Small Patio Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

small patio furniture ideas

Even small patios can make an impressionful statement with the appropriate furniture and decor. Instead of opting for bulky outdoor seating sets, try opting for simple chair and table pairings instead for maximum seating comfort.

A Parisian-style bistro set offers seating for two, creating the atmosphere of an inviting cafe. Include low carved wood coffee tables and ottomans that take up less space than chairs to achieve an ideal seating arrangement.

Single Patio Chairs

If your outdoor space does not allow for a full furniture set, consider adding individual chairs as options. Look for seating with an ergonomic shape that promotes lounging; consider this flower-inspired rattan-effect chair as one such example. Place it among plants for an inviting reading nook feel and add a soft blanket nearby so you can cuddle up when the sun goes down.

Stools make a great alternative to chairs for small patio ideas and can serve as extra seating when entertaining guests. Opt for slim designs to save floorspace while looking for metal with an open weave; this will enable the view through the seat to remain clear, helping your space feel larger.

This 2×4 wood chair is an excellent DIY project for woodworkers with some experience, making a wonderful addition to small outdoor spaces. With its modern feel and sturdy back slats providing plenty of support, grab the free PDF plans now to build this for your backyard patio!

For a classic dining area, choose a bistro set. Attractive yet compact, this type of table makes an excellent addition to tight patio areas while remaining easy to re-arrange. Select bistro chairs with slim profiles and swivel features in order to maximize seating capacity; round tables take up less floorspace as they eliminate corners altogether.


Small patio sofas add cozy lounging comfort to the exterior of your home, and set the stage for al fresco entertaining. Choose one with swivel components so that you can stay informed during conversations as well as keeping an eye on kids while they play outdoors. All-weather wicker with plush cushions coordinating with your chosen outdoor decor theme would also work nicely.

If you prefer an uncluttered approach to your backyard, an outdoor bench may be just what is needed. Not only can this option keep footpaths clear while taking up less room than an armchair or love seat, but low back benches with thin arms may even reduce their visual footprint further. Plus stackable benches help save storage shelf space when not in use!

Settees are an ideal option for small patio furniture if you need to seat more than two people comfortably. Look for durable designs made with powder-coated aluminum that resist rust, as well as weatherproof materials like weatherproof fiber weaving. One such settee, Terra Outdoor’s Wishbone Settee features wishbone frames which support back and seat cushions wrapped with mildew-, stain- and water-resistant fabric upholstery for optimal use outdoors.

An outdoor fireplace can transform even the smallest patio into an inviting retreat for after-dinner conversations and late-night get-togethers. Wood-burning and propane firepits come in compact designs for small patios.

Round Tables

Small patios that cannot accommodate full dining sets benefit greatly from having round tables as the centerpiece of their seating arrangement. Circular tables allow everyone access to each other easily at the table, helping the space feel open and airy; plus they’re easier to navigate than square or rectangular dining tables, which may make an already cramped patio even tighter.

Use of a side table on your patio can save space, providing the ability to set out drinks or create an arrangement with decorative pieces like plants or candles. A wooden side table like this one makes an excellent addition, as its simplicity allows it to easily fit extra chairs underneath in case there are unexpected guests.

Round tables facilitate easy dialogue among diners, as guests can sit either to the left or right of the table. However, if your patio has limited space available to it, a round table may become cramped as people try to sit between each other at this larger design; therefore opting for something smaller like this that only seats four is suggested instead.

Bistro-style setups can help save space in small patios or urban courtyards by taking up minimal floor space, with compact tables and chairs taking up minimal floor area and folding up easily for storage purposes. They make an appealing statement when paired with climbing clematis vines or traditional timber pergolas; here’s an easy DIY table plan that costs under $200 to construct one yourself!


Ottomans make an ideal complement to cozy sofas or sectionals, providing guests with a versatile spot to rest their feet and unwind. Outdoor ottomans have been specifically made to withstand harsh elements while offering style options to suit any design aesthetic: choose from elegant living room tufted ottomans to rustic wooden poufs for country cabins, or textured faux-leather pieces to complete contemporary looks.

Ottomans come in various forms; typically round, cylinder-shaped or square ottomans. Round ones often feature curved surfaces for resting feet on, while rectangular options are frequently featured as coffee tables at outdoor seating arrangements or used as supplement furniture pieces. Rectangular ottomans may include storage compartments to store blankets or toys away, while some also boast flat top surfaces suitable for drinks or snacks on flat top surfaces that act as side tables.

If you prefer a simpler look, an ottoman without decorative details may be your perfect match. Perfect for modern, Scandinavian or eclectic rooms alike, its clean silhouette fits easily with any color palette. For added visual interest and to add pops of color try brightly-colored ottomans with bold patterns; or choose one equipped with wheels so it can easily accommodate guests when seating runs out.

Console Tables

A console table, commonly referred to as a sofa table, adds elegance and practicality to a foyer, stairwell or narrow hallway. Instead of taking up precious floor space with full-sized pieces, these accent tables make an ideal place for small decor items like vases, lamps and art prints to be displayed as well as offering storage for keys, leashes and other essentials.

Finding the ideal balance when styling a console table lies in choosing decorative accessories of similar scale to its surface and surroundings. One way of achieving this effect is adding lamps at either end and an ornament such as sculpture or vase of flowers in the center; this technique works particularly well in contemporary rooms.

Console tables can serve as an ideal replacement for buffet or accent side tables in dining areas, providing extra storage and serving surfaces during parties and gatherings. Consoles are great for displaying glassware and bottles of wine as well as organizing supplies and tools – they make an attractive accent piece when placed in hallways or landings to help provide unbroken sight lines between rooms or exits.

Storage Chairs

No matter what your plans for using your patio may be – from relaxing reading sessions, candlelit dinners or family barbeques – finding the ideal furniture pieces and accessories can make a tremendous difference in how much enjoyment is had from this unique outdoor space. Even small, awkward-shaped patios can become inviting retreats by using creative decorating strategies.

Patio chairs with built-in storage offer an ideal and stylish solution for small patio seating needs. Sand & Stable chaise lounge seats can easily fold away when not in use and offer enough room for two to relax comfortably. Furthermore, this set also comes equipped with a side table that slides underneath each seat for additional convenience.

If you prefer more classic lounge spaces, combine an outdoor chair and ottoman for an inviting yet space-efficient seating arrangement. Or consider opting for a sofa that comes equipped with storage capabilities to keep cushions, throw pillows, and patio accessories neatly organized and out of sight.

A compact loveseat or settee for two is an inviting spot for conversations without taking up too much floor space. Add a side table with shelving to this arrangement for extra sunblock, books and throw pillows close at hand.