Skyline Design – Choosing the Right Material for Your Outdoor Furniture

skyline design outdoor furniture

Purchase of luxury outdoor furniture can be considered an investment. Take care in selecting pieces that accentuate the colors in your landscape design or decor items, such as vibrant fabric pieces.

Skyline Design luxury wicker patio furniture collections utilize fine weaving materials Viro, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene and Polystrand to produce lightweight weather resistant styles that are resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and all forms of weather – offering revolutionary chemical resistance as well as all weather proofness with safe environmental benefits.


As part of creating an inviting outdoor space, selecting garden furniture is of utmost importance. While there are various materials to consider when it comes to garden furniture selection, rattan is increasingly becoming the go-to material due to its weather resistance, ease of maintenance, and timeless design – but finding furniture suitable to your needs and preferences can be tricky – by understanding all aspects of rattan furniture’s features, advantages, and disadvantages you can make an informed choice that satisfies both function and aesthetic considerations.

Rattan is an eco-friendly material with endless uses. Its woven texture adds visual interest that complements different decor styles while matching numerous materials perfectly. Furthermore, rattan’s lightweight construction and easy repositionability makes it simple to adapt your garden space according to changing needs.

Rattan furniture can help create the ideal relaxing lounge area, alfresco dining space, or cozy reading nook. Thanks to its natural charm and durability, your outdoor furniture should stand the test of time; just watch for any loose fibers or faded colors as time progresses.

Skyline Design outdoor rattan furniture is handcrafted using only top quality materials, and is one of the leading providers of luxury wicker garden furniture worldwide. Their collections grace private residences, spa’s, hotels and restaurants worldwide and they specialize in innovation, lasting quality and customer service – with designs tailored for maximum comfort that come in various hues such as grey, white, black or beige finishes – available through an approved UK stockist such as UBER Interiors; free consultations can also be scheduled within your own home!


Aluminum outdoor furniture offers you several choices that allow you to design a customized look in your backyard. Versatile, lightweight and durable pieces such as this require only occasional wiping downs with mild soap and water for maintenance purposes.

Your aluminum patio furniture set depends on both your needs and space constraints, such as room size. Consider seating arrangements such as benches versus sofas as well as whether or not adding tables and chairs will meet those needs. Furthermore, think about color/finish options; dark tones give a formal or classic appearance, while light hues create an open airy environment.

One of the key considerations when purchasing outdoor aluminum furniture is build quality. To make sure that you select a brand with an impressive warranty or money-back guarantee that stands behind their products. This shows confidence from their manufacturer.

Powder-coated furniture is also highly recommended, as its durable construction provides long-term corrosion protection, with an abrasion-resistant surface and soft finish providing optimal comfort to users.

Skyline Design is an elite furniture brand offering sophisticated interior and exterior design projects, featuring living, dining, lounger sets and daybed collections from leading designers like Noel Royo Asenjo’s DYNASTY series; Belen Burguete’s CLEO line; Santiago Sevillano’s innovative Serpent model. SIMEXA Wholesale Outdoor Furniture Specialists have been the sole distributors for Skyline design across GCC countries and Thailand since 2003.


Teak wood is an exquisite and dense timber that stands up well against outdoor weather, making it one of the most durable types of outdoor furniture materials. Perfect for luxury outdoor furnishings that last decades. Teak can withstand harsh environments with no maintenance needed – its natural oils help repel insects while shielding moisture damage damage; plus maintaining its golden brown hue is simple with periodic cleaning and oiling sessions.

If you prefer letting your teak furniture age naturally, its appearance will gradually transform from golden brown to silvery grey over time due to exposure from sunlight. This natural process won’t compromise its integrity or compromise its structural integrity; but if you want to maintain its original golden hue for as long as possible, simply apply sealers every year; this will reduce cleaning frequency while protecting against mildew and stains.

Skyline Design outdoor furniture is constructed using top-grade, sustainable teak that has been legally sourced. Teak’s long lifespan makes it an excellent choice for luxury residential and commercial outdoor furnishings alike. In addition to quality construction methods, Skyline also uses eco-friendly materials like Sunbrella fabrics and marine grade hardware in its designs – with custom fitted protective covers provided for additional off season protection.

The company offers an impressive collection of dining, lounge and daybed furniture pieces designed by some of the leading names in interior design such as Noel Royo Asenjo’s DYNASTY KUBU collection and Belen Burguete’s CLEO collection. Additionally, outdoor furniture from their extensive line is also offered for purchase along with architectural details for architectural applications.


Wicker outdoor furniture adds a classic, homey touch to any patio. Durable and versatile enough to match many decor styles ranging from farmhouse porches to sleek modern patios, this piece can work beautifully no matter whether it is made of natural wood or synthetic weaves – and can even be painted to complement the environment in which it sits! You can paint it any color you like for added effect; plus add accenting pieces such as pillows and throws for an eye-catching focal point on your deck!

Before purchasing wicker or rattan furniture for your patio and deck, it is essential that you carefully consider its size. Large pieces may make your deck feel cramped while smaller ones may not provide enough comfort when sitting. The easiest way to determine what size furniture will best fit in terms of size is measuring your deck first before making any purchases.

Rattan and wicker furniture is resilient against weather conditions and will last years without needing extensive maintenance. To preserve their integrity, you should apply a protective coat regularly, while avoiding harsh chemicals as much as possible. In addition, any exposed areas should be sealed off with waterproof sealants.

Skyline Design provides an impressive selection of wicker outdoor furniture. Their collections span living, dining and lounger sets as well as daybeds. Each design crafted by Skyline’s esteemed designers – Noel Royo Asenjo with his DYNASTY KUBU collection and Belen Burguete with her CLEO line – is carefully created with lasting quality in mind and designed by Noel Royo Asenjo with his dynamic CLEO line are created using materials which require little maintenance for optimal use – making Skyline Designs collections an ideal solution for luxury hospitality projects.


When purchasing outdoor furniture, make sure the fabric can withstand weathering well. Poor-quality fabrics tend to fade rapidly, become mildewed quickly, and mold rapidly; you can find durable options such as Sunbrella or Tempotest that may last.

These fabrics are designed to withstand the elements and last. Plus, they’re easy to maintain; simply mix together 60ml of mild soap per 4l of lukewarm water for washing purposes or use a soft brush with mild detergent – but remember only use mild products and no chlorine bleach bleaches!

There are various outdoor fabrics, with polyester being one of the more popular choices for printed toss pillows and seating arrangements. Polyester fabric can also be treated to be water-resistant, making it easy to wipe down and make for great outdoor furniture pieces – however it should always be treated against UV rays to ensure its vibrant colors don’t fade within a year!

Olefin fabric is another good option, as it is strong and will not tear easily. Additionally, it resists moisture damage as well as UV fading from sunlight, making it an excellent choice for patio furniture that sees heavy use; cushions, sling chairs and other outdoor pieces such as chairs made of this material also perform well against UV light fading. When choosing fabric for furniture it’s essential to balance comfort with durability; polyester might be cheaper in that regard but finding something appropriate will take more research on your part if olefin doesn’t! Finding suitable fabric will depend solely on both your budget and lifestyle needs!