Skyline Furniture – Fashionable and Durable

Skyline furniture is a high-end brand designed for use in all kinds of projects. Their furniture can be custom built on order and delivered directly to customers without incurring unnecessary warehousing fees.

This brand is well known for their luxurious collections of living, dining, lounger and daybed furniture. All technical details of each piece have been thoughtfully considered to ensure optimal performance.


Skyline Furniture, founded and owned by its original family members near Chicago for seven decades now, has long been known for producing high-quality pieces by handcrafted artisans utilizing time-honored techniques while using cutting-edge technologies for design and manufacturing processes. Skyline boasts an exceptional team of craftspeople, tradespeople and artists based at its manufacturing site nearby Chicago to craft stylish pieces using traditional craftsmanship techniques complemented by cutting-edge tech in design and manufacturing processes – creating fashionable pieces with lasting style!

It all began in 1946, when founder Norm Wecker opened his first small furniture shop in the suburbs. Soon thereafter he introduced direct mail selling – an approach in which consumers order fabric-upholstered products directly from catalogs and have them delivered directly to their homes. Meganne Wecker joined Wecker’s company in 2001, giving it new momentum by injecting fashion and creating revolutionary manufacturing models like digitally printing textiles in-house which significantly cut supply chains short.

Meganne expanded her resume in 2016 when she launched Cloth & Company as a sister brand of Skyline Furniture. Utilizing digital printing and 3D technology, this inventory-free business model brings collections directly to market without ever needing to create physical samples; revolutionizing how consumers shop for furniture online.

Rent-A-Center has an expansive selection of upholstered accent chairs and ottomans in various fabrics and sizes, ranging from tufted barrel accent chairs to diamond-tufted chaise lounges – pieces perfect for almost any room in the home! Additionally, their upholstered benches make great additions for any space – skirted storage benches help control clutter in entryways while decorative benches create an eye-catching statement in hallways or entryways. When it’s time to upgrade your furniture visit your nearest Rent-A-Center location today for worry-free shopping with flexible payment plans!


Skyline Furniture was established in 1946 to produce high-quality pieces made from durable materials that will stand the test of time, in various colors and finishes to fit any decor and last for many years. Their durable construction makes skyline an excellent choice for outdoor furniture; in particular, there are various wicker and rattan styles offered.

Skyline Furniture also manufactures an assortment of accessories and other home goods to complement its furniture line, such as trays, ottomans and pillows. Available in an array of styles, fabrics and colors for every interior design need; their pillows can serve both decorative and accent purposes for any room in the home.

Established in 1946 and located just outside Chicago, Illinois, Wecker family furniture manufacturing company stands out as an extraordinary blend of cutting-edge technology and handcrafted quality that has produced furniture found in millions of homes and retailers nationwide. Their signature woven furniture designs result from collaboration among multigenerational artisans, innovators, and artists.

Ted joined Norm’s business in 1971 and pioneered an order-through-catalog, custom-made-on-demand model of upholstery goods delivery directly to customers’ front doors – a first in their industry! Together they revolutionized this aspect of business operations.

Meganne Wecker joined her fourth-generation furniture family business, Wecker Upholstery Company in 2001 to shape its future. She expanded their inventory free manufacturing model into e-commerce, and invested in one of only a few upholstery grade digital printing technologies in the country allowing the company to bring collections directly to market without creating physical samples first.

Terrence Brown, a former Sea Products employee, filed suit against his employer and its CEO Ted Wecker, alleging breaches of fiduciary duty, FMLA interference, commissions owed and reimbursement for travel expenses from Sea Products and Wecker respectively. However, Sea Products and Wecker filed breach-of-contract counterclaims due to Brown’s failure to repay loans made while working at Sea Products.


Skyline furniture collection aims to combine both function and fashion. Each piece in this collection boasts modern silhouettes with clean lines. Constructed using natural hardwoods and finished to fit your aesthetic. Skyline pieces include platform beds, nightstands and storage benches.

These pieces combine American and European influences into their design, offering a mix of high-figured cathedral cherry with walnut stringer inlays and African rosewood borders, intricate fretwork details and gold leaf finishes that give these pieces an eclectic appearance – perfect for a luxurious apartment. The Skyline collection.

History traces back to 1946 when Norm Wecker and his wife established the family business in Chicago with a commitment to innovation and quality furniture production. Today, their process blends timeless traditions with cutting-edge technologies in design and manufacturing processes.

Meganne Wecker, president and CCO of Skyline Furniture, applied her company’s successful drop-ship manufacturing model to online commerce in the early 2000s. Additionally, she invested heavily in fashion-forward prints at affordable prices to target niche markets while expanding Skyline Furniture into a multimillion-dollar powerhouse.

Skyline tables add sophisticated style to any gathering, perfect for hosting friends or family alike. Boasting a distinctive trestle base and beautiful veneer finishes, they combine form with function perfectly, offering sizes tailored specifically to any room in which they may be placed.

Our mission at our furniture company is to design beautiful furniture that matches both your lifestyle and taste, using innovative processes as well as traditional ones. Experienced craftspeople create each piece using both approaches in order to craft furniture for homes in which it fits seamlessly. Additionally, the company strives to ensure a safe working environment for its employees.


Skyline Furniture has everything from statement pieces that add flair and class to functional sofas that provide maximum seating comfort – with modern designs, customization options, high quality materials used during production in America as well as offering bedroom and dining room sets! Skyline has you covered.

The Skyline Collection strikes an elegant balance between sleek forms and natural character, taking its inspiration from contemporary architecture and employing white oak as a natural material with clean simplicity. Inspired by crisp contemporary architecture, each piece uses split-heart white oak veneers in order to showcase all of their grain patterns without resorting to cathedral patterning for a traditional effect. This combination makes contemporary design perfect in spaces where it would otherwise look out of place.

Skyline Leather’s sectional sofa epitomizes transitional styling. Featuring simple lines and silhouettes combined with European touches for an inviting contemporary aesthetic. Constructed using grade 1 leather upholstery that comes in various color choices to complete this stunning piece.

Skyline Furniture’s stunning camelback chair will add an eye-catching focal point to any living room or den. Boasting decorative pewter nails and an eye-catching geometric pattern, it has its own distinct character. Furthermore, tapered espresso legs add classic structure for an effortless transitional aesthetic.