Skyline Furniture

Skyline furniture is handcrafted in Vermont using natural hardwoods. Each piece is custom-crafted and designed to stand up year after year.

Since 2003, SIMEXA, Wholesale Outdoor Furniture Specialists, has been the sole distributor for Skyline Design products in GCC and Thailand. Skyline’s luxury patio furniture can be found both hotel projects and homes alike.


Skyline furniture is constructed using only premium-grade materials, from luxury outdoor seating designed to withstand years of harsh weather conditions to synthetic fiber products from Viro, Raucord by Rehau, and Ecolene that offer various styles and colors without compromising quality.

Skyline Furniture’s headquarters is in Thornton, Illinois and it offers competitive salaries to employees. Salaries range depending on position and location; to find information on average pay for specific job titles simply select them here or see salary ranges for similar companies that employ similar people with similar titles and responsibilities.

Skyline Design specializes in producing luxury woven furniture using custom weaving techniques. Their fashion-forward designs and handcrafted quality have gained them widespread acclaim throughout the furniture industry, and can be found both online and at top retailers nationwide. As family-owned business, their goal is to provide exceptional customer service while working towards becoming industry leaders with their manufacturing process improvements.


Skyline Design furniture is expertly handcrafted to suit the needs of various clients, ranging from luxury hotels to sophisticated small terraces. Their furniture uses only premium materials and handmade products for durable designs that last season after season. Their team of professional designers strives to offer unmatched customer service and satisfaction.

Skyline Design employs hand-woven rattan constructed from natural fibres which have been hand-spun before being hand painted in various hues and treated with protective varnishes for colour. The quality of their outdoor furniture reflects this. In addition, synthetic fibers that are chemical and UV resistant are also utilized as part of their furniture collections that add contemporary charm.

Skyline Design stands out from its competition with their high-quality craftsmanship and professional and authorised dealers and designers that can assist you in finding pieces for your home. Their furniture can be found worldwide through showrooms or international tradeshows showcasing their collections; each style and size offer something suitable for every home!

Skyline Design has collaborated with world-renowned designers to craft unique and versatile pieces sure to delight. Noel Royo Asenjo’s DYNASTY collection, Belen Burguete’s CLEO collection and Santiago Sevillano’s daybed are among the pieces designed by Skyline Design that are certain to delight. Their furniture blends quality with comfort while remaining exclusive – perfect additions for your home! The furniture will withstand time as an investment piece.


Skyline Design furniture is made to stand the test of time. They offer a diverse collection of dining, living, and daybed collections such as JOURNEY, DYNASTY KUBU, ONA and SERPENT to meet every lifestyle need and brand philosophy. Furthermore, new ideas are constantly created that complement and advance existing lines.

The company uses top-quality materials in creating its furniture, making it long-lasting and resilient. For instance, they rely on synthetic weavings and outdoor rope that is water and weatherproof. Furthermore, aluminum and teak wood materials offer greater resistance against rusting and decaying.

Furthermore, their designs are cutting-edge and creative; popular among 5-star hotels and resorts around the world for use in their luxury furniture collections. Furthermore, this company has won multiple awards and accolades for their products such as Best Luxury Outdoor Design Award.

Skyline Design provides customizable options, from cushion color and weave design, enabling clients to design pieces tailored specifically to their own aesthetic and lifestyle. Furthermore, they can provide samples of their furniture so clients can inspect its quality and durability firsthand.

Our high-quality furniture is expertly handcrafted from only the best materials, such as Viro(tm) and Raucord by Rehau synthetic wicker which resist UV radiation while remaining dimensionally stable and colorfast, powder coated aluminum frames made of teak wood (which has strong and rot-proof qualities), durable washable textilene slings which dry quickly while our unique teak inlays add an organic look.


Skyline furniture adds a splash of personality to any space with its colorful designs and unique textures that bring life and character. Plus, its versatile styles and finishes are easy to integrate into existing decor schemes and meet individual preferences.

Skyline Furniture’s Mocha 85 Inch Super Console adds bold personality and striking style to your home. Boasting exotic veneers with a rich mocha finish and overscaled solid oak moldings that create an urban vibe, this console makes an excellent spot for television viewing while providing ample storage for media players, pen drives, cords and casting devices.

The Skyline Furniture Triangle Tile Decorative Pillow is a fun way to add some flair and character to any space. Featuring black triangles arranged across a cross-hatched background for an illustrated effect, this pillow works great whether your room features neutral or bright hues.

If you are thinking about applying to Skyline Furniture, it is essential that you become acquainted with their average salary. While salaries vary based on industry and location, below is a link that can show what average salaries may be for various job titles at Skyline Furniture.