Reviving the Beauty of Your Outdoor Patio Furniture With Cushions

outdoor patio furniture replacement cushions

Give your backyard furniture an update with stylish yet comfortable patio cushions from Rave Cherry for a pop of color or Rave Kiwi for more natural style.

After years of exposure to harsh outdoor elements, patio furniture may require repairs and refurbishment. Replacing outdoor cushions may help save money over purchasing all new pieces.

Covers & Cushions

Outdoor cushions and furniture covers are essential components to creating the ideal backyard oasis, and these pieces come in various styles to fit into any decor. Covers for chairs, loveseats and sofas as well as full sets of patio furniture are readily available – you’re sure to find something suitable! Covers can help protect furniture against rainwater exposure as well as protecting it from damage due to rainstorms and sunburn; materials used in their construction are weather-proof while many offer unique patterns or colors.

Some covers come equipped with built-in ties that make them easier to secure to chairs or tables, while others feature zippered openings for quick on and off access. Most covers are water-resistant while offering UV protection to reduce fading over time; additionally some are stain, mildew, and mold resistant making cleaning much simpler.

Covers for specific brands of outdoor furniture can be found, like Woodard’s Belden collection; alternatively, universal replacement cushion sets offer great versatility if you don’t know exactly what kind of furniture is in your yard and would like the ability to change up colors/styles without purchasing an entirely new set.

If you own specific brand of outdoor furniture, custom cushions can be designed specifically to match them. In order to do so, taking measurements of each piece in order to create cushions with exact measurements.

Genuine Sunbrella cushions offer superior fade, stain and mildew resistance for outdoor living spaces. Crafted from specially developed fibers made for alfresco use and dyed with fast colorfast dye processes, these comfortable cushions also come equipped with Dacron padding for unparalleled comfort. Plus, there’s an assortment of Sunbrella fabrics so you’re bound to find just the right one for your backyard paradise!

Patio Umbrellas

An umbrella in your patio offers protection from UV rays that may fade and damage outdoor fabrics, finishes and cushioning – not to mention keeping you cool throughout summer! A high-quality patio umbrella with sturdy frame, durable canopy and suitable base will extend its life while keeping you comfortably cool all summer long.

Consider purchasing a canopy made of Sunbrella fabric, which provides long-term durability and peace of mind in sunny areas that receive heavy use. This premium acrylic offers excellent water and mildew resistance as well as lower fade rates than polyester materials, justifying any additional cost associated with its long-term durability and peace of mind.

If budget is an issue, polyester outdoor-rated material is an excellent solution. It sheds rain quickly, is easy to maintain, mildew-resistant and fade-resistant compared to acrylic materials; however it may come with shorter warranties.

Most patio umbrellas feature tilt functions to help adjust the angle of shade as the sun moves throughout the day. Look for options such as push button tilt and auto or collar tilt for easy adjustment of shade based on sun positions throughout the day. With push button tilt, simply pressing a button near the pole releases canopy at preset angles while with collar tilt you simply rotate crank lift handle to set desired positions for canopy release.

A patio umbrella’s pole is an integral component to its stability and windy performance, so its quality matters greatly in determining how it handles these conditions. Aluminum is an economical, rustproof material widely used as the basis of commercial umbrella frames; steel and fiberglass frames also perform well but typically weigh more. They may warp over time.

Your canopy color choices add a flair of personality to your patio space. Choose a striking hue that contrasts your existing cushion colors or go for something subtler like neutral to achieve an integrated, complementary aesthetic. Striped umbrellas can also make a statement.

Cushions & Covers

Cushions keep outdoor patio furniture looking pristine and stylish while providing a comfortable seating surface for you and your guests to take in the sunshine and fresh air. Replacement cushions can be found for dining chairs, loveseats, sofas and chaise lounges in many colors and patterns that match any aesthetic you have in mind.

Material selection for replacement cushions should also be carefully considered. If you plan on leaving them outdoors for extended periods, select cushions with UV fade resistance and consider fill materials like foam or dacron that offer resilience, such as resilient foam fills like dacron. Also keep waterproof fabrics such as vinyl or texteline in mind when selecting waterproof options.

Once you’ve selected the ideal material for your patio furniture cushions, it is also important to think about whether they need covers. Covers not only protect cushions from dirt and moisture exposure but they can add style and elegance to your garden space.

Sunbrella fabrics are some of our go-to outdoor replacement cushion covers, known for their durability, fade-resistance, and mildew resistance. Through a process called Dyed Solution, each yard of Sunbrella fabric is immersed in color before being woven into cushion materials – giving rise to long-term vibrant color that won’t fade or stain with repeated sunlight exposure.

If possible, place your furniture under an overhang, such as a pergola or other form of shelter when not in use to provide protection from direct weathering and wear, as this will extend their lifespan as cushions will last longer.

When purchasing outdoor replacement cushions and covers, select colors that complement the overall aesthetic of your space. For example, pairing Rave Cherry cushions with Tortoise wicker furniture to create an eye-catching contrast is highly recommended; alternatively you could consider neutral Rave Kiwi covers instead for an understated approach.

Cushions & Umbrellas

Reviving the beauty of your patio furniture starts with its cushions. If yours are looking worn-down or have been destroyed by new puppies or unwanted critters, replacing them may be in order. There are various options for replacing outdoor furniture cushions; depending on your requirements you can have them recovered or purchase universal replacement cushions; both options should work with most sets.

Prior to purchasing replacement cushions, take measurements of both your existing cushions and furniture size in order to accurately find replacement sizes. Use a rigid tape measure rather than tailor’s tape so you can get accurate measurements. Measure from one end of a seat cushion’s width all the way across before adding an inch onto that measurement; this will allow the cushion to sit comfortably without becoming too tight or loose.

If your patio furniture requires custom cushions, custom made alternatives may be the ideal way to go. While custom cushions may be more costly than other solutions, custom cushions ensure a perfect fit with your replacements and most patio stores have relationships with local cushion makers that provide this service directly or through referral.

To keep your new or reupholstered outdoor sofa and chair cushions looking their best, be sure to always keep them covered, even when not in use. This will protect them from dust, dewdrops and raindrops as well as mold or mildew growth – plus if you have access to a garage or storage shed during inclement weather storing of patio furniture can keep mold away!

One great way to keep outdoor furniture looking its best is with a patio umbrella. There is an array of styles and sizes available so that you can find one to complement or match the furniture perfectly, while at the same time providing protection from harmful UV rays so you can relax on your patio without fear of getting burnt!