experience since 1990. As the pioneer of intricately weaving synthetic fiber into luxurious outdoor designs and an uncompromising focus on quality – and eventually becoming an international brand – Dedon has set an unmatched benchmark in woven furniture design and manufacturing.

Dedon has always placed great value in harmony. Their founder created innovative synthetic fiber that combined strength and durability, and searched worldwide for weavers who understood his concept of marrying form with function in his designs. His dedication to working with only top craftspeople remains at the core of their company today.

Dedon furniture blends modern designs fabricated through weaving in the Philippines with precise craftsmanship and luxurious comfort, all underpinned by a zero waste policy at their factory in Cebu and dedicated to improving workers’ lives – including offering daily yoga classes! Phantom Limb Company has worked closely with Dedon on several projects, such as their ROII collection which features natural teak wood combined with multicolored synthetic fiber for an elegant and welcoming piece.

TIBBO series teak furniture by Dedon was designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and stands out for its longevity. This furniture blends effortlessly between indoor and outdoor settings while offering precise craftsmanship, classic elegance, and an aesthetic rich and distinct enough to set it apart from its competition. Furthermore, maintenance requires only regular washing with mild soap solution.


POINT’s outdoor patio furniture includes tables, chairs and sofas to transform patios, porches and pool sides into luxurious spaces for alfresco entertaining. Their collections offer everything from classic wicker pieces to contemporary designs by high-profile designers; the latter’s innovative materials ensure durability and longevity; traditional weaving captures centuries-old tradition while contemporary materials ensure durability and longevity; these pieces come in many colors and finishes to suit any style; their products are easy to maintain yet highly resistant against weather conditions and UV rays making them both affordable yet stylish additions to any space


Mamagreen offers modern outdoor furniture designed to work seamlessly with the way you live. Their furniture fits seamlessly into your lifestyle without forcing changes onto you; plus their durable materials are simple to keep clean. In addition, Mamagreen’s commitment to sustainability makes this brand truly exceptional.

Over 10 years, they have been crafting quality furniture with recycled or recyclable materials – including the majority of teak wood – as part of their green practices. Furthermore, their furniture is designed to be as functional as possible so it can be used in commercial settings as well as homes.

CurranHome offers a selection of contemporary outdoor furniture by Mamagreen designed for hotels and residential spaces alike, to meet any taste. Recently they introduced three collections which can now be found online: Olaf is a contemporary wicker dining seating set; Maxximus features Mamagreen’s longest extendable table; while Boulevard offers configurable deep seating modules with front-back options that can be combined into endless combinations.

These pieces are perfect for creating an elegant yet cozy backyard retreat, and make an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys entertaining. Their brands are known for their superior quality designs; some have even won awards!


Sifas furniture brings refined elegance to outdoor areas of restaurants. Crafted from innovatively produced materials and designed to withstand commercial use, Sifas pieces feature durable frames with corrosion-resistant features for easy maintenance and cleaning; their diverse finishes and colors help match the style of any restaurant – choose tables featuring ceramic table tops, polyethylene tops or high pressure laminate table surfaces; you may even find classic teak tables to complete the look!

KROSS collection by SIFAS designer garden furniture boasts generous shapes with large scrolls and timeless lines, along with aluminum structures which hide “high-tech” technologies for strength and lightness.

Braided polyester is an outdoor-grade material designed and manufactured specifically to withstand all climate conditions and hazards, from rainstorms to fire hazards. The aerial and curved lines on sofas in the RIVIERA collection showcase its expert craftsmanship; more than 400 meters of braided polyester tubes were handcrafted over one week in SIFAS factories for this design.

SIFAS brand believes that simplicity is the true path to pure elegance in design, which is evident across its collections and signature products. Their elegant designs are easy to care for and maintain whether your restaurant is located in the desert or lake resort; their designs can withstand salt air, harmful UV sun rays, freezing temperatures and rainfall without suffering damage or becoming outdated quickly.

EGO Paris

Ego Paris is a French manufacturer of high-end aluminum outdoor furniture, crafting each piece with meticulous care to meet the highest quality standards and provide exquisite finishes. Their designs feature innovative yet timeless styles sure to enhance any patio.

The company’s philosophy rests on the idea that design must serve humanity, with each piece having an identifiable function and aesthetic value. Their aluminum designs come with an extensive variety of colors and finishes so that you can customize them according to your own personal aesthetic tastes.

Thomas Sauvage and Dorothee Noirbent’s collections, designed by Thomas Sauvage and Dorothee Noirbent respectively, have won multiple awards including winning a Red Dot award with their Tandem sun lounger in 2008. Additionally, The Premiere Collection boasts minimalistic yet functional pieces designed to suit modern backyard environments.

EGO Paris provides an impressive selection of outdoor sofas, chairs, tables and poufs from Missoni Home as well as cushions and fabrics from this manufacturer. Their modular pieces can be combined in various configurations to create an inviting space perfect for relaxing and socializing.

The Hive modular collection was inspired by the geometry of a beehive. It includes five patterns from Missoni Home and is supported by an elegant aluminum structure in various hues that comes complete with five seating solutions that can also serve as tables or half tables.