Telescope Casual Patio Furniture

telescope patio furniture

Telescope casual outdoor furniture is known for its comfort, style and quality. Their products include wicker, aluminum cast aluminum and polymer resin furniture with some of the best warranties available in the industry.

Maintaining a Telescope furniture set is relatively effortless. To clean vinyl strap or sling furniture, natural soap mixed with some water should suffice, while cushion and mesh sling pieces can simply be rinsed under running water or rinsed through with a hose.

Chaise Lounges

A chaise lounge is the ideal piece to pair with any patio table for ultimate relaxation and comfort. Equipped with an extended footstool to support your legs and multiple recline angles for optimal relaxation, these beauties also come complete with cushions to enhance the outdoor experience even further.

Your search for a chaise lounge that matches the decor in your space should end here. These durable pieces can last decades with proper care. Cleaning one is simple: use a soft cloth dipped in warm water with mild soap to wipe down its surface before rinsing thoroughly to preserve its materiality. Be mindful to not use harsh cleansers on vinyl straps as this may damage their materiality; additionally storing one permanently in your pool could compromise its hardware.

Telescope Casual’s furniture boasts unparalleled customer service and rapid delivery times, which guarantee ultimate relaxation. Additionally, you’ll find lounge chairs, sofas and sectionals made of aluminum or teak materials designed to withstand outdoor elements – ideal for relaxation. Furthermore, their customer support and delivery time guarantees make these pieces even more desirable!

Add warmth and light to any outdoor area with an additional fire table or umbrella from Patio Furniture Source, available in various sizes and styles to fit any size patio or backyard. They come with either Powdercoat or Rustic finishes for your fire tables – as well as both propane and natural gas burner options so you can find one suitable to your space.

Sling Chairs

Sling chairs are an increasingly popular choice among Telescope’s outdoor seating arrangements, providing comfort without all of the hassle associated with regular cushions. A simple hose down will keep your chair looking like new throughout its season of use!

Your options for sling chairs vary in style and frame finish to meet any decor. Black metal frames with soft beige sling fabric look modern on a pool deck while traditional porches might benefit from more intricate metalwork frames. Sunbrella fabrics provide a softer, stylized aesthetic while Phifertex or Textilene offers tougher yet sturdy builds; all can make great beach accessories!

Both types of sling fabrics offer resistance to strain, straining, aging, discoloration and wear and tear that comes from everyday use. Furthermore, both are breathable fabrics to keep you cool even on hot and humid days while eliminating the need for expensive cushions that need frequent upkeep and maintenance. Furthermore, choosing sling furniture allows you to save both money and maintenance by eliminating this unnecessary complication altogether!

Sling materials are designed to resist mold and mildew growth, withstanding sun exposure without fading over time. A gentle soap mix with warm water and sponge is all you need for routine upkeep of sling furniture – just remember not to use pine oil or harsh cleaners on vinyl strap patio furniture!

Fire Tables

Create an inviting centerpiece for your outdoor seating area with one of the top fire tables available today. Relax comfortably in Adirondack chairs while entertaining with friends around a cozy fire table; in summer you’ll roast marshmallows together while in fall and winter you can gather around it as temperatures decline for extra warmth.

When selecting a fire table, look for one with a sturdy design to withstand all elements. Glass-fiber reinforced concrete and granite options are great choices, featuring weather-resistant finishes to withstand sun, wind, rain. In addition, models featuring heavy-duty powder coated aluminum bases and lids and many models including lava rock as well as stainless steel burner pan and rings as well as Piezo ignition are ready for immediate use – meaning the perfect table awaits your purchase.

Height is also key when choosing your table, as this will impact on both comfort and conversation while sitting down. Most models are coffee table height to make sitting around easy while enjoying the flames; for an even more enjoyable experience, consider purchasing one with an optional removable tempered glass windscreen to prevent sparks or flames from accidentally touching any stray hands.

If you want your fire table to become the focal point of your space, choose one with an eye-catching design or finish. Some models even allow customization options so it can become truly unique piece. Other features to look out for are drop in ice bucket, hidden bottle opener and natural gas conversion kit features. Fire media options like lava rock, eco glass beads or tumbled fire glass may help complete its overall aesthetic look and enhance its functionality.


Your backyard patio furniture deserves the very best treatment imaginable with the addition of an elegant and functional umbrella. Umbrellas provide shade from the sun for you and your guests, creating the ideal ambiance for relaxation, dining or entertaining. Choose from a selection of styles, sizes and colors for that perfect match to your patio furniture!

Homeowners typically opt for traditional wood or aluminum hand-held umbrellas when styling wrought iron or wicker seating arrangements, while others might prefer cantilever umbrellas that sit independently from a center pole, extending over tables and lounging areas – this type of umbrella makes a stylish statement and works equally well at poolside as it would on the beach or an open field.

To select an umbrella suitable for your outdoor space, measure its diameter. As a guideline, a six-foot umbrella should cover a 30-inch bistro or cafe table with two chairs; an eight-foot umbrella can easily cover 48-inch round or square dining tables that include four to six chairs.

Before storing your telescope patio furniture for winter, it’s essential that it is thoroughly wiped down and all excess water drained off – otherwise moisture could form inside its tubes and cause irreparable damage not covered by manufacturer warranties.

Though inevitable wear and tear will happen over time, simple maintenance measures can extend its appearance and functionality for decades. To do this, always drain any moisture before storing furniture away for winter use or place a winter tarp over it for protection.


To maximize comfort and style when selecting Telescope furniture, there are various accessories available. These include replacement glides and feet for polymer and aluminum furniture as well as umbrella bases, stands, covers and decorative pillows, throw blankets or swings to add ambience in outdoor living spaces.

As soon as winter sets in, your Telescope patio furniture should be carefully stored away. Make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned (paying special attention to tubes), drained properly, and then covered with a winter tarp to safeguard it against moisture that may damage it beyond any warranty coverage. This will protect it from moisture that could potentially wreak havoc with its warranty coverage.

If your Telescope furniture is looking worn down, consider having it restored rather than purchasing all-new pieces. Our team of furniture refurbishment professionals can restore it so it looks and feels brand new again – contact us now to see how we can assist!