Small Patio Furniture From IKEA and Costco

Put the finishing touch on your balcony relaxation with affordable outdoor furniture from IKEA, like this Buskbo Rattan Table designed specifically to be placed on urban balconies.

IKEA also sells several affordable patio pieces, such as the Himmelso Gazebo that brings romance into any garden. But for even greater savings, consider shopping at Costco instead.

1. DJUPON folding table

A balcony can be the ideal setting for social gatherings or relaxing after work with a drink in hand. IKEA’s DJUPON folding table is perfect for cozy balconies since it folds flat when not in use, leaving plenty of room for other activities. Crafted from durable acacia wood, its long lifespan ensures it stands up well through multiple coffee breaks and dinner parties – add Adirondack chairs for relaxing reads or simply gazing upon the sunset – then simply wipe with damp cloth after each use to keep looking brand new!

Furniture from IKEA stores and online is available now.

2. Bondholmen dining set

Costco and IKEA can both offer excellent options when it comes to patio furniture purchases on a tight budget this summer. IKEA specializes in flat-pack pieces that often offer lower prices than Costco; its pieces also easily match your personality without breaking the bank. When shopping at IKEA, however, bear in mind that their instructions can be complicated; hiring someone else to assemble furniture could save money but may increase total expenses.

Costco stands out with competitive prices and durable furniture, plus it comes preassembled, making setting up your outdoor space simpler. Tina Christensen and Kai Legaard took inspiration from traditional handicraft techniques when creating the Bondholmen series of wooden outdoor furniture; each piece combines premium materials like sustainably sourced dark hardwood eucalyptus with smart functions such as an angled table for steadiness or an umbrella holder for stability.

3. Himmelso Gazebo

A gazebo can make an excellent addition to a patio, as it enables you to create an outdoor dining area or seating space and offers protection from sun and light rain – essential features when spending most of your time outside! IKEA’s Himmelso gazebo is affordable and available in neutral colors that blend in easily with most decor schemes.

Add some colour and vibrancy to your gazebo by hanging some IKEA Satsuma plant pots – they feature sleek lines and natural terra cotta finishes and look beautiful when filled with herbs or flowers! Additionally, the IKEA Lill Lace Curtains make an attractive privacy curtain – they feature romantic elegance while being simple to install – they even provide UV protection! Additionally, IKEA also carries other curtains like Torsvik for additional UV protection!

5. Offset patio umbrella

Are You Building or Enhancing an Existing Patio? There Are Numerous Options Available

An umbrella patio can make a wonderful addition to your backyard, being easy to install and clean. Not only can it provide shade but it can also add style with its stylish designs. Some models even include lights for extra illumination at night! Plus they’re made with high quality materials that can withstand weather elements!

There are various styles of patio umbrellas to choose from, such as offset and cantilever styles. The primary difference between them lies in that offset umbrellas feature one central pole while cantilever umbrellas have posts extending out from either side of a table or lounging area for easy positioning.

Each type of patio umbrellas provide excellent shade from the sun’s rays, yet each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Which option best fits into your yard will depend on your specific needs, tastes, and budget – you should aim to find an umbrella which is easy to maintain at an affordable price point.

6. Applaro bench

If you are searching for a small outdoor bench, the Applaro bench may be your perfect match. Crafted from weather-resistant hardwood with protective stain that reduces need for regular staining or painting, this piece makes maintenance simpler while keeping its wood in good condition for years. Plus, its affordability makes it the smart choice no matter your budget!

7. Lacko outdoor steel shelf

Storage shelves are an essential addition to any outdoor area, providing much-needed solutions for board games, pillows and toys that create clutter. Choose from various outdoor shelving options including treated acacia and galvanized steel shelves designed to stand up against sun rays and rain; for an aesthetically pleasing touch try LACKO series shelves inspired by traditional wrought iron furniture that run up your wall adding romance and little maintenance requirements allowing more time spent enjoying your garden and outdoor space! Priced at $125 these durable shelves come finished in brown – click here to learn more! Powered by Blogger Theme by Darren McRae

Last updated March 20, 2022.