Round Patio Tables – A Versatile Choice For Dining, Lounging and Entertaining

round table patio furniture

Round patio tables make an excellent addition to any home, restaurant or hotel outdoor dining space. A range of sizes is available to meet any specific space requirement.

Round tables create an inviting and welcoming space where everyone has equal visibility at any one time, encouraging conversation and creating the perfect setting to enjoy meals with family and friends. Plus, these outdoor tables are easy to maintain, standing up to wear and tear better than any traditional rectangular or square options!


Your patio table size should depend on how you plan to utilize your outdoor space. For instance, if entertaining guests is your main goal, then selecting a dining table that can seat at least six individuals would likely be ideal. Conversely, if relaxing and reading are more your forte then maybe opting for a bistro table is better suited.

Before shopping for a round patio table, always take measurements of your patio space in advance to ensure that it fits well and complements your space perfectly. Mock up an exact model with paper cutouts of chairs and table to get a sense of how well their set-up will work together.

There is a range of sizes of round table patio furniture sets to suit your needs, from bistro tables that seat two people up to larger sets capable of seating eight for dinner parties or enjoying your afternoon patio drinks with family and friends.

Round table patio furniture can also be an ideal option for larger spaces that offer ample seating area, providing separate areas for dining and lounging with careful layout and arrangement of your round tables. You’ll maximize the usability of your space while creating an inviting ambience perfect for both relaxing and entertaining.

Material selection should also be a key consideration when shopping for a patio table. Look for something durable, weather resistant, and easy to maintain so your table stays looking its best for years.

Finally, choose a color that coordinates with the rest of your patio furniture. There are plenty of hues to select from and one is sure to suit your individual taste!

Start your patio table search at your local furniture store! Their staff can assist in finding a suitable piece, while answering any of your queries about size, material and other aspects.


Round outdoor tables are versatile choices for dining, lounging and entertaining alike. Their many colors and styles match any decor perfectly; their slatted surfaces provide both durability and comfort; many tables even come equipped with an umbrella opening to make cleaning simple; plus they pair nicely with matching chairs to form a cohesive set-up.

Aluminum is the premier material used in making modern patio furnishings (resin wicker is often handwoven over an aluminum frame). Due to its strength, aluminum can withstand weather and moisture damage effectively while its powder coated finish protects it against rusting and scratching.

Steel furniture can be more resilient than aluminum pieces, yet less malleable and better suited for straightforward designs. Steel patio furniture will require regular repainting in order to maintain its aesthetic beauty. Steel tables tend to be less costly but may lack visual appeal compared to their aluminum counterparts.

Many outdoor tables are constructed of wood or other natural materials that feature an organic, earthy aesthetic. Although this type of patio furniture requires more frequent upkeep than its counterparts, as damage caused by sunlight and rain may necessitate more maintenance visits, its welcoming character adds warmth and coziness to any backyard oasis.

Stone and ceramic patio furniture are two popular choices for outdoor patio seating, offering durability that can withstand the summer sun’s scorch while adding beauty to any garden setting. Mosaic is another innovative way of adding style and can be created from glass, terracotta or other natural materials.

Consider your seating needs and available space when choosing a patio table. A round outdoor table may be best suited for smaller spaces as it enables more chairs to fit comfortably and can bring family together around one table for easy conversation. On larger patios, an extension table could help accommodate even more guests.


When choosing patio furniture, take into account your intended use for it. For entertaining purposes in an outdoor room, look for a table that can comfortably seat 4-6 people for meals and socializing; to accommodate additional guests when necessary, add a side console as an extra dining surface when necessary. Similarly, when considering chairs with arms for your patio dining set, opt for simple models which enable easy reachability of plates or cups from beneath the table without strain.

A round patio table is the ideal addition to any outdoor room as its shape maximizes seating capacity. For a formal outdoor room setting, select one made from durable materials that can withstand years of exposure to the elements; teak tables offer timeless style while being easy to maintain thanks to natural oils in their wood protecting against rot and mildew while mortise and tenon joinery ensures it lasts for many years; eventually teak will oxidize into its signature silvery gray tone that blends effortlessly into any outdoor environment.

Round tables make an excellent addition to modern outdoor spaces, due to their clean lines and simple design. Their smooth surfaces and minimalist style pair well with contemporary dining sets and accent chairs from leading manufacturers; you may even find plans for building one yourself to match your design aesthetic!

If you enjoy hosting large gatherings, a round dining table can be the ideal way to seat large groups. The size ensures that all your guests can easily see and reach each other while leaving plenty of space for decorations such as centerpieces.

If you prefer an informal dining atmosphere, selecting a round dining table equipped with an umbrella hole may add additional functionality. Tuck a small umbrella into its slot for shade during sunny weather or open it up when temperatures become too warm to ensure air circulation.


An outdoor patio set can provide the ideal setting to unwind during the heat of summer. But without proper protection from weather elements like rainfall or snowfall, your furniture could become damaged over time – particularly damaging in winter months and more so during rainstorms of the summer season.

Furniture covers can help protect tables and chairs by blocking rainwater from directly hitting surfaces that can lead to cracking and mildew growth, as well as seeping through porous materials like wood and wicker, keeping cushions and fabric clean and undamaged.

If your furniture features covers, ensure they fit securely around its frame and attach properly. A loose cover may flap in the wind and cause irreparable damage to your furniture. Clean regularly using cloth or brush – use mild solutions only as harsh or abrasive cleaners may damage material; for stains soak with white vinegar for 10-20 minutes then scrub soft-bristled brush until clean water runs clear – for stain treatment try soaking area in white vinegar then using soft bristled brush before rinsing off clean water – before proceeding with full scale application of cleaners across an entire piece. Before applying new cleaners fully across furniture you should first test small, hidden parts before making wide scale application – for best results when testing cleaners you use on hidden portions before going all-out.

Most people focus on protecting their outdoor furniture during the winter, but it’s also wise to safeguard it during the summer as UV rays can do considerable damage – particularly to wooden and wicker pieces which fade or discolor quickly. A protective sealant applied over wooden pieces helps seal it against moisture year-round while also covering it so snow or freezing rain doesn’t penetrate and cause lasting damage.

Protecting metal patio furniture during the winter is also of vital importance, since leaving it exposed to the elements could result in it rusting. Galvanized metal may fare better; regular steel may be damaged by cold temperatures and snowfall that come with winter. You can keep this furniture protected by keeping it indoors or covering it with waterproof tarps.