Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture Prices

skyline design outdoor furniture prices

Purchasing luxury outdoor furniture requires extra care when shopping. While some pieces might look fantastic on display, they could quickly fade when exposed to the elements.

Wood must be treated each season and wicker cannot withstand strong rain or sunlight, presenting unique challenges for their maintenance.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Luxury outdoor furniture market is an ever-expanding one with many choices available to fit every budget and style preference. Ranging from minimalist and woven pieces, traditional and transitional options and eco-friendly products; luxury outdoor furniture companies provide high quality durable pieces that can last for years while boasting luxury designs as well as eco-friendly practices and materials.

Rove Concepts takes an innovative approach to its outdoor furniture line, creating each piece in its own artisan workshop to ensure they are made properly and with minimal environmental impact. Repurposed materials are used in their designs, while constant research into improving manufacturing techniques aims to further optimize it – they recently started including polypropylene into their furniture to increase resilience against fading, mold and moisture exposure.

This furniture manufacturer specializes in high-end patio furniture, including sofas, chairs, tables and accessories. Their furniture is well known for its quality and durability and many items come in multiple fabrics or finishes to fit into your desired design aesthetic. Plus, with worldwide shipping services available – plus free shipping promotions on orders of $250+ – their furniture makes for the ideal additions for any outdoor living space!

One Kings Lane offers an exquisite collection of outdoor luxury furniture from lounge and dining sets to accent pieces and decor pieces, suitable for every space and style imaginable. Their collections boast both wood and metal pieces for your convenience; plus there’s even midcentury modern pieces crafted with high quality materials to bring lasting beauty and elegance into any outdoor environment.

Decor Outdoor offers high-end patio furniture brands that are both beautiful and functional, made with sustainable materials that stand the test of time. Their designers draw upon decades of experience to craft pieces made to stand the test of time; local artisans also contribute materials so you know you’re always receiving top quality pieces from them. Their products range from rugs to tables at prices competitive with other high-end stores.

Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture

Attracting attention in any outdoor living space is easy with our wicker patio furniture sets, popular among homeowners seeking to make their outdoor areas more aesthetically appealing. Available in various styles and colors that complement any backyard landscape design. We provide an impressive selection of wicker furniture at competitive prices so that you can easily find a set that meets your style preferences.

Modern all weather wicker furniture is constructed using synthetic strands treated with UV protectants that help preserve its color against sunlight fading, and is easy to clean in case it gets wet – an advantage which makes wicker an excellent choice for porches and poolside areas.

Wicker outdoor furniture is an excellent addition to sun or sleeping porches, mud rooms, gazebos and cottages, adding an elegant coastal aesthetic. Our selection of wicker lounge chairs and chaises makes this summertime fun!

If you want a more formal aesthetic for your porch or patio, wicker dining furniture may be just the thing. Available in various designs to fit almost any dining space, we carry high-quality and upscale wicker dining chairs and tables from top manufacturers that feature intricate woven accents or simple contemporary lines for a more subtle addition to outdoor living areas.

Wicker furniture is an affordable way to spruce up a backyard on a budget and ideal for entertaining guests or spending more time outside during summertime.

Garden Sofas & Chairs

Luxury garden furniture sets from Skyline Design come in various configurations and finishes to elevate your outdoor space. Create the ideal lounge area with one of their rattan sofa sets or opt for our dining sets which come complete with table and chairs – plus we include parasols and heaters! Designed by top designers like Noel Royo Asenjo, Belen Burguete and Santiago Sevillano this collection of Skyline Garden Furniture will help make any outside area fully functional living space.

Make an outdoor space more welcoming with one of our contemporary rattan garden sofas to add seating – choose from modern designs like the Palma set that can seat nine people, complete with corner sofa, dining table topped with tempered glass, bench, stool and cushions; alternatively our Bistro set provides seating for just two guests in smaller gardens and balconies.

Pepin wicker garden chairs are an excellent way to create an outdoor dining area and provide seating and storage solutions at once. Their Sunbrella sling seat makes this durable yet low maintenance option, creating a timeless design in your garden year after year.

If you want to relax outdoors while sipping coffee or tea in the sunshine, choose from one of the rattan coffee tables with built-in side and central storage solutions such as Bistro or Lipari sets, while Quatropi provides large seating spaces around a poolside area.

At our showrooms, our full selection of contemporary outdoor garden furniture is on display, with professional team members ready to assist you in finding exactly what you need for your garden. Order online or over the phone, with free UK delivery on all orders – plus take advantage of our price promise guarantee and save up to PS500 off with us.

Dining Sets

Dining sets are essential pieces of furniture in most households, and finding the ideal set requires several considerations. These may include factors like space available for seating as well as whether traditional or more modern tables are desired. Design and color considerations also need to be kept in mind, as should price and availability issues.

Wood dining sets remain timeless classics that never go out of style. Though usually more costly than other materials, wood sets are durable and easy to care for – especially solid wood varieties like oak or maple that won’t crack with use. When shopping for one, look out for pieces made of solid woods such as these instead of particle board veneered pieces that could crack over time.

When shopping for a wooden set, take into account the shape of your dining room or kitchen when purchasing one. A standard rectangular dining set would work in most dining spaces while round tables might work better in small spaces and can seat more guests. For something truly different and unusual try out counter dining sets – similar to bar sets with raised surfaces and barstool-like chairs but without an upper shelf and raised surface area.

Purchase of a reclaimed wood dining set can also be an excellent option, since this type of lumber has been recycled from existing structures or buildings and often features unique, distressed looks to give your home an eclectic vibe. Reclaimed wood is durable and environmentally-friendly making them the ideal addition to any household.