Sunbrella Cushions For Teak Patio Furniture

sunbrella patio furniture

Sink into ultimate relaxation with this 7-piece set that’s ideal for any patio. Its cushions boast Sunbrella fabric that combines comfort and toughness – the ideal combination for any outdoor setting!

Sunbrella fabric is constructed of 100% solution-dyed acrylic, creating a soft feel similar to indoor furniture upholstery while resisting mold/mildew growth and stains.

Sunbrella dining furniture is perfect for long evenings of conversation with friends. Complete your al fresco dining area with one or more Sunbrella tables and cantilever umbrellas from Sunbrella.


Sunbrella fabrics are designed to withstand outdoor conditions with ease, such as direct sunlight. Their anti-fade technology prevents direct sun rays from fading them and they come in various styles for you to choose from, giving your furniture a look tailored to you and your design aesthetic.

Sunbrella furniture is not only highly durable, but it is also very comfortable. Crafted with soft yet lightweight material that won’t rub against skin, making it the perfect choice for families with young children or pets. Furthermore, its easy cleaning features help decrease mildew and mold growth risk.

Sunbrella patio furniture boasts several advantages over regular upholstered pieces, including its ability to withstand an array of temperatures – from cold to hot – making it suitable for all four seasons. Furthermore, sunbrella fabric has stain and water repellency properties which will extend its life further and adds even further durability to its long lifespan.

When selecting fabric for upholstered furniture, it is crucial that it fits with the climate in which you live. Different fabrics require various levels of maintenance; those prone to fading require regular cleaning while others may become moldy due to prolonged outdoor exposure.

To purchase high-quality teak patio furniture, it is wise to opt for high-grade materials like Sunbrella or Tempotest Italian Performance Fabric. Manufacturers use these fabrics in boats, marine vessels, umbrellas, restaurant awnings and outdoor curtains and drapes.

Compare sunbrella fabric options like cotton or polyester with those found on outdoor furniture to find it more durable and straightforward to care for than others such as cotton or polyester, such as sunbrella is both long-wearing and easy to maintain. It achieves this feat thanks to tightly woven fibers soaked in UV-stabilized pigments before being spun into yarn for spinning into yarn yarn – this ensures that colors won’t fade over time like many other fabric types would.


Sunbrella fabrics provide long-term seating comfort due to the way it is constructed, keeping cool to the touch, while being highly breathable and moisture wicking, reducing chances of mildew formation. All these factors combine to make Sunbrella one of the most desirable materials for patio furniture.

Sunbrella fabric garden furniture is constructed of 100% solution dyed acrylic, making it stain and mildew resistant, making cleaning it simple. When spills occur or spots appear, simply wipe it down with damp cloth to remove mildew or dirt deposits on its surface – without impacting its comfort levels or durability! Sunbrella’s durability ensures it can be regularly wiped clean without diminishing comfort levels.

Add together all these features, and you have an outdoor furniture fabric that makes spending time on the great outdoors enjoyable. Choose from various patterns and colors, to make an outdoor space that is uniquely yours; even mix and match different Sunbrella fabrics for a custom look!

Sunbrella has long proven its strength and performance for more than three decades. Originally developed as an alternative to cotton in awnings, its application has expanded over time to all forms of furniture both indoor and outdoor. Sunbrella stands up well to any weather condition without losing color or becoming mildewy; making it one of the best-performing materials out there today.

If you want the ultimate outdoor furniture experience, Regent line chairs and sofas should be your top choice. Their beautiful covers won’t fade, mildew or stain over time and cleaning them only requires water, detergent and a brush! You’ll soon have your backyard oasis looking its best again.

Vieques Seating Collection was created with the idea that indoor living can extend into outdoor living spaces in mind, featuring scratch resistant and wood grain finish aluminum frames, all-weather wicker seating and plush Sunbrella cushions for an inviting outdoor living experience.

Easy Care

Sunbrella fabric was specifically created to meet these criteria in terms of both durability, comfort, and easy maintenance – and has no equal when it comes to outdoor furniture. Sunbrella resists sun fading while repelling water to prevent mold or mildew growth; plus its easy care properties will ensure its like new appearance for years to come!

To keep Sunbrella cushions and furniture looking like new, be sure to wipe up spills immediately and brush away loose dirt regularly. A light rinse with plain water may also do the trick for some dirty Sunbrella fabrics and cushions. If a stain persists after this method has been tried, create a cleaning solution of one cup bleach mixed with 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of water and soak the fabric for 15 minutes in this solution before rinsing and using either a sponge or soft bristled brush to scrub lightly at this area until any soap residue has been completely rinsed away before air drying is complete.

If your Sunbrella pillows, chairs or drapes become stained from general wear and tear or accidental spills, washing machine washing may be your solution. Please follow all instructions from your care and cleaning guide, including those about not using chlorine bleach to help maintain the water-repellent finish that distinguishes this fabric.

If your Sunbrella fabric does develop mildew or mold issues, treating them using a solution of one cup of bleach with 1/4 cup of mild soap per gallon water is the solution to consider. Apply this solution over affected areas with sponge or clean towel scrubber, let sit for 15 minutes and rinsing thoroughly to remove residual solution; press gently with towel after rinsing if fabric still seems damp; otherwise air dry after regular maintenance and cleaning for best results. Maintenance and regular cleaning will help your Sunbrella fabric last longer while looking great for years to come! Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure its long term beauty as it looks new – something preventive maintenance cleaning will do just that for years of enjoyment!


Sunbrella patio furniture can add the perfect finishing touches to your outdoor aesthetic, whether you want a contemporary, beachy, rustic or simply relaxing vibe for dining on your deck-top dining area or creating breezy balcony seating arrangements. Choose a fabric color that complements your existing decor to enhance its impactful presence in any setting.

Sunbrella fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic that resists sun fading and water repellency; you may need to periodically refresh its repellency for best performance. Furthermore, its color remains saturated throughout each thread of fabric; furthermore it stands up well against staining. These qualities make Sunbrella an excellent choice for outdoor fabrics like furniture upholstery and cushions as well as boat canvas, awnings and hot tub covers.

Durable fabric that’s also soft to the touch makes this material the ideal choice for outdoor seating, from lounge chairs, chaises and sectional sets to indoor throw pillows – making this fabric comfortable all year round! Plus it adds color and pattern into any home!

Sunbrella outdoor rugs use its signature durable fabric to bring cozy charm to any patio setting. Position them near the entryway to help guests clean off their shoes after coming inside or put one under a lounge set for added relaxation.

Brands like Lloyd Flanders, Woodard, Telescope Casual and Treasure Garden all offer sunbrella patio furniture options, usually listed within product specifications or fabric swatches. To find your ideal sunbrella furniture you will have many different fabric choices from which to choose.

Sunbrella fabric makes for the ideal material to use in outdoor furniture due to its worry-free livability and versatile style, providing you with years of worry-free enjoyment in any outdoor setting – be it relaxing with family and friends in the backyard, hosting lakeside barbecues or simply picnicking at a park with children. No matter the party type you host, Sunbrella furniture will enhance any event or gathering you host with its worry-free comfort and timeless style.