Retro Patio Furniture

retro patio furniture

Add an aesthetic of nostalgia to your patio with retro deck furniture from woven lawn chairs to vintage patio table sets from the 50s through to the 80s with modern and weather-resistant construction.

Create an inviting outdoor area with this 3-piece retro patio table chair set made of thickened eco-friendly PP material which is waterproof, non-toxic, and fade-resistant.

Retro Squares Outdoor Furniture Collection

Bring retro style into your patio by choosing furniture pieces that encapsulate its enduring features. Chairs with square backs and unique basket weave patterns add visual interest. Armchairs and loveseats with flared legs and boxy frames bring back memories of a gracious era when afternoon tea was held on the verandah, or discreet romance was enjoyed on the front porch.

Consider including vintage-inspired tables as part of your retro deck decor to complete it. Glass-top tables featuring metal accents or worn wood are great ways to create an inviting outdoor lounge setting, while bar height tables could come in handy at parties and one-on-one meetings with friends.

Choose bold hues when selecting colors for your retro-inspired deck, such as primary red, yellow, and blue for striking focal points. Subtle yet vibrant earth tones such as avocado green or harvest gold provide more subdued yet striking alternatives that pair nicely with terracotta planters and russet brown light fixtures.

Add retro flair to your backyard with the Bates 2pc Chair Set! Featuring two vintage-style chairs with unique square back designs and cantilever bases for outdoor lounging fun, these chairs can easily match the personality of any backyard space. Additionally, the set comes complete with a simple metal side table which fits neatly between both chairs for convenient lounging.

Griffith Chair

Amp up your seating area with the Griffith Chair from Metal Outdoor Chair. Showcasing classic design and vibrant hue, this metal outdoor chair blends in seamlessly with any home decor while its sturdy construction ensures durability while the comfortable seating allows you to relax in style.

The Griffith Lounge Chair will surely draw everyone’s eye and become a focal point in your space. Offering both postmodern artistry and unsurpassed comfort, this retro patio chair makes an eye-catching statement in any living room or patio setting.

With the Drew & Jonathan Home Griffith Woven Back Side Chair, you can experience both traditional craftsmanship and modern design at their best. It features an organic woven seat which creates a striking juxtaposition between organic textures and solid structure while the plush cushion provides plush support – making this retro patio chair an excellent way to add texture, warmth and an element of nature into your home!

Bring retro charm into your day with the Crosley Griffith 2pc Rocking Chair set! Constructed of sturdy powder-coated steel, this comfortable chair comes in various stylish colors to match existing home decor. Low slanted seats allow for effortless recline on smooth metal rockers while curved armrests add comfort for outdoor relaxation. Engineered to withstand heat and sun, vintage metal outdoor furniture such as this vintage metal outdoor furniture set makes an excellent choice for any front porch or balcony.

Urban Americana

Urban Americana’s Long Beach vintage warehouse offers mid-century modern furniture to give your home vintage charm, from seating and tables to sofas and armchairs. Create a cozy lounge area using vintage outdoor sofas or armchairs; use one as an attractive base for electronics storage; use vintage coffee tables as attractive storage bases; find stylish dining tables to complete any kitchen; and many versatile storage solutions suitable for any room in the house.

Urban Americana offers retro patio furniture designed specifically to spruce up a brand-new patio or transform an existing one, from complete sets of vintage chairs and tables that appear made for each other, to individual chairs from each era. If you want a bold statement piece, vintage benches make an eye-catching statement while adding extra seating or providing space for plants – or add accent pieces like vintage signs on walls and cocktail pitchers as part of a set for serving drinks!

Urban Americana Warehouse boasts vintage patio furniture in various shapes, sizes and colors that span numerous decades and styles – particularly mid-century modern furniture with sleek lines and geometric influences. Additionally, you’ll find pieces featuring Victorian influences as well as one-off accent pieces to add personality and add character to any room in which you put them!

No matter your taste or budget, this Long Beach vintage warehouse has something suitable for every need and taste. Choose from vintage outdoor furniture sets that would be great for families or smaller sets that fit well on an apartment balcony – they even carry additional chairs and tables in case your party will include many guests!