Skyline Design Patio Furniture For Sale

skyline design patio furniture

Skyline Design specializes in designing and producing luxury outdoor furniture. Their products have become a favorite with 5-Star hotel brands and interior designers, alike.

Brand uses only premium synthetic weaving materials like Viro and Raucord by REHAU along with teak wood, lightweight aluminum frames, and revolutionary high-tensile fibers – providing stylish yet long-term outdoor furniture solutions.


Durability should always be taken into consideration when purchasing outdoor furniture, especially wood furniture that could warp or rot in wet environments. Skyline Design offers an assortment of long-lasting patio furniture suitable for every climate; their collections feature living, dining and lounger sets, day beds and sofas from modern to contemporary styles with the emphasis placed on quality, comfort and versatility – Noel Royo Asenjo’s DYNASTY line, Belen Burguete’s CLEO collection and Santiago Sevillano’s innovative daybed are among their popular designer pieces from Skyline Design’s selections – something Noel Royo Asenjo’s DYNASTY line is among their popular designer pieces offered for purchase for purchase – all at Skyline Designs online store for purchase!

This brand takes pride in their commitment to quality and customer service, producing products designed to withstand season after season using premium Viro and Ecolene synthetic weave fabrics, Rehau aluminum frames and quick dry foam/Sunbrella cushions – all features that contribute to durability of their products as they feature quick dry foam for quick dry times as well as back coating that resists water, oil and dirt – which protect them and ensure they look brand new season after season.

Skyline Design luxury patio furniture stands out with its superior construction, but also provides immense comfort. Their ergonomically-designed chairs aim to ensure maximum relaxation after an exhausting day in the sun. You’re sure to find just the piece for your home among their wide array of colors and finishes!

If you’re interested in purchasing Skyline Design luxury rattan furniture, visit their online store or a showroom for more information and see how their pieces fit with the decor in your home.

Skyline Design is internationally acclaimed for their exceptional handmade craftsmanship, which is carefully hand-crafted. Their products have been featured in 5-Star hotel brands globally and Interior designers and architects often utilize these pieces in their projects. Skyline combines modern technology with century-old craftsmanship for furniture that stands the test of time.


Skyline Design wicker patio furniture will add an air of sophistication and class to any outdoor furniture arrangement. Their diverse selection of colors, sizes, and styles will fit seamlessly into your existing decor no matter if it be playful or more conservative in tone. Plus they’re highly durable; meaning years of enjoyment await your purchase of Skyline’s outdoor wicker furniture!

This furniture line stands out from the competition due to its versatility, with sleek lines and quality materials adding an air of luxury to any outdoor space. Choose from chairs, tables and sofas in various designs – you’re sure to find your ideal piece that will create an elegant and relaxing environment that will be the envy of friends and family!

Skyline Design’s luxury designer garden furniture is constructed using only top quality materials and craftsmanship, to withstand even the harshest environments. Their distinctive designs can fit seamlessly into any environment and are popularly found at many 5-star hotel brands worldwide. Their luxury rattan comes both natural and painted finishes; dining sets, loungers and day beds from this collection come in multiple color choices while accent pieces such as the DYNASTY Kubu and Igloo collections add modern twists to classic furniture styles.

Skyline products are carefully handcrafted using only top quality materials and designed to withstand all forms of weather with minimal maintenance requirements. Furthermore, these eco-friendly pieces are 100% recyclable!

SKYLINE DESIGN is one of the premier manufacturers in the contract furniture market, providing luxurious products to hotels, restaurants and resorts worldwide. Their prestigious and distinctive designs have been created by some of the most acclaimed international designers: Noel Royo Asenjo (JOURNEY collection); Belen Burguete (HORIZON line); Santiago Sevillano (CLEO collection).

Personal touch

Skyline Design brand’s selection of tailored furniture can make all the difference when it comes to personalising your outdoor area. Choose from various colours, sizes and shapes to find something suitable for your decor!

Brand is an esteemed international company known for providing exclusive furnishing solutions primarily made from woven wood for interior and exterior design projects, which is famously handmade. Their pieces have become ubiquitous around the globe in luxury hotels, restaurants and resorts but now also available to private customers.

JOURNEY, DYNASTY and KUBU are three highly sought-after models. These modern furniture collections employ only top-of-the-line weaving materials for each piece, featuring great manuality and attention to detail for maximum quality furniture that can withstand even the toughest environments.

Furniture designed by this brand is both elegant and contemporary; specifically crafted to withstand the extreme climate conditions in the Middle East. Easy maintenance and cleaning make this an excellent choice for hotels, villas and private spaces alike. From living to dining to lounger sets crafted by skilled artisans using only high-grade materials – each piece can be found here!

Skyline Design rattan furniture is expertly hand-braided by highly skilled artisans to meet the highest quality standards, guaranteeing its long-term enjoyment with minimal care or maintenance needs. Crafted to withstand heat, cold and rain and exposed to salt air and sunlight – its quality craftsmanship allows it to endure without loss. Woven onto durable aluminum frames by artisans for the final result being luxurious yet comfortable furniture that can be enjoyed throughout the year!

This brand offers an assortment of outdoor furniture accessories to complete the look and enhance comfort, including ottomans, tables and rugs. One such versatile dining table is Alaska. Boasting an aluminium base and teak timber top – perfect for modern outdoor areas as well as rustic decor styles alike – Alaska dining tables provide comfort with stylish flair!


No matter your taste in patio furniture design, Skyline Design patio sets offer something suitable. Their extensive collections offer living, dining, lounger and daybed sets for an added unique touch while remaining quality-minded with guests’ comfort in mind.

Skyline Design products are known for their long-term durability. From aluminum and teak to synthetic wicker, their use of high-grade materials guarantees that Skyline Design products stand the test of time – not to mention being eco-friendly and 100% recyclable! Their luxury outdoor furniture can easily fit into any project or environment; making it suitable for hotels, restaurants or private residences.

With an extensive range of finishes and colors to select from, the company’s products will complement any style of outdoor area. Their patio furniture pieces boast sleek yet elegant designs while still being comfortable to sit on; perfect for relaxing and socializing with family and friends. Their collection also includes accessories like side tables, storage units and ottomans to round off their offerings.

Skyline Design stands out from its competition by not only producing top-quality products but also by customizing each order to meet individual customer requirements. Their luxury furniture is handcrafted and designed with long-term use in mind, and comes in various sizes and colors that can meet the requirements of any hotel or restaurant.

One of their most beloved pieces is the Brafta outdoor dining set, featuring luxurious seat and back cushions for maximum comfort. Constructed from durable Viro and Ecolene synthetic wicker material, its design makes for lasting style while the brand provides various fabrics for cushion covers so you can customize your own look.

UBER Interiors is delighted to be one of the few UK-approved stockists of Skyline Design furniture. Stop by our showroom to experience its exceptional quality firsthand! We invite you to explore all their luxury outdoor pieces.