Replacing Cushions For Patio Furniture

Replace the cushions of your patio furniture to instantly update its decor. Choose from universal replacement cushion options or get custom-made cushions made specifically for dining chairs, chaise lounges or 82″ chaises.

Begin by carefully measuring the dimensions and shape of your existing cushion (see instructions), then browse our wide selection of authentic Sunbrella cushion fabrics to add your personal style to any space in which it resides.


Foam patio furniture cushions provide maximum comfort and durability, making them a fantastic choice. Ideal for wicker, rattan and metal-framed seating environments where comfort is a top priority, foam outdoor seat and back cushions can also be easily molded to perfectly fit chair backs for snug fits and secure fits.

No matter the condition of your old cushions – faded, misshapen or no longer providing adequate support – replacing them is crucial to making your furniture comfortable for long periods. Not only will new cushions look and feel better than the ones they replace, they may last longer too! To make sure that they fit properly follow these guidelines for measuring old furniture for new cushion sizes.

Measure the width, length and depth of your existing cushions where they’re located on your outdoor furniture. If possible, take an image so your cushion maker can create exact replicas that will fit just like their predecessors did. If this isn’t possible, draw a template of them on paper so they can create custom cushion designs tailored specifically to each chair or sofa so your new cushions have a neat, uniform appearance.

When choosing replacement cushions, it’s essential to take into account both their thickness and height compared with existing cushions. This will determine whether you desire cushy or firm cushions, and their feel against your body. If existing cushions have rounding on top and bottom edges, then using those same measurements for ordering new replacements ensures you receive similar roundness in their dimensions.

Once your measurements and fabric details have been finalized, it’s time to order new replacement cushions. Before doing so, speak with a customer service representative first in order to obtain all of the information required in placing your order; their customer service team would prefer for you to ask any pertinent questions rather than discover unexpected errors on their end later.


Protective covers for patio furniture sets or individual pieces are an invaluable investment, offering your investment protection from rain, sun and snow while also preventing dirt build-up that could discolor fabrics, warp wood and wicker structures and lead to mold and mildew growth. In addition, protective covers save both time and money by eliminating the need to dust or wipe down each item before use.

Large box stores may sell universal outdoor furniture covers, but for optimal protection it is wiser to buy ones designed specifically for your furniture pieces’ size and shape. Standard covers that are too big will leave gaps at the sides, while strong winds could easily blow them away from their place in your garden. If you live in an area prone to high winds, look for options with tie-downs or elastic hem cords that can secure it around legs on furniture legs for additional peace of mind.

Polyester is an incredibly strong and tear-resistant fabric that will protect your furniture without scratching up its finish. Polyester’s breathable properties help shield it against UV rays, water damage, mildew, mold and mildew by quickly dissipating moisture accumulated beneath its cover – particularly important when protecting delicate materials like glass or stained wood that might otherwise become damaged from dirt accumulation. When shopping for covers made from this material be sure to look for those equipped with soft cloth linings in order to avoid damaging fragile components that might otherwise become damage – essential features in protecting furniture from debris damage without scratching up furniture finishes!

Vinyl covers are another popular option for furniture protection, but it’s important to remember that their non-breathable surface can lead to moisture build-up under it, leading to mold growth or even rust formation under it. Vinyl covers may also be too stiff to conform to the shape of furniture, leading to scratches when being used. A better choice would be woven mesh material which provides both breathability and strength. Consider purchasing a cover that features small woven mesh vents to prevent rainwater from getting trapped under it, as well as snugly fit around your furniture to shield it from wind, debris and UV rays. A snug fit helps extend the life of your furniture as well as prevent fabric tears, sagging and cracking.

Sunbrella® Fabrics

Sunbrella(r) fabrics are used extensively on outdoor furniture and boast superior resistance against fading, water damage and mildew compared with other forms of fabric. Their wide array of colors and patterns allows it to match virtually every decor style perfectly.

Sunbrella fabrics are composed of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers, saturated with color prior to weaving together, so that they withstand sunlight and rain exceptionally well. Other fabrics require dyeing after they have been created which makes them susceptible to fading and other weather damage.

Sunbrella fabric should be maintained properly by regularly vacuuming it; this will help remove any dust or dirt accumulation on its surface and spot-clean any stubborn stains with warm detergent water to remove them.

If you need to clean a large quantity of fabric or cushions at once, machine washing with cold water and laundry soap will suffice. However, avoid placing them in the dryer as this could accelerate their degradation.

To get the most from your Sunbrella fabric, be sure to follow its manufacturer’s recommended care and cleaning instructions. In addition, be sure to apply waterproof protectant regularly as this will keep it looking new and fresh!

Sunbrella fabric offers one key advantage – easy cleaning! Most stains can be removed by vacuuming followed by using warm water mixed with mild soap to scrub at any stains or discolorations, before rinsing it off using clean water.

Sunbrella fabric stands out as an exceptional material to protect against mold, mildew, stains and moisture build-up better than most materials available today. Soft to the touch and quickly drying times also add to its appeal; additionally it is breathable with built-in UV protection providing additional benefits.

Sunbrella fabrics may be more costly than other types of fabric, but they make an excellent investment for high-quality patio furniture. Their long-term durability means you won’t need to replace cushions or furniture within years of purchasing it from brands like Lloyd Flanders, Woodard, Telescope Casual or Treasure Garden who offer Sunbrella options with their furniture products – you can check whether or not your desired piece comes equipped with it by reading up on their product specifications or reaching out directly.


Durability in outdoor furniture is essential to long-term comfort. The fabrics chosen for cushions have an impactful influence on fade resistance, cleaning ease and overall quality. To extend its longevity and ensure it provides years of use without degradation due to mold and mildew growth, look for fabrics which are both water-repellent as well as mildew resistant – ideal if it can withstand mold growth in hot climates – plus materials which allow air circulation for cooling comfort.

Fabrics treated with performance coatings are ideal for outdoor seating cushions as they repel stains and dirt effectively, as the protective layer keeps moisture and other substances out while making cleanup simple with soap and water. Furthermore, many of these coatings also possess antimicrobial properties to reduce odors as well as protect against mold growth and mildew growth.

Choose an open-cell foam for optimal durability: closed-cell types can absorb moisture more readily, leading to mold and mildew growth; open-cell types allow water to drain off more rapidly, keeping cushions dry.

Choose wisely when selecting colors for replacement cushions to maximize durability: lighter tones show up stains and dirt more readily while darker hues fade faster under direct sunlight.

To ensure the durability of your new cushions, select fabrics which employ Sunbrella’s exclusive UV-stabilization process. This impregnation seals pigment into fibers so your cushions will retain vibrant colors for years to come.

Maintaining replacement cushions requires ongoing care and maintenance. Use mild detergent when washing cover fabrics, store cushions in dry locations when not being used and shake frequently to release air trapped between their cells to maintain fullness and fullness of fullness of cushion.

Hauser’s Patio’s expert craftsmen take great pride in custom-making cushions to fit perfectly into your outdoor living space, offering high-quality fade-resistant and waterproof fabrics designed specifically to enhance it. By working together on measuring patio furniture before sewing and finishing their cushions, you’re guaranteed a unique solution that complements it perfectly.