Stylish Metal Patio Furniture Sets

metal patio furniture sets

Metal patio furniture sets add contemporary appeal and easy maintenance when it comes to any outdoor living space. In comparison with other materials like wicker or rattan, these metal sets offer contemporary style without breaking the bank for cleaning costs or replacement needs.

But are these metals up to the task of withstanding hot summer sun and cold winter rain? Our Patio Living buying guide can assist in helping you make an informed decision for your patio.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron patio furniture sets provide the ultimate in classic sophistication. Strong enough to withstand year-round outdoor use and relatively maintenance free – apart from an annual check for signs of rust or corrosion – they require little upkeep. While aluminum and steel can become quite brittle over time, wrought iron is made of malleable metal that can easily be hammered, pressed and formed into intricate designs by its makers – its unique grain and texture gives wrought iron furniture its distinguishable look that often misleads people into thinking it is wood!

Wrought iron furniture is an enduring and resilient option that stands up well to most weather conditions, from baking summer heat and winter storms, to rainy spring and fall months. Additionally, its weight helps it last decades before being dislodged by windy gusts.

Wrought iron makes an attractive and easy surface to customize with cushions and pillows, creating the ideal space for meals or other outdoor activities. A solid dining table can be combined with a beautiful rug and comfortable cushions to create a relaxing area in which to dine, while conversation sets can become cozier by including cushioned sofas and chaise lounges covered with beautiful fabric covers.

Longevity of outdoor metal furniture depends on a number of factors, including climate and material quality. If you live in a humid environment, for instance, opting for powder coat finish metal pieces could provide added corrosion and rust protection.

Another factor to keep in mind when selecting patio furniture sets for your home’s architectural style is your budget. If you live in a modern house, choosing sleek stainless steel outdoor furniture sets may suit its minimalist aesthetic; in contrast, traditional homes might benefit from more classic-designed wrought iron patio sets; for those on tight budgets aluminum or steel patio sets may provide more affordable solutions than more costly wrought iron patio sets.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum patio furniture sets offer elegant style and beauty to complement the decor in backyards, brick patios, enclosed porches or any area in need of sophisticated charm. Not only is cast aluminum rust-free and highly durable; you can easily update its style through new outdoor cushions to match changing taste preferences. Plus with so many available designs and finishes you’re sure to find one perfect for your current backyard decor!

PatioLiving provides an impressive selection of both modern and classic cast aluminum patio furniture set styles, from deep cushion seating to fabric sling seats – there’s sure to be an ideal match for every taste and space! Additionally, cast aluminum’s versatility can be seen through its mixture-material pieces like glass/stone tabletop tables and metal/wicker chaise lounges we offer.

Cast aluminum furniture tends to be more budget-friendly than its wrought iron counterparts due to being made from solid aluminum instead of hollow wrought iron pieces, as wrought iron furnishings tend to be hollow. Extruded aluminum may also be less costly but does not have the same stately, classic appeal of cast aluminum pieces.

Aluminum patio furniture stands out for being both cost-effective and lightweight, making it the ideal choice for patios that require frequent moving of furniture or use in areas that receive much rain or wind. Furthermore, its simple wipe down with damp cloth feature makes this an excellent way to quickly bring its look back up-to-date quickly.

People often opt to add weather-resistant outdoor cushions to their aluminum patio furniture for added comfort and visual appeal. These cushions can easily be changed out to change up its appearance, with numerous patterns to match any backyard decor scheme.

Retro Metal

Retro yard sale-inspired metal patio tables and chairs add color and character to any deck, balcony, or backyard. There is a range of colors and configurations to suit every decor style – you are sure to find something suitable! Additionally, choose an easy care model so your table remains beautiful for years.

Aluminum patio furniture sets may be popular due to their durability; however, there are several other materials for patio sets that require no special maintenance and will outlive aluminum’s lifespan for decades. Teakwood, eucalyptus and recycled plastic all resist rusting while providing stylish looks to fit into any decor scheme. Furthermore, these materials are lightweight yet water-proof making them an excellent choice.

Wrought iron patio furniture sets may be more costly than their aluminum counterparts, but their strength and beauty make them worth every penny for many homeowners. Regularly wipe down wrought iron furniture with a damp cloth as direct sunlight or wind exposure may cause its paint to flake off, revealing the metal beneath. If any spots of rust develop, lightly sand them down before repainting with matching colors to restore its aesthetic value.

If you love the idea of classic yard sale chairs without spending too much money on one, this DIY project could be perfect for you. Construct a vintage-inspired lawn chair out of leftover pallet wood and decorate it with some decorative pillows for a cozy spot to sit in your garden. Or try creating beachy vintage charm without breaking the bank by opting for this Morrison lawn chair set featuring shell-like backs that come in various color choices – plus it comes with easy assembly instructions!

Metal bistro sets make an elegant addition to any garden, but you can also find budget-conscious versions at flea markets and antique stores. This retro-inspired Morrison set consists of chairs and table which have both been powder-coated in bright blue to prevent corrosion and rust from occurring.


Steel patio furniture ranges from intimate bistro sets to luxurious zero-gravity loungers, providing those who prefer durable metal options an option that’s heavier. Steel’s heavy material is often punched, formed, shaped or textured into sleek modern designs for contemporary outdoor decor. Although more costly than aluminum furniture, its durability holds up well even under wet conditions and won’t bend as easily – perfect for contemporary outdoor decor!

If your space doesn’t quite call for an entire metal patio set, individual chairs and tables still add metallic flair. Easy to assemble and move around as per your needs, these pieces come in an assortment of colors and materials; plus they resist UV rays better than wood furniture for outdoor enjoyment even on sunny days!

Based on your location, it may be prudent to avoid lightweight aluminum or wrought iron pieces as they are more prone to being blown away in high winds. Furthermore, those living in areas where heavy rainfall or saltwater spray occurs should take extra steps to protect their metal furniture from rust and corrosion by wiping down frames regularly and repainting when necessary.

With its durable steel-frame dining table featuring a rustproof finish and attractive tempered glass table top, this steel-frame dining table makes an excellent addition to your backyard. Designed to seat four comfortably – one chair at each end plus one additional in the middle – for entertaining events in your yard, consider adding soft olefin fiber cushions for even greater dining comfort!

Make your backyard even more stylish with a rocker to match with its painted steel frame design that features a rustproof coating, featuring cushioned seating and back. Enjoy warm weather without worry – its curved arms and legs feature brushed stainless steel accents to give it an additional pop of color!

Way Day offers plenty of outdoor steel furniture deals that can help you transform an existing backyard retreat, or creating one from scratch. Find everything from compact bistro sets to sprawling sectionals so that your yard has just the right combination of seating and table space.