Sun Garden Umbrella Parts

Sun Garden Umbrella parts you need for repair or replacement. Click the identifier button to determine which model your umbrella belongs to.

The Original “Easy Sun” Europe Cantilever Patio Umbrella is one of the simplest umbrellas to operate, thanks to German engineering and an ergonomic design. Simply rotate around 360 degrees for effortless shade with 20 locking positions every 18 degrees; require free standing base filled with 5 bags of sand (not included).

Reducer Socket

Milwaukee’s SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Socket Reducers are specifically designed to maximize tool versatility and durability when dealing with high torque applications. You can easily swap out drive impact sockets by inserting one into the base cone of the tool. Constructed of forged steel for strength and featuring laser-etched size markings for easy identification and industry standards compliance, these reducers make using multiple drive impact sockets possible with your current Milwaukee wrench. In addition, their Malleable Iron reducing coupling allows two pipes of different sizes at the same axis; an essential tool when working on plumbing projects!

NOTE: Please be aware that a service fee may apply in instances when refusing access for the technician during a service visit, the equipment is in poor condition or defective products or parts are provided during this visit, or any other issues hinder the technician from finishing his/her work on your parasol.

KD Swivel Mechanism

Internal to the Standing Pole is a feature which allows an umbrella to rotate 360 degrees. Comprised of strong powder coated metal components, this reliable and weather-resistant mechanism has been engineered for maximum weatherproof performance.

Rotating bases often feature two supports which can be connected rotatably: one is coupled rotatably to the first support while a second one can be coupled rotatably; both supports may feature a control device with foot pedal functionality for controlling them both rotatably. Each second support may feature a sprocket featuring multiple radial projections; when you press down on the foot pedal, an engagement member catches with these projections before disengaging from its second support, enabling it to rotate independently from both supports.

Rotation bases can feature covers to shield working components from view and user reach, providing more privacy for them and shielding them from view or user reach. Such covers often have narrow profiles suitable for being integrated into decorative base cowlings or hiding components within sleeves through which umbrella poles extend; this approach offers compact control device less likely to become visible over time.

Drum & Axle

Traditional sun garden umbrellas utilize multiple mechanisms to control their canopy position and configuration, including mechanisms to open and close their canopy, tiltable pole portion 42 about its rotatable longitudinal axis and lower pole portion 34 around a fixed tilt axis, as well as rotating around their respective fixed tilt axes. While this technique is effective, its operation often requires two hands. To address this inconvenient issue, the present invention provides a rotational mechanism linked to a crank which responds to movement of hand grip 94 to rotate upper pole portion 38 around its respective rotatable longitudinal axes.