Sun Garden Umbrella Review

sun garden umbrella

Un oversized umbrella can help transform any outdoor space into an enjoyable retreat, blocking UV rays and cooling your outside space by up to 10 degrees.

Another excellent solution is a shade sail. These sturdy structures are made of thick material designed to withstand wind, rain and sunlight; plus they’re easy to assemble!

Easy to assemble

The Easy Sun garden umbrella stands out from other sun garden umbrellas with its distinctive design that allows it to open and close easily, is highly durable and weatherproof, and features an easy crank mechanism for raising and lowering. You’ll enjoy shade and privacy from your patio throughout the year with this elegant umbrella!

This garden umbrella is constructed from high-grade materials and comes complete with a free base. Boasting a sturdy steel pole and 24 ribs for extra stability and reliability in any setting – whether home or business use! With its 2.4m steel pole and solution-dyed fabric built to withstand windy conditions.

The Easy Sun cantilever umbrella is the only fully European handcrafted and tested cantilever on the market today, featuring German engineering for smooth operation and an easy two-year warranty period. German engineering and well-balance design make this an effortless umbrella to operate, while its aircraft quality aluminum frame carries an extended two year guarantee period.

Patented brake lock system secures Canopy Assembly without strain on winding cable; reinforced and vented articulation rib joints help provide additional strength while simultaneously reducing wind vibration; patent braking mechanism gives multiple angles of shading options

This product comes equipped with a sand anchor that can help weigh its base, so simply placing the lower section of pole into sand and twisting clockwise will secure it and prevent your umbrella from blowing away during strong winds. Before storing Easy Sun, be sure to thoroughly clean all components, make sure they are dry, disconnect components from each component, store in safe places – this will increase lifespan while checking anchor regularly for damage/wear and replacing as necessary – this will also prolong lifespan and ensure optimal use! Additionally, regularly checking anchor for wear/damage will extend lifespan significantly! If there is damage detected immediately replace with another version so your umbrella won’t move during strong winds!

Easy to clean

Maintaining outdoor furniture requires regular care to remain in top shape, especially when exposed to the elements. One effective solution for keeping it looking its best is regularly cleaning with mild detergent or soap; this will remove dirt and stains that have built up over time while keeping your umbrella looking its best. A good tip would be to clean your umbrella when not in use and allow it to completely dry before storing away.

Brush any loose dirt from the surface of your sun garden umbrella periodically during spring, summer and fall to prevent embedded dirt from embedding itself further in its fabric and reduce the need for more frequent thorough cleaning sessions.

Prepare a solution of equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a bucket, using soft bristled brushes dipped into this solution, to scrub any areas where mold or mildew growth exists. After you have scrubbed, leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing it off using either a hose or bucket of clean water, taking care to get rid of any soap residue left behind.

Once your umbrella has been cleaned and rinsed, be sure to place it in direct sunlight to dry for at least 24 hours before storing it away. This will help kill any remaining mold or mildew bacteria and remove moisture that could lead to new formation of mold or mildew in the future.

If you’re having difficulty eliminating stubborn stains on your patio umbrella, try using a commercial fabric cleaner. These solutions tend to be safe for most fabrics and designed specifically to lift away stains without harming them. For especially stubborn spots, consider immersing the fabric in water mixed with laundry detergent before using commercial cleaner.

Clean your umbrella regularly if it’s in an area with high pollution or is near tree foliage; more frequently if stored for winter storage.

Easy to store

The Sun Garden Easy Sun Parasol makes an excellent addition to patios or poolside settings, made from fade-resistant fabric with an easy crank mechanism for opening and closing it quickly and simply. This helps save both time and effort when setting up or taking down an umbrella, saving both money and effort in assembly or disassembly time – or you can purchase a sun cape to protect it against rain, wind or animal damage!

Sun garden parasols are made from waterproof fabric that resists fading, but puncturing and tears may still occur from sharp objects. To minimize risk, store it in a secure and dry area. Furthermore, using an umbrella cover of high quality that fits its size will also keep it clean.

Water ballast umbrella bases can also help keep their bases from freezing, provided that you remove and drain all excess water before storing indoors or putting into plastic storage bags or heavy duty tarps for indoor storage. Metal bases should be protected from corrosion by wrapping it with plastic or using commercial umbrella covers that offer corrosion and freeze damage protection.

Hang your umbrella when storing it for extended periods. Most manufacturers include hooks or attachments at the finial (top decorative piece) to facilitate this. If this is not possible, cross lay it on a large shelf in a protected location and cover its pole with commercial umbrella covers or heavy plastic sheets to protect it.

Easy Sun Cantilever Umbrellas are handcrafted in Europe and come with a two year frame/mechanisms warranty. The instruction manual lists components to weigh down its base with either sand or pea gravel (not included), although if your location may experience freezing weather it would be wiser to opt for 250-300 pounds of pea gravel instead of sand for optimal use.


Sun garden umbrellas can help shield yourself and your family from harmful UV rays while providing welcome shade on warm summer days. Plus, their durable materials and superior craftsmanship allow them to withstand all sorts of weather and elements – they’re easy to assemble and clean, too!

Durability in sun garden umbrellas is determined by its frame and canopy. Aluminum or steel are both sturdy materials that offer corrosion-resistance. Anodization further enhances its longevity by slowing degradation – electrical current is used to extract oxygen from aluminum surface while creating an impermeable layer of aluminum oxide which increases life expectancy of umbrella.

Anodized frames are extremely resilient against rain and sunlight exposure that could otherwise lead to rusting. Their aluminum construction also makes them lightweight and flexible for easy use. Furthermore, anodized frames offer greater resistance against salt, chlorine and other chemicals which could harm an umbrella’s fabric fabric.

Rotating and swiveling capabilities of sun garden umbrellas are invaluable when covering large outdoor spaces, thanks to the cantilever mechanism’s 20 locking positions that make adjustment simple for optimal coverage.

The original European hand-crafted Sun Garden “Easy Sun” Cantilever is one of the easiest umbrellas to operate on the market today, featuring German engineering for smooth operation that opens or closes in under a minute, rotates 360 degrees with ease, and offers multiple shade options. Furthermore, all its unique features are covered by a limited five year warranty for added peace of mind.

Sun garden umbrellas are lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily transport them around your yard. Their 7.5ft wide water-resistant polyester canopy is supported by 6 antirust metal ribs for stability; and its sturdy base can be weighted with either sand or pea gravel (not included). Furthermore, its wind-vented canopy increases stability even in windy conditions.