Sling Patio Furniture Adds Comfort and Color to Your Outdoor Living Space

sling patio furniture

Add sling lounge seating to your pool deck for a tropical aesthetic. Choose striped lounge chairs for a bohemian patio layout or classic sling dining chairs for resort-style pool houses.

As well as aesthetic preferences, storage and maintenance requirements must also be taken into account when selecting patio furniture. Sling furniture typically requires less upkeep than cushion furniture.

Durable and Weather Resistant

Sling furniture is built to withstand various types of weather conditions. The tightly tensioned, yet flexible sling material gives this chair great structural integrity while its aluminum frame resists dent and bend. Thus, its original appearance remains for many years even if left outside year-round; covering them while not in use can further protect them against damage and deterioration.

Sling patio furniture stands out as being water permeable, which allows it to dry very quickly after rainstorms – unlike cushion furniture which absorbs all that excess water and may become susceptible to mold and mildew.

When selecting between sling and cushion patio furniture, one should carefully consider both aesthetics and comfort levels, budgetary constraints, storage needs, maintenance needs and storage needs. Sling furniture typically is less costly than cushion options while requiring far less upkeep or storage needs.

National Outdoor Furniture offers an impressive selection of commercial quality patio sling furniture, such as chairs, high back chairs, chaise lounges and more. These sling chairs provide form fitting comfort while being easy to maintain; with colors to fit any environment or setting from resort pool decks to HOA patios to cruise ship balcony seating – durable aluminum sling furniture offers high-end style at an economical price point! To learn more about sling patio furniture contact or email us now – we’d be more than happy to provide a quote – we ship nationwide!

Easy to Move

Sling furniture typically features an aluminum frame that’s resistant to corrosion and rust, yet lightweight enough for effortless moving of chairs, chaises and sofas – perfect if you frequently rearrange and decorate your outdoor space! Sling furniture offers plenty of advantages – with corrosion and rust protection as well as lightweight portability making rearranging easy. If this sounds appealing then why not give sling furniture a try today.

Sling seating’s main advantage lies in its breathability; meaning you can enjoy it even on warmer days without sweating over it! Other forms of patio furniture can become uncomfortable and stifling when used outdoors during warmer climates; but with their airy design, sling seats provide relief and are intended to remain cool and breathable even on scorchers!

Most sling patio furniture is designed to dry quickly – an invaluable benefit in wet climates. Cushioned outdoor furniture absorbs and retains water; but sling materials have been engineered to be waterproof so any water that accumulates will simply pass through it instead. In addition, their cast aluminum frames won’t rust after it rains so that you can continue enjoying your chairs even after it rains!

Sling patio furniture is typically stackable, making it convenient for homeowners who frequently entertain guests. By being easily stored away when not needed, more space can be made on your deck or patio for dining tables, outdoor kitchens and other features.

Sling patio furniture is an ideal choice for any backyard, porch or deck. From chairs and lounges in various colors and styles to matching table designs to complete your new seating set-up. Pair sling chairs with stylish rockers for front porch decor; take some poolside for dining while barbecuing; or toss a few over to your poolside seating area to accommodate friends when grilling up food! Sling furniture offers durable outdoor seating solutions that are simple to maintain.

Easy to Clean

Sling furniture can make for easy outdoor living thanks to its simple maintenance requirements and durability. The fabric used on these chairs is resilient enough to withstand lots of wear-and-tear without tearing or breaking. Plus, its UV ray protection means it can endure rain, wind and snow conditions as well as being breathable enough not to retain heat on hot days!

Sling material dries quickly, meaning no lingering pools of water on your patio furniture that could potentially create slimy biofilm or cause discoloration – making sling furniture the ideal choice for poolside use.

Sling material is particularly resistant to mold and mildew growth. Most sling furniture fabrics feature Microban antimicrobial protection that continuously works to halt any growth of bacteria, mold or mildew on their surface. Manufacturers suggest cleaning these fabrics using a solution made up of 1/4 cup (60 mL) dishwashing liquid plus 1/3 cup (80 mL) white vinegar per gallon (3.8 L). This solution provides an natural and effective way of eliminating bacteria while restoring brightness back into their fabrics.

Most stains can be removed with warm water mixed with natural detergent or bleach, such as white vinegar. More stubborn stains may require stronger cleaners like pine oil or chlorine bleach; be sure to test any cleaning solutions on a small area first, to make sure they won’t harm the fabric.

Sling patio furniture provides several advantages over cushions, which are often difficult to keep clean and maintain. Outdoor cushions often lose their shape or become stained over time whereas sling chairs feature form-fitting fabric which provides ample comfort and support.

Regarding plastic outdoor furniture frames, typical care requires vacuuming with a brush attachment and wiping away dirt and spills with a wet cloth. For stubborn stains, soft-bristle brush combined with warm water mixed with dish soap can also help. Once complete, rinse and pat dry your furniture using a lint-free towel before patting dry with another lint-free towel. Moreover, clear water-repellent preservative containing mildewcide or penetrating semitransparent stain should also be applied periodically – check with furniture manufacturer for recommended maintenance schedule.


Sling patio furniture adds comfort and color to your outdoor living space without breaking the bank. Sling furniture tends to be cheaper than its metal-frame counterparts due to not using weather-resistant fabric to form its seat base – ideal if your budget is limited.

Flexible materials such as fabric or mesh panels can be stretched tightly for firm seating or loosely for more of a lounge chair style feel. Some sling furniture designs even include padding to increase comfort, while others use both fabric and mesh panels to provide breathability to their seats.

Sling patio furniture comes in an assortment of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find pieces that suit both your space and personal taste. Choose eclectic patterns for boho decor or striped lounges for resort-style pool areas; or find pieces reminiscent of classic aluminum patio furniture, like black frames with soft beige or gray slings for sleek modern pieces that blend in.

Sling chairs are lightweight and sturdy – two qualities which make them the ideal choice for poolside seating. Their sling materials can withstand tears or rips caused by rough surfaces while their flexible design enables easy movement across your poolside area for convenient access.

Sling patio furniture provides another distinct advantage in that you don’t need cushions – saving both time and money when cleaning it! No more washing and drying cushions after rainstorms or organizing storage solutions for them!

Sling furniture makes an excellent addition to any outdoor patio, from small balconies to sprawling backyards. Add casual alfresco meals on your deck with sling dining chairs; or upgrade your poolside patio with a bar height table and matching slingback chairs from Sling Furniture. Gliders and benches add soothing movement into the garden space, while porch swings let you unwind under the sun.