Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture Reviews

skyline design outdoor furniture reviews

Skyline Design furniture transforms outdoor spaces into sophisticated retreats. Explore their selections to find something to meet your individual style.

The Cuatro Collection showcases bold yet elegant design elements characteristic of Skyline Design’s innovation and quality. Each piece combines premium synthetic weaving materials with strong aluminum frames to provide chemical, UV, and all-weather proof premium furniture.

Boston 6-Piece Seating Set (24151-LGFRD-6PC)

Make your outdoor living space an inviting, luxurious retreat with this collection. Boasting intricate Nigerian Twist Hyacinth fiber weavings and sleek coated aluminum frames, every aspect speaks to quality craftsmanship and impeccable style. Requiring minimal care, it will look its best year after year – no matter the season!

Bring all the comfort and warmth of Reese Witherspoon-style homes directly into your own backyard with this Boston 6-Piece Seating Set from Bostonia Home Decor. Each piece was created to both elegance and comfort in mind, so that you can comfortably lounge back with a good book or host guests with style at formal dinner parties or informal brunch gatherings. From cozy autumn evenings to sunny spring brunches, this seating set will make any outdoor space a truly special place.

Krabi Sofa (24103-RNAT-CUSH)

The Krabi Sofa is an epitome of luxury, providing an exquisite seating solution perfect for lounging and socializing. Crafted with only premium natural teak wood and durable rope construction techniques, this contemporary masterpiece exudes organic charm combined with modern allure. Completed by luxurious Sunbrella cushions that elevate outdoor relaxation to new heights.

Transform any outdoor space into a luxurious retreat with this timeless piece from Skyline Design’s Calixto collection. Customize cushion color and weave pattern to meet the needs of your lifestyle; speak to a Landscaper Outlet design consultant about these customization options for more information.

Noel Royo has created an exquisite collection to bring fresh aesthetics into classic aesthetics. Crafted using exquisite teak wood and sleek coated aluminum frames, each piece exhibits exquisite craftsmanship with impeccable style.

Krabi Side Table (24103-KRAB-SIDE-TABLE)

Aesthetics meet function in the Krabi Side Table, a functional outdoor accent designed to elevate your outdoor experience. Crafted from teak wood renowned for its natural warmth and beauty, this table will not only withstand weather elements but will stand the test of time as well. Whether used for refreshments or book displays this side table seamlessly blends with multiple outdoor themes for a truly relaxing space.

Cuatro Outdoor Furniture Collection

Skyline Design’s Cuatro Outdoor Furniture Collection brings a striking and contemporary aesthetic to your patio area. Designed by Noel Royo, the collection combines straight and curved lines for an architectural style look. The MARTIN Rattan Coffee Table makes an upscale statement while being convenient enough to hold drinks and magazines at once – sure to leave an impressionful first impression with guests.

Skyline uses only top quality materials and manufacturing processes when creating chemical and weather resistant premium wicker furniture, such as Nigerian Twist Hyacinth weaves on aluminum frames woven by Skyline Designs for its Cuatro Outdoor Furniture Collection – landscaper Outlet is proud to carry it for your luxury patio needs! Personalize this set by selecting cushion fabric color and weave color options tailored specifically to suit your lifestyle needs; contact one of their experienced design consultants for help today; they look forward to finding just the perfect piece to enhance your outdoor living space!

Brafta Outdoor Sofa Collection

The Brafta outdoor sofa set is more than furniture; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who cherish outdoor living. Its generous seat cushions offer unparalleled comfort while its powder-coated aluminum framework ensures long-term durability. Furthermore, this luxury balcony furniture set comes with Sunbrella fabrics for endless customization options to fit into your lifestyle perfectly.

Brafta collection’s oversized wicker design was inspired by seashells, with tight, synthetic weatherproof material over an aluminum frame. This set consists of left/right loveseat section, armchair, and coffee table fitted with clear glass top for complete outdoor seating solutions. Crafted with top quality materials and expert craftsmanship – making this set the ideal addition to any outdoor living area!

Sparta Outdoor Furniture Collection

Skyline Design’s Sparta Collection showcases their commitment to innovation and quality outdoor furniture design. Crafted with superior synthetic weaving materials and strong aluminum frames, it creates a striking style that is both comfortable and lastingly stunning.

Skyline Design has demonstrated their exceptional creativity by reinventing classic aesthetics for an entirely contemporary appearance with their Calixto 5-Piece Bar Set (24110-TEAK-5PC). Every element from Nigerian Twist Hyacinth Fiber to coated aluminum frames showcases exquisite craftsmanship and refined style.

Skyline Design’s endless customization options – ranging from cushion color and weave design – enable you to tailor their rattan furniture sets perfectly to your own individual taste. Speak with a Landscaper Outlet design consultant about these possibilities and find your dream Skyline Furniture set! Together we’ll help create the ultimate outdoor living experience.

Rodona Sofa (24173-BPR-CUSH)

Skyline design’s Rodona Sofa will turn your garden into a sanctuary of luxurious relaxation with meticulous care taken in its construction, creating an exquisite piece for outdoor living spaces. Boasting sleek powder-coated aluminum frames adorned with Polystrand Grey rope and Sunbrella cushions that offer premium seating experience while remaining resistant to weather elements, the Rodona sofa makes a welcome addition for any outdoor living area.

No matter where it is placed in the home or a public lounge, this sofa meets commercial-grade standards, making it suitable for both residential and hospitality use. Its non-stackable design highlights its sturdy construction while its contemporary aesthetic ensure it fits right in with modern decor.

Create an elegant retreat at home with the Calixto 5-Piece Bar Set (24110-TEAK-5PC). From intricate Nigerian Twist Hyacinth fiber to sleek coated aluminum frames, this furniture exudes classic aesthetics while still featuring modern influences. With refined elegance, this collection will transform your outdoor living space into a sophisticated retreat.

Martin Rattan Coffee Table

Skyline Design’s Martin Rattan Coffee Table embodies architectural design with its combination of straight and curved lines. Crafted by hand with natural honey-tone rattan wicker and accented by antique brass center pieces, the Martin Rattan Coffee Table adds character and dimension to your backyard retreat with this luxury rattan table from Skyline Design’s collection.

Martin Rattan Daybed

If you’re looking to transform your patio into an idyllic relaxation zone, the Martin Rattan Daybed from Indonesia could be just what’s needed. Handmade by skilled artisans using natural rattan frames with plush pillows and tufted details for an inviting design that recalls luxury 5-star resorts while providing blissful leisure in any arrangement.

This piece from Skyline Design collection offers an exceptional architectural design with straight and curved lines, while being moisture resistant and featuring washable cushions made with removable materials.

Skyline Design Calixto 5-Piece Bar Set (24110-TEAK-5PC) is a stunning example of luxurious outdoor living. Every element – from intricate Nigerian Twist Hyacinth fibers to sleek coated aluminum frames – speaks of expert craftsmanship and impeccable style, elevating any patio to new levels of sophistication and elegance. Available in multiple color choices to perfectly suit your decor needs, this set can elevate outdoor entertaining or simply admiring views to new heights of sophistication and elegance.