Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Adds An Elegant Touch To Your Backyard

Resin wicker patio furniture adds an elegant touch to your backyard while remaining lightweight and easy to move around. While it can withstand rainfall or other inclement weather conditions, strong winds should be taken into account and brought inside as soon as possible.

Resin wicker furniture is typically constructed of synthetic materials, making it less costly than natural wicker. Although durable outdoor furniture like resin wicker will endure for many years when properly cared for and protected from sunlight.

Easy to maintain

Resin wicker patio furniture is durable and easy to care for, featuring weather resistance as well as resistance against depredations by small children and pets (though sharp teeth and claws can still damage it). Resin is a modern synthetic substance which stands up well to sun rays, rain, hail storms and sudden temperature shifts such as hot/cold extremes.

Cleaning resin wicker furniture should be done regularly. All you will need for this is a garden hose, soft bristle brush and non-bleach laundry detergent or mild dish soap mixed together in equal parts to create your cleaning solution. Apply it liberally across your furniture’s surface using the brush; don’t forget the cracks of its weaves when cleaning!

Once your wicker furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, rinse it carefully to eliminate any remaining soapy residue. Take care not to oversaturate it as this could cause fibers to warp or break apart.

Soft brushes are essential tools for this step, enabling you to loosen dirt that’s lodged between weave cracks. For any stubborn stains or moldy spots, special cleaners such as mildew remover are often needed; while grime-eliminating products or even goo-gone will do wonders at removing sticky substances such as tree sap.

Resin wicker furniture offers the ideal balance of versatility and moisture resistance compared to natural rattan furniture, providing Southwest Floridians an opportunity to take full advantage of our beautiful weather while spending more time outside enjoying their outdoor living spaces. It makes an excellent addition for Southwest Florida living spaces.

Resin wicker is an extremely flexible material, and you can use different weaving styles and colors to achieve exactly the look and feel you desire. Choose neutral hues for an understated yet chic aesthetic or go bolder to add pops of color into your space.


Resin wicker furniture is constructed to withstand outdoor elements such as sun, wind and rain; however, for optimal longevity it should be stored indoors (in either your garage or shed) when not in use. Covers can help protect furniture from dust and dirt while in storage, as well as helping to avoid it absorbing moisture from its environment and drying out or becoming brittle over time. Wicker patio furniture will benefit especially from being stored; moisture will be prevented from entering into it and thus help preserve its shape for years. Extremely hot climates can reduce the lifespan of wicker furniture. Direct sunlight can dry out its resin layer, leading it to crack or burn over time. Furthermore, placing your furniture near an ocean could expose it to salt water which erodes and damages it in turn.

Artificial wicker furniture differs significantly from its organic counterpart in that it uses sturdy aluminum or hardwood frames powder-coated with antirust paint to prevent rusting and increase durability. Depending on the manufacturer, resin frames may also be constructed from HDPE (high-density polyethylene). HDPE frames tend to be stronger and more resilient than their PVC counterparts found in cheaper wicker furniture sets.

Resin wicker furniture stands out as being exceptionally resistant to mold and mildew growth. While wicker naturally resists moisture damage, its inherent moisture-proof qualities may still leave it susceptible to damage by mold and mildew if left exposed in humid environments. Furthermore, resin fibers found in wicker can withstand sunlight better than organic materials like cotton or wool, providing increased resistance against mold growth.

Resin-based wicker furniture is impervious to damage from children or animals’ teeth or claws, offering great advantages over its natural counterpart. Furthermore, its sturdy frame makes the furniture less susceptible to blowing away in strong winds.

All-weather wicker furniture is an affordable and attractive outdoor furniture choice that can withstand all elements. Easy to maintain, versatile enough to match any decor style – when purchasing all-weather wicker pieces make sure they feature strong frames and water-repellant cushions to maximize durability.


If you’re shopping for stylish outdoor furniture that fits into any decor or motif, resin wicker sets may be just what you’re searching for. They are lightweight and come in an assortment of colors to easily complement any space or aesthetic. Furthermore, resin is more durable than other types of outdoor furniture and more affordable than its alternatives; making this an excellent budget option.

Resin wicker patio furniture is made of synthetic material designed to resist sun damage and other elements like rain and wind. Woven over a sturdy aluminum frame, wicker is usually decorated with brightly-colored cushions for an enhanced living space experience. Wicker furniture sets may even include sofas, chairs that swivel, rock, recline and tables!

Resin used in making wicker furniture is composed of various chemicals mixed together to form plastic-like material, called resin. The type of resin chosen determines both its quality and durability; polyethylene resin offers greater tensile strength while being more UV resistant than PVC resin; however, many manufacturers also utilize cheaper PVC resin production processes if cost reduction is a priority. Although both options still make great outdoor furnishings options, it would be better if furniture manufactured using HDPE material was preferred.

No matter which resin type you use to craft your wicker furniture, it is crucial that you understand the differences between wicker and rattan. While both terms can often be used interchangeably, wicker refers to its weave while rattan is an actual natural material used as furniture material. In general, wicker refers to furniture intended solely for indoor use while rattan has become increasingly popular as furniture material over time.

When choosing a wicker set, take into account your climate and personal style when selecting one. In areas with high humidity, lighter colors may help reduce moisture absorption by furniture while darker hues may look better in cooler climates with harsh winters.


Resin wicker furniture is one of the more cost-effective outdoor furnishings materials, compared with other materials used for making patio sets. Many people have been enjoying its durability for years and purchasing it can fit within any budget – clearance sales or special events often offer it at discounted rates, or you could buy pieces as your budget allows.

Resin wicker patio furniture makes finding something to fit into any decor easily and comfortably. Available in an array of colors from neutral tones to vibrant hues, and with various weave patterns so it can be tight or loosely woven, resin wicker furniture matches up nicely with water-resistant cushions that help maintain clean fabric for years.

Resin wicker furniture is built to withstand all sorts of climate elements – sun, wind and rain – for decades with proper care. Choose from various styles such as sofas, chairs that swivel or recline and rockers, dining table sets or even sectionals that provide enough seating space for your family and guests.

When purchasing a set of wicker furniture, make sure that you purchase only quality pieces. Steer clear of cheap plastic resin wicker that contains polypropylene or other degradable resins like polypropylene as they degrade quicker. Also check for warranties and read through them – companies who stand behind their products should always be available should any issues arise or issues be raised with regard to any potential concerns about them.

Some retailers provide a ten year limited warranty for resin wicker furniture, which can help safeguard your investment. To extend its longevity and keep it looking its best for as long as possible, store it away from extreme climates like garage or covered porch during winter to prevent damage. Also avoid direct sunlight which can fade the wicker. Keep your furniture clean and free from debris for best results.