Sunbrella Fabrics for Patio Furniture Costco

Sunbrella fabrics are designed to withstand the elements, including mould and mildew growth, while being resistant to abrasion which shortens their lifespan. Sunbrella performance fabrics are easy to care for – simply blot any spills or messes using mild soap and water solution before wiping clean with mild detergents as needed.

Sunbrella fabrics provide comfort, strength and style whether it be transforming a modest balcony into your personal sanctuary or updating an old sofa.


Sunbrella fabrics make creating your ideal outdoor space simple. Their durable fabrics weather the elements, resist mould and mildew growth and are certified for low chemical emissions that contribute to healthier indoor air quality – the perfect ingredients for creating the ideal outdoor experience!

Sunbrella performance fabrics are constructed to stand up against moisture for long-term beauty in all climates. Simply hosing off regularly with clean water can keep them looking their best year after year, as it prevents dirt from becoming embedded deeply and minimizes more rigorous cleaning sessions. Spills and messes are easily eliminated with mild soap and water solutions; making life in the outdoors carefree!

Paddy O’ Furniture Mission Sling Collection was designed with both aesthetic appeal and low maintenance in mind, featuring powder-coated aluminum frames with brown arm accents, all-weather wicker cushions made with Sunbrella fabric cushions for UV fade protection, stackable club chairs and dining chairs completing its list of pieces.


Sunbrella fabrics are designed to offer unparalleled comfort when relaxing or entertaining outdoors. Breathable enough to stay cool, these certified low chemical emissions fabrics also contribute to healthier indoor air quality. Sunbrella performance fabrics also resist mould and mildew growth for easy cleanup; just wipe spills away with damp cloth after spills occur then use mild soap/water solution when necessary for thorough washings of furniture pieces to keep it looking its best season after season – whether that means updating an entire balcony space or refreshing an entire backyard space, with confidence knowing your furniture will weather all elements, time, life’s messy events with ease!


Sunbrella fabrics provide style that lasts season after season. Their breathable fabrics keep you and your guests cool and protected from the sun’s heat, while Sunbrella is specially made to resist stains, odors and mildew – giving your patio or garden space lasting appeal!

Simply hose them off with clean water to quickly eliminate dirt and grime before it becomes embedded, prolonging their useful life in outdoor living fabric spaces. Awnings, umbrellas and pergola canopies made of Sunbrella shade fabrics have been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as ways to help avoid sun-induced skin damage.

Create your perfect outdoor space by customizing it to reflect you with fabrics that are soft yet sturdy enough for all kinds of weather conditions. Choose from hundreds of patterns and colors available so that your vision for your space becomes reality.


Sunbrella fabrics are specially engineered to deliver complete performance-durability season after season. Stain resistant and easy to maintain, Sunbrella fabrics allow you to focus on what matters most: creating your personal oasis on a balcony or replacing worn out sofas without worry or compromise. Sunbrella fabrics help you live comfortably while styling beautifully!

Fabric surfaces should be rinsed every month with clear water to quickly and effectively eliminate most soiling. This quick cleaning method prevents dirt from becoming embedded deeply within the fabric and reduces the need for more frequent and vigorous cleaning sessions. In addition, Sunbrella fabrics have been certified with low chemical emissions that contribute to improved indoor air quality – making them an excellent option for outdoor spaces where kids and pets play!