Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture Prices

skyline design outdoor furniture prices

Skyline Design’s sustainable outdoor furniture collection is an excellent way to create an aesthetically pleasing and eco-conscious garden space. Their commitment to environmental practices can be seen through their use of recycled materials and green manufacturing processes.

Skyline only utilizes high quality weaving materials such as Viro, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene and Polystrand to craft premium chemical and UV resistant furniture that’s all weather proof – completely recyclable too! Their modern and linear collections also boast 100% eco-friendliness.


Skyline Design collection of outdoor furniture offers an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to traditional outdoor seating solutions. Combining cutting-edge technology with centuries-old craftsmanship, they combine modern technology and craftsmanship to produce chemical resistant, UV proof premium pieces designed with safety for the environment in mind. Their luxurious collection is composed of synthetic fibers combined with high grade aluminum which forms long-term pieces featuring anticorrosion coating that resist corrosion, blistering, weathering as well as recycled plastic and teak in their production process for sustainable manufacturing processes that create long-lasting, beautiful pieces – something traditional outdoor seating cannot provide!

Skyline Design uses eco-friendly materials in their furnishings, offering a range of sizes and styles to meet the needs of all tastes and budgets. Their pieces come in small-sized sets that are great for balconies and smaller outdoor spaces; larger sets will fit nicely in any backyard or living room area, with matching pillows and throws adding that finishing touch.

Skyline Design stands out in the industry with their commitment to sustainable production as well as their dedication to quality and elegance. Their furniture is meticulously crafted, paying particular attention to details and finishes; featuring both luxury materials as well as contemporary styles that are sure to wow guests and family members.

The company uses revolutionary synthetic fibers, creating furniture pieces that are weather-resistant and visually appealing; 100% recyclable; safe for the environment and 100% safe. They employ a multi-stage deluxe powder coating process to protect them from blistering and corrosion – making their products durable, easy to maintain, rust proof. Their synthetic fibres are dyed using a proprietary solution so they remain vibrant over five years or more.

Skyline Design furniture crafted with synthetic fibres not only boasts environmentally-friendly qualities but is also extremely versatile, featuring Nigerian Twist Hyacinth frames and Canvas Taupe Sunbrella cushions as examples of sustainability efforts by Skyline Design. The Calixto Sofa serves as a prime example; featuring its Nigerian Twist Hyacinth frame and durable Canvas Taupe Sunbrella cushions as examples of how versatile they can be used.

Skyline Design’s sustainable outdoor furniture is constructed of recycled teak and wicker, two materials known to be durable and weather-resistant. By helping reduce landfill waste, these pieces make an excellent addition to any home. Their rainproof designs require minimal upkeep while their natural look will enhance any outdoor space.


Skyline Design is dedicated to environmental protection and offers eco-friendly furniture for your home. Their products use recycled materials that have been responsibly produced, while being designed with durability and comfort in mind. Their customization options range from weaving design to cushion color selection – giving you complete control of what looks good in your space! Additionally, Skyline features various eco-friendly synthetic fiber materials designed to fit perfectly into any lifestyle or aesthetic preference.

Eco-friendly luxury outdoor furniture from this company makes an elegant addition to your garden or terrace, made of long-wearing materials that won’t wear out quickly. Additionally, all their products are covered by warranties making them an excellent long-term investment. Accessories available through the company such as rugs, pillows and outdoor planters make maintenance simple while the UV resistant fabric helps shield from weathering effects.

Some of their furniture, like the Calixto Dining Armchair, is constructed using recyclable materials. With its powder-coated aluminum frame and Ecolene Nigerian Twist weaving creating an eco-conscious piece that can withstand commercial use; additionally its tempered glass top enhances durability and maintenance efficiency, making it suitable for various outdoor settings.

The company offers another eco-friendly luxury option with their Mauroo Centre Outdoor Chair, made from recycled teak from old buildings and boats sourced by environmentally-friendly sources – another environmentally friendly alternative to wood. Additionally, its synthetic wicker material is 100% recyclable for further sustainability benefits.

Sustainability at this company extends far beyond their products and customer service, too. Their luxurious showrooms are filled with professional designers who can assist in finding you furniture to suit both your personal tastes and space, as well as advice on coordinating it with existing decor. Furthermore, they will even assist in installing fountains or lighting to further adorn outdoor areas.


Skyline Design furniture is built to withstand years of daily use, even under harsh weather conditions. Their pieces feature durable materials that can withstand inclement conditions as well as stylish color options to complement your outdoor living space and various sizes that can be customized according to your needs. Skyline is one of the premier manufacturers of rattan and wicker outdoor furniture – producing only high-end products for designers, architects, and individual homeowners around the globe with worldwide acclaim resulting from their commitment to quality production – which has lead them become one of the sought-after manufacturers in their field –

Skyline Design furniture’s modern and lineal designs employ only high quality weaving materials such as Viro, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene & Polystrand to craft modern styles that are comfortable yet luxurious, chemical and UV resistant – an unparalleled combination of high-grade materials and inventive craftsmanship that make Skyline Designs essential components of any residential or hospitality project.

Skyline Design’s Horizon Pergola provides the ideal way to transform a garden into a lush retreat, providing an elegant lounging experience while adding visual interest and visual interest to any home. A popular choice among design enthusiasts and luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.

The Rodona 4-Piece Seating Set is another fantastic option for anyone who wishes to create an inviting outdoor area filled with comfort and elegance. Perfect for relaxing as well as socializing, this luxurious seating set features an eye-catching design sure to wow guests.

Cheap patio furniture might look appealing initially, but it won’t hold up over time like Skyline Design pieces will. These pieces are constructed to outlive their budget counterparts with minimal care needed and maintenance required – keeping their shape and colour without much upkeep required from you! They’re durable enough to withstand weather elements while remaining easily cleaned with water and mild soap detergent.

Selecting the proper materials when shopping for outdoor sets is essential in ensuring its long-term durability. Wicker or teak materials offer greater weatherproofing benefits compared to plastic resin furniture pieces which may look good initially but fade and crack over time when exposed directly to sunlight.


Skyline Design Rodona 4-Piece Seating Set was crafted for those who value both relaxation and socializing equally. Comprised of a loveseat, two armchairs, and coffee table crafted with top-grade synthetic fibers for durability and beauty; and an aluminum frame protected with powder-coat finish to provide resistance against elements – ideal for outdoor use – making the Rodona Seating Set perfect for adding luxury and elegance to their outdoor space.

Skyline Design’s Dynasty Outdoor Seating Collection stands as an exemplar of their dedication to quality and innovation, using premium weaving materials like Viro, Raucord by Rehau and Ecolene with strong aluminum frames to produce chemical/UV resistant premium furniture that’s safe for the environment and 100% recyclable – featuring eye-catching designs that add elegance and color schemes that elevate any outdoor space.

Skyline Design, an industry leader in luxury outdoor furniture, offers an extensive range of customizable pieces that cater to every taste and budget. Their customizable options allow for endless cushion and weave design choices, ensuring their pieces will complement your home’s individual aesthetic perfectly. Plus, each product is constructed using top-grade materials like teak wood and polywood that will ensure long-term enjoyment from its purchase!

Skyline Design has been manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture for more than two decades, offering their customers exceptional customer service. Their luxurious designs are inspired by nature and feature exquisite details to transform outdoor spaces into luxurious havens. Thanks to their commitment to quality and innovation, Skyline has won worldwide praise and admiration from their customers.

Skyline Design’s Rodona Seating Set enchants with its combination of relaxation and entertainment, making it the perfect complement to outdoor living. Carefully hand-crafted from resilient polyester fiber and sturdy aluminum frames to deliver lasting comfort and beauty, its sumptuous woven material pairs well with sumptuous Dyed Acrylic cushions to complete its organic charm and contemporary sophistication. Plus its charming design fits seamlessly with all architectural styles and decor themes allowing you to personalize your space to match.