Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture Reviews

skyline design outdoor furniture reviews

Skyline Design provides luxury outdoor furniture made with top-grade materials that is sure to stand the test of time, such as their wicker furniture.

These pieces have become a favorite among 5-Star hotel brands and top Architects/Interior Designers/discerning homeowners, who appreciate their versatility, comfort and design features.

High-Quality Materials

Skyline design furniture is made of materials carefully chosen to withstand outdoor elements and climate conditions, yet remain easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. There’s even an array of colours and designs to meet every taste – add just one or two pieces to instantly transform your outdoor space, pairing it with rugs, planters, or lighting to make it even more desirable!

Skyline Design furniture stands out as being of unmatched quality and durability, making them the ideal choice for homeowners. Boasting cutting-edge technology combined with traditional craftsmanship techniques that combine to produce chemical and UV resistant premium collections that have become favorites among 5-star hotel chains, top interior designers and architects around the globe.

These products feature a sturdy aluminum frame and polyethylene, an extremely resilient synthetic weaving material solution dyed to resist radiation, moisture, mould, dirt and abrasions as well as having high tensile strength and being 100% recyclable. Skyline Design furniture’s Dynasty collection stands as proof of Skyline Design’s cutting-edge innovation and quality which have established Skyline as an industry leader for luxury outdoor furnishings.

Skyline design furniture is also ergonomically engineered for maximum comfort when sitting for prolonged periods, an important consideration since sitting in chairs for too long can affect our posture and create back pain or other medical problems. Therefore, selecting suitable seating and dining options can help prevent such problems altogether.

Skyline furniture provides many customizable features, from cushion color and weave design, making them the ideal addition for any outdoor space. Customize it to meet your personal aesthetic or speak with one of Landscaper Outlet’s design consultants or visit one of their showrooms for more information about these high-quality products.


Skyline Design’s outdoor furniture selection offers a selection of seating and dining solutions, from chairs and loungers to day beds and sofa seating sets. Size options for small spaces as well as larger ones are available; manufacturing also takes ergonomics into consideration for optimal user comfort. Customize your Skyline piece even further by choosing from numerous customization options from cushion color to weave designs!

The brand’s products are durable and constructed from high-grade materials, making them suitable for long-term use without needing much repair or maintenance. Furthermore, they’re easy to keep clean with recyclable material like Dekton (an ultra-compact surface similar to quartz worktops).

UBER Interiors is proud to be one of the few UK-approved stockists of Skyline Design garden furniture, an award-winning brand popular among 5-star hotel brands and top interior designers and architects. Come visit our showroom and feel its superior quality firsthand; our team of experts are on hand to guide your through your options and help create your ideal bespoke outdoor space!


Skyline Design furniture is constructed of quality materials and designed to withstand any outdoor living space elements, while still looking stylish. Plus, these pieces can be tailored specifically to match your personal preferences with customizable color and weave options available, plus personalized cushion colors so that each piece reflects your individual personality and personal taste.

Skyline Design outdoor furniture has long been popular with 5-Star hotel chains and interior designers/ architects for its superior durability. Elegant designs and lasting quality distinguish this brand from competitors; UBER Interiors is pleased to be one of only a handful of UK approved stockists of Skyline Design furniture. Visit our showroom in Chester to experience its superior craftsmanship and durability first hand!

Skyline provides us with an assortment of seating solutions, such as their Drone Hanging Chair – part poolside lounger and part porch swing in an ultra-modern package! Crafted with Kubu Mushroom Viro all weather wicker and outfitted with Sunbrella Canvas 5453 weather proof cushions.

Skyline Wicker Furniture is an excellent investment for any homeowner, as its long-lasting durability makes it a worthy purchase. Unlike traditional wooden or metal pieces, this rattan furniture can remain outside year round without suffering the effects of rain or sun exposure. Furthermore, these pieces are easily maintained – just wipe down with damp cloth to maintain them looking their best!


Skyline Design has perfected the art of crafting furniture that combines form and function beautifully. Their luxury outdoor furniture offers customizability options such as cushion color and weave pattern so that each piece fits seamlessly into your home’s individual aesthetic. As a result, you’re guaranteed years of enjoyment from this gorgeous set of outdoor furnishings!

UBER Interiors is one of only a select few UK-approved stockists of Skyline Design outdoor furniture, and can offer our customers a showroom where they can see its superior quality firsthand. Skyline’s innovative designs and long-term durability have become immensely popular with 5-Star Hotel chains as well as homeowners worldwide.

Skyline Design furniture is handcrafted using only premium weaving materials, such as Viro by Viro, Raucord by Rehau and Ecolene and Polystrand; using modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce chemical and UV resistant all-weather premium furniture with 100% recyclable packaging that’s safe for both the environment and its users – making Skyline Designs furniture the ideal choice for balcony lounge or dining sets alike.