The Benefits and Drawbacks of Rattan Patio Furniture

rattan patio furniture

Homeowners searching for outdoor furniture have numerous material options to consider when making their selection, each offering its own advantages and drawbacks. Modern rattan patio furniture provides an eco-friendly, durable, stable solution.

However, other materials like resin, white wicker, wood, and polymer offer similar durability and weather resistance – let’s explore these materials in greater depth to help find one that is the ideal match for our homes.


Outdoor furniture material choices have a great effect on both its functionality and aesthetic, rattan being one of the more popular choices due to its durability and versatility – though improper care could result in damage – so carefully considering all possible advantages and disadvantages can help ensure you make an informed choice that meets both your needs and preferences.

Rattan patio furniture is an excellent way to create an inviting lounge area in their backyard. Rattan pieces can be used to craft stylish chairs and sofas that provide enough seating comfort to relax on, host guests in, or both! Plush cushions in soothing earth tones add extra softness for added coziness.

Though rattan furniture is generally durable, it should still be protected from moisture and harsh sunlight to prevent warping or discoloration. You can do this by covering pieces when they come indoors during inclement weather, or moving pieces into covered spaces during inclement conditions – taking such steps will allow you to enjoy it for many years ahead.

Rattan furniture adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any garden space, adding durability as well as beauty. Choose between traditional or modern rattan pieces for the ideal piece to complete the look in your yard.

Rattan furniture is both visually pleasing and easy to care for. Simply follow a regular cleaning schedule with mild soap and water solution, using soft brushes or sponges if necessary to remove stubborn stains. In case it rains heavily or moisture damages it further, waterproof spray may be added for additional protection against raindrops and moisture intrusion.

Many are shocked to discover that rattan furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its natural, elegant appearance provides a welcome break from more formal furnishings found indoors. And unlike most synthetic materials, rattan can be woven to form flexible yet supportive structures – which makes it suitable for colder climates as a natural insulator!


Rattan furniture is an excellent way to create an eye-catching patio that serves multiple functions. This versatile material comes in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different spaces and design preferences, plus its durability makes it great for loungers or dining tables, both inside and outside environments.

Rattan is an eco-friendly material grown sustainably and used in a wide variety of applications ranging from flooring to window treatments and furniture. With its natural aesthetic and welcoming woody tones and scent, rattan adds a relaxing ambience that helps foster an inviting atmosphere in any space it inhabits.

Many rattan furniture sets feature powder-coated aluminium frames to guard against corrosion and rust when exposed to moisture or damp conditions, and weatherproof, UV discoloration-resistant rattan that won’t fade over time. Furthermore, its flexible nature enables moldable shapes and designs.

Rattan furniture offers an abundance of colors and finishes that enable people to personalize their outdoor spaces, from warm hues like terracotta and paprika to cool greens and powder blues. A simple change in cushions or throw pillows can transform the appearance and atmosphere of any space.

DIY enthusiasts with an interest in furniture creation may also try their hands at weaving rattan furniture themselves. Though it can be a challenging, time-consuming task, this allows you to craft uniquely tailored furniture pieces tailored precisely to the space and style of your patio. Some rattan furniture manufacturers even provide DIY kits with all of the tools and materials necessary for getting started, including selection of rattan strands and weaving needles along with instructions on how to weave your own piece – creating one-of-a-kind items sure to set apart your patio from others!


When it comes to choosing patio furniture for your outdoor living space, it’s essential that you consider all available materials carefully. Each material offers specific advantages in terms of durability, stability, and customization; ultimately, the right decision depends on personal preferences and priorities.

Rattan furniture offers one of the greatest advantages: customization to meet any style or taste. For instance, if you want an open back rattan sofa without fully-padded cushions for additional comfort and hygiene reasons. Plus, its upholstery may come in various colors or fabrics for even greater visual interest in your rattan sofa.

Rattan furniture can be customized, durable and versatile – qualities which make it an excellent choice for use outdoors. Rattan can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snowfall while remaining beautiful for years. However, extreme temperatures should always be protected against in order to preserve its structural integrity and visual appeal.

Rattan furniture is made of sustainable material that can be harvested without harm to its plant source, making it a good choice for environmentally aware homeowners looking to minimize their environmental footprint. Furthermore, biodegradability means it won’t contribute to landfill waste when no longer used.

For an eye-catching and contemporary aesthetic, choose rattan furniture with a black finish for its chic aesthetic and versatile styles that complement any outdoor living space. Black rattan comes in an array of designs so that you can find exactly what suits your design needs!

Hauser’s Patio offers an extensive selection of rattan patio furniture. With our dedication to excellent customer service and knowledge of specialty furniture industry, Hauser’s can assist with making an informed decision regarding your outdoor furnishings needs. Our staff would be more than happy to answer any queries or provide more details regarding benefits, drawbacks and various options of rattan patio furniture.


Rattan furniture requires special care to maintain its beauty. As its natural fibers can become susceptible to mildew and mold growth, regular and proper cleaning of this furniture is crucial in order to preserve its appearance. To do this, remove cushions and accessories before using a brush with detergent solution to scrub it clean – though be careful to not get the fibers too wet, as this could cause them to rot and weaken them over time.

Cleaning your rattan furniture on a weekly or biweekly basis if it’s in regular use is advised, or at least every two weeks at minimum. This helps to eliminate dust and dirt build-up that weakens its structure and leaves it looking dirty or dull. Following cleaning, be sure to allow enough drying time before using again; using low heat settings on your hair dryer might speed this process along faster.

As well as cleaning, it is also vitally important to protect rattan furniture from the elements. One method of doing so is covering it with a tarp when not in use; this will prevent rain and snow from damaging it further. When possible, store your rattan furniture in a dry area.

Protecting rattan furniture requires rotating it on an ongoing basis to avoid it being worn down unevenly in one area over time. Protective pads should also be placed beneath its feet to help safeguard against scratched patio or deck floors.

Each year, it is also wise to apply a wood preservative or finish to your rattan furniture in order to protect it from harsh weather conditions and keep its aesthetic appearance. Doing this prior to spring’s arrival ensures your furniture will be ready when warm weather arrives – helping your rattan furniture last for many years ahead!