The Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture

Metal outdoor patio furniture is an enduring and secure solution that will withstand all weather elements. Due to its strength, ornate designs can be created out of it to give an elegant aesthetic; however, its weight may be an inconvenience if you like rearranging furniture regularly.

Steel is another popular material choice, providing an elegant and contemporary appearance while being highly resistant to rust and corrosion.


Durability should always be top of mind when purchasing outdoor metal furniture, especially as its presence requires withstanding all weather elements such as rain and snow. Bare metals like wrought iron are susceptible to corrosion; however, these pieces can be coated with rust-proofing material which prevents oxygen from reaching their metal core and leading to further corrosion. Aluminum furniture also makes an excellent option and can be powder coated for color variation or to make the furniture resistant against scratches and dents.

Many buyers prefer steel and aluminum patio furniture because these materials are stronger and sturdier than wood, wicker, or rattan furniture. Furthermore, metal can withstand weather changes for multiple seasons without showing wear-and-tear signs, while being easily cleaned with water resistance properties that make maintenance much simpler than with other forms. Furthermore, metal is easy to maintain when exposed to temperatures fluctuations as opposed to some forms of furniture which swell or crack over time.

Metal’s lightweight nature allows it to be easily formed into attractive furniture designs for both the home and garden areas. Malleable properties make metal more malleable for shaping into chairs, tables, benches and other forms of outdoor seating and tables – giving manufacturers ample opportunity to craft pieces that add beauty and style to a backyard or garden area.

Galvanized and stainless steel metals make for excellent outdoor patio furniture materials due to their ability to resist corrosion and rusting, plus being easy to weld together into unique shapes. Other metals, like aluminum and wrought iron are suitable as well, although additional maintenance will likely be required than for galvanized and stainless steel patio sets.

Other metals, including tin, aluminized steel and zinc may be suitable for outdoor furniture use as well. Although less durable than galvanized or stainless steel options, they still provide strength against corrosion and rusting – it all depends on one’s budget and needs!


Style should also play an integral role when choosing metal outdoor furniture, from sleek modern styles to more classic ornate pieces that will adorn any patio space.

Wrought iron offers a timeless style perfect for garden patios and terraces, yet its intricate detailing leaves it vulnerable to corrosion from moisture exposure and salt air. Aluminum offers more reliable corrosion resistance while still retaining a polished surface longer than wrought iron; for greater resistance against weathering factors than either one of them, stainless steel may provide the solution.

Other aspects to keep in mind when purchasing metal furniture include color, size and weight. A large table and chairs might be best for entertaining in a larger backyard or balcony space; conversely, smaller sets may provide more intimate gatherings. Furthermore, weight has an effect on how easily a piece is moved around or stored away for winter storage purposes.

Color of metal furniture can make an impactful statement about its overall aesthetic, too. Wrought iron has the capacity to take on an antique patina over time while aluminum offers a more contemporary, minimalist aesthetic perfect for more modern spaces.

Ensure the colors of your metal outdoor furniture match those in your home by considering powder-coating as an option for its finish. This special paint process applies a protective coat over the furniture’s surface that helps ward off rusting, faded colors and other issues associated with weather exposure. Various hues from traditional black and white through bright blues, reds and greens are available, while pieces with color-changing LED lights can even add an exciting ambience.


Metal patio furniture looks wonderful when first purchased, but quickly becomes unsightly if left to rust and stain unattended. While most frames can be cleaned similarly, each type of metal has different properties requiring its own care regiments for optimal performance.

Cleaning metal outdoor patio furniture is easy and requires warm water, mild soap, a sponge or cloth and some gentle scrubbing with non-abrasive cleansers that won’t scratch your furniture’s surface. After each use it’s important to dry thoroughly to prevent corrosion and rust taking hold, and considering covering your garden furniture with waterproof protective covers while not in use is also wise.

Outdoor furniture typically comprises three metals – stainless steel, wrought iron, and aluminum – as its primary building blocks. Of these materials, only aluminum is suitable for humid climates without becoming subject to corrosion; even then it may still be vulnerable to oxidation if left exposed for too long; to protect it properly it is crucial that moisture-retaining areas such as joints and welds be sealed off promptly and moisture proofed accordingly.

Steel furniture is often chosen due to its durability, strength and style; however, it is highly susceptible to rusting due to oxidation caused by harsh chemicals or prolonged sun exposure. Rust can easily be prevented by regularly applying a coat of rust-proof paint over the furniture’s surface. Wrought iron offers more durable construction but like steel is vulnerable to rusting around joints and welding areas.

Stainless steel furniture is an expensive premium-priced choice that is corrosion resistant, making it suitable for humid climates. However, prolonged contact with harsh chemicals or abrasive surfaces could still result in it rusting over time; to prevent this happening it is wise to wipe down your furniture regularly with damp cloth maintenance and care.

Mildew can be an ongoing problem for metal furniture, but it can be easily eliminated with equal parts bleach and water in a mildew-fighting solution. Apply the solution directly onto affected areas with a soft brush for maximum coverage before leaving it for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water.


Reselling value aside, metal outdoor patio furniture is one of the best investments you can make for your backyard. Not only will it withstand weather elements well over time, it is also easy to care for – you can even refinish it later for that added bit of beauty.

Consider corrosion resistance and durability when selecting metal furniture for your patio, such as stainless steel. Aluminum provides better corrosion resistance; both can last an extended period in outdoor environments. Wrought iron patio furniture is popular due to its heavyweight, which prevents it from being moved or stolen while its natural patina adds charm over time.

If you prefer something with more modern aesthetics, metal options offer contemporary proportions and clean lines. Choose chairs and sofas featuring slim legs and gentle curves in their backrests; each piece comes in various finishes for easy coordination with other outdoor furniture styles.

Williams Sonoma provides an eclectic selection of retro metal furniture that updates classic silhouettes with new colors and details, such as dining tables with inlays of agate that bring out the lush blue hues in your yard, and coffee tables featuring sculptural bases with softened corners to provide soften the space.

Aluminum, stainless steel or wrought iron pieces add an air of sophistication and luxury to any patio space. Combine them with other types of furniture – like woven woods – for an attractive ensemble that you and your friends and family can enjoy together.

Metal furniture can transform your backyard into an inviting and comfortable retreat for relaxation and socialization with loved ones. Take the time to explore your options, finding one that meets your requirements for durability, style and maintenance – you will enjoy your metal outdoor furniture for many seasons to come with proper care and maintenance! Additionally, sign up for our email updates for product updates, expert design tips and backyard inspiration delivered directly to your inbox!