Suncoast Patio Furniture – Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area

suncoast patio furniture

Suncoast patio furniture has the answer when it comes to creating elegant dining rooms, inviting reading nooks or entertaining areas – their cast and extruded aluminum collection in Florida features intricate castings connected with lightweight extruded frames for added durability that are protected with Platinum Bond Finish that resists harsh weather elements.


Suncoast Patio Furniture provides chic seating solutions and tables designed to elevate any space, including cozy reading nooks or outdoor living areas for balmy summer meals. As a woman-owned and managed company, it takes great pride in offering an assortment of quality products tailored specifically for any space; their styles can also be personalized in order to turn any area into a luxurious retreat.

Each collection offers a diverse array of styles, colors and finishes to meet the aesthetic needs of any user. For instance, the Radiant Linear Wicker collection combines black resin wicker with solid outdoor fabrics in various shades for added comfort woven materials that come together seamlessly. Users can create their own configuration using this modular system!

Other collections feature lightweight extruded aluminum frames, an extremely resilient material designed to resist corrosion in marine and stormy climates. To further ensure durability and withstand seaside environments and climate extremes, each aluminum frame is processed with a three times thicker Platinum Bond finish than paint for increased longevity.

One popular material is mango wood. With its natural coloring and rustic radiance, its rustic appeal adds warmth and coziness to any space. Suncoast Outdoor Wood Collections also provide ergonomic seating options with ergonomic lumbar support and shoulder support, as well as comfortable strap spacing options and weather-resistant finishes to protect them from harsh elements.


Our Madison Cushion collection boasts extreme durability and comes in an array of colors. Its frame construction combines elegant aluminum castings with lightweight extruded aluminum frames – each type being finished with our exclusive Platinum Bond finish for added rust-free, peel resistant protection from harsh weather elements. PVC material contains mildew inhibitors and ultraviolet stabilizers to maintain longer color retention.

Create a cozy reading nook or informal gathering area with the rustic charm and lasting appeal of natural wicker furniture, designed for maximum aesthetic beauty and increased durability in outdoor settings. Suncoast features sloping contoured profiles which add decorative depth to the natural whitewash rattan while its plush cushion creates an aura of comfort – sold as sets of two with assembly required and made in USA.


Suncoast patio furniture provides endless ways to personalize outdoor spaces. Select classic whitewash rattan seating or modernize coastal chic with natural whitewash wicker and plush cushions – then take a seat and relax!

Extruded aluminum frames are naturally lightweight and strong, making them the perfect solution for all weather conditions – from sunny seaside environments to rainy environments. Our exclusive Platinum Bond finish creates coatings that are rust-proof, peel resistant, and three times thicker than paint – providing protection from all sorts of climate extremes.

Furniture then passes through a four-stage chemical spray wash system that uses surfactants and acid cleaners to cleanse aluminum surfaces while simultaneously etching their surfaces to strengthen bond between powder coating and aluminum. Once completed, reverse osmosis water removes all surfactants and acid from its surface leaving aluminum free of impurities ready to receive new coat of powder coating.

All Suncoast sling chairs utilize 2 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick 100% virgin vinyl strapping that’s been enhanced with ultraviolet stabilizers and mildew inhibitors to provide longer-lasting colors and greater weather resistance. Each strap is then tied together using double stitching that covers both its outer vinyl jacket and inner acrylic core, creating one of the tightest slings available today. Our fasteners utilize solid nylon rivets covered by full wraps of strap at either end – much more secure than thin metal rivet nuts used by many competitors!

Dining Tables

Suncoast patio furniture’s dining tables are high-quality pieces made of materials designed to withstand outdoor conditions, from tempered glass tablestops to Profolio perforated ones, these pieces will complement your chairs and other outdoor furnishings perfectly. Their frames are constructed from top-grade aluminum with powder-coated finishes; guests can relax on chairs featuring backs with weatherproof seating covered in weather-resistant tan and cream stripes that match the table frame perfectly.

If you’re planning to create an elegant restaurant or cafe, dining tables are key components that can set it apart from its peers in the industry. Suncoast provides dining tables in various configurations for customized looks; their chairs also come in an array of colors to meet any decor. Suncoast seating solutions feature adjustable strap spacing for optimal comfort; ergonomic lumbar and shoulder support as well as sturdy cushions designed to hold their shape over time.