Selecting the Best Patio Furniture for Full Sun

Patio furniture is one of the key components to creating an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing outdoor living area. No matter if your living environment varies from tropical heatwaves to subzero winter temps, having furniture that provides comfortable yet safe UV exposure should always be chosen carefully.

Aluminium, teak and resin wicker materials can help protect furniture from sun damage, while regular cleaning and use of protective covers will prolong its life in direct sunlight.


Teak wood furniture has long been prized for its natural good looks, making it a timeless outdoor furniture material ideal for sunny environments. Teak’s durable construction ensures it stands up against humidity while remaining formable even under dry conditions, protecting against sun and heat damage that would damage other forms of patio furniture.

Teak furniture comes in various styles to fit the aesthetic of any backyard, ranging from rustic chic to modern minimalism. With a straight wood grain that stands out in contrast to many other wood types with curled or curvilinear patterns, and light color and smooth texture that blend into any setting perfectly – you’ll find teak sets including side tables and chairs or sofas and ottomans depending on how large your space is and the number of guests you need to accommodate.

When shopping for patio furniture to withstand full sun, keep this old saying in mind: form follows function. First decide what purpose your outdoor furniture serves and how many people it should accommodate before purchasing a table and chairs accordingly.

If you’re in search of an adaptable outdoor teak dining table, an expandable one may be ideal. When closed up it can seat six guests comfortably while it can easily expand for larger gatherings when entertaining guests at dinner parties or other social functions.

An umbrella stand patio set can also be an excellent investment. The hole in the center allows you to place an umbrella over your table for added shade and privacy when entertaining outdoors. West elm has an extensive collection of teak patio furniture available that could add depth and dimension to a full sun patio space.


Aluminum patio furniture material is widely preferred due to its resistance to sun damage. Furthermore, it withstands rain and snow without becoming damaged from outside elements, plus won’t rust under humidity or salt in the air.

Aluminium patio furniture offers durability and low maintenance costs for homeowners looking to maintain stunning outdoor spaces year-round. Available in a wide variety of styles and types ranging from outdoor dining sets to swivel rockers, there’s sure to be an option that meets your aesthetic preferences and space restrictions.

Aluminum outdoor furniture’s lightweight structure makes it simple to rearrange and store. Furthermore, its strength stands up against harsh weather conditions such as high winds while remaining light enough for you to move around without difficulty. When purchasing quality patio furniture made from aluminum alloys it is wise to invest in powder-coated pieces as these finishes help provide additional UV ray protection from sunlight rays.

Aluminum may get hot when exposed directly to sunlight, but this heat won’t remain for too long if clouds or setting sun are blocking its path. If this becomes an issue in your backyard, add shade structures like canopies for added protection from direct sunlight.

Aluminum furniture may be suitable for full sun environments, but in climates with extreme temperatures it may not be an optimal option for year-round use. In such climates it would be wiser to invest in more long-term outdoor solutions like resin wicker or HDPE; additionally protective covers and placing aluminum furniture in shaded areas is recommended to prevent it from being damaged by prolonged sun exposure.


As the seasons change and transition from cold fall nights to warm, sunny days, you want your outdoor furniture to provide comfort for both relaxing and entertaining. Selecting materials for patio furniture plays an integral part in making sure it can withstand various climate conditions over the course of its use.

Wicker patio furniture is an economical, timeless and fashionable solution that suits any climate. Perfect for homeowners seeking a fully furnished patio that can be enjoyed from both inside and outside the home, wicker patio furniture can also help reduce costs as it costs significantly less than other forms of outdoor furnishings.

Synthetic wicker stands up well under intense sunlight exposure due to its embedded colors which help mitigate its damaging effects. Furthermore, it is resistant to moisture and humidity which are common contributors of outdoor furniture damage.

Wicker offers another advantage when used as outdoor furniture and accessories: its adaptability with other pieces and accessories makes it a perfect solution for climates with fluctuating climate conditions, such as cold winter nights, warm summer days and crisp fall evenings.

To preserve the beauty and functionality of wicker patio furniture, proper care should be taken in its maintenance. By regularly cleaning it and moving it into shaded areas whenever possible, you can help ensure its long-term viability.


Sunbrella patio furniture is constructed from materials designed to resist fading and warping in direct sunlight, as well as being easy to maintain and keep clean if properly cared for – both by hand or machine washing according to manufacturer instructions. Therefore, Sunbrella outdoor furniture makes for a fantastic solution if you are searching for durable yet stylish outdoor seating that will remain beautiful even under years of exposure to full sunlight.

Sunbrella fabrics are not only fade-resistant but also mildew and mold resistant, as well as water-resistant – this makes them the perfect solution for people who wish to enjoy their patio in the rain without fearing they will become sodden and soggy chairs and tables.

Sunbrella provides quality patio furniture designed for full sun conditions or just updating an existing set. Their selection includes cushions, awnings and umbrellas to drapery windows and shade rails – with fabric available in various colors textures and patterns that suit any taste!

Add comfort and elegance to your backyard oasis with the Ohana 7 piece outdoor wicker sofa set (PN7037). Crafted from top-grade PE resin wicker handwoven over a powder-coated aluminum frame, its zippered cushions come with weather-resistant Sunbrella or Supercrylic fabrics – ideal for low maintenance outdoor lounge sets! Fully assembled and ready for use; making it the ideal solution for homeowners searching for high quality, low maintenance outdoor lounge sets.


Metal is an extremely resilient material, ideal for crafting furniture in many different styles and shapes. Additionally, its corrosion-resistance makes it suitable for outdoor furniture in full sun environments; however, regular care must be taken in order to keep its appearance at its best; this includes using soft cloths regularly to wipe down chairs and tables in order to prevent scratching of bare metal and applying protective coatings that help minimize color fade from direct sunlight.

Iron, aluminum and stainless steel are three primary metals used in patio furniture construction. Wrought iron has long been a go-to choice for homeowners who desire classic style with sturdy yet stylish patio furnishings; however, its exposed surfaces may rust easily in humid climates, becoming brittle under extreme weather conditions and becoming heavy enough for windy areas to damage. Aluminum may be less likely to suffer in such instances; however.

Stainless steel may be more resilient than aluminum, but it still may be affected by moisture or become brittle under harsh conditions. No matter which metal you select, make sure it has either been galvanized or powder-coated to protect it against environmental elements.

Picking out furniture for your backyard patio can be an important decision, particularly if you live in an area prone to frequent rain and sun exposure. Weather-resistant materials like wrought iron, teak and wicker will hold up under weather-induced stress while still remaining beautiful and functional. Finding furniture suitable for full sun will complement both your home’s architectural style and its surroundings beautifully – taking the time to select a beautiful set will provide years of outdoor entertainment and relaxation!