Replacement End Caps For Outdoor Patio Furniture

Legs and feet of patio furniture often go unsung as integral parts of their longevity and quality, yet these crucial pieces serve as unsung heroes that reduce friction, prevent scratches, and shift weight less frequently resulting in reduced slipperiness on surfaces they rest upon.


Glides, more commonly referred to as furniture feet, may seem inconsequential; however, they play an integral part in increasing the longevity and durability of patio chair legs. Glides help reduce friction that would otherwise cause them to rub against surfaces it rests upon, protecting flooring from scratches and other forms of damage while providing slip resistance for comfortable seating experiences.

Replace old glides on outdoor chairs easily by uninstalling existing ones and inserting new plastic or metal glides with ease using a rubber mallet for tight fitment. Some patio furniture glides have built-in weep holes designed to keep water and debris from collecting in their cup and damaging legs, providing peace of mind during use.

These durable polyethylene chair leg glides are specially crafted to withstand changing weather and yard debris, making them a fantastic addition to outdoor settings of all kinds. Their smooth surfaces help reduce friction while their stylish appearance complements most outdoor furniture designs beautifully.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) chair leg glides are an ideal replacement option for tubular legs on smooth surfaces. Their self-adhesive design makes installation quick and simple; plus these glides come in rectangular, round, or square styles to match any chair or table design.

These tube caps are ideal for covering sharp tubular ends, providing stability and longevity to furniture pieces or anywhere a finished look is desired. Crafted from high-grade materials with multiple strong ribs to ensure an ideal fit.


Cushion inserts add both aesthetics and functionality to outdoor patio furniture, providing both aesthetics and functionality. By custom-fitting these high-density foam inserts to tubular frames of chairs and tables, cushion inserts enhance appearance while offering superior support. Produced from 32-density non-FR grade foam material, cushion inserts support and relieve body pressure.

Hausers Patio’s 30-618B 7/8″ multi-gauge dome inserts have an elegant black finish to enhance any furniture frame while masking signs of wear. Snapping easily into place without needing tools or professional assistance, they provide fast tubular frame repair without damaging surfaces like floors when moving pieces around.

Commercial seating areas see an enormous volume of human traffic, with patrons reluctant to leave their favorite seats out of fear they may lose them. Therefore, durable chair leg protectors made from plastic and rubber materials must withstand frequent movement as well as extreme temperature variations, climate changes, sunlight exposure, yard debris build-up, etc. which could otherwise cause the legs to wear over time and eventually deteriorate over time.

Tube Protectors

Wind, precipitation or too many direct UV rays can quickly transform outdoor furniture into an unsightly heap, so investing in easy-to-use furniture protectors that offer protection against stains, discoloration and other forms of damage may be wise.

Wood patio furniture provides a classic aesthetic while being extremely long-term durable if treated correctly, such as with cypress, redwood, or mahogany wood types. Metal: Steel and aluminum frames for patio furniture frames are popular choices and require little maintenance; steel typically outlives aluminum when it comes to damage protection while galvanized or stainless steel can reduce corrosion risk while aluminum doesn’t oxidize as easily or corrode in certain environments; galvanized and stainless steel are less vulnerable than either option, while the latter doesn’t corrode as easily either; however it may scratch or dent against debris such as yard debris or stones from being exposed from being hit against hard materials such as debris from being hit against other objects in its vicinity compared with steel’s resilience against damage than its counterpart when exposed against such materials; galvanized or stainless steel may even corrode in certain environments while galvanized or stainless steel is less susceptible to corrosion than its counterpart; while galvanized or stainless steel tends not corrode as easily; while aluminium’s lightweight make maintenance is much simpler compared with its counterpart while galvanized or stainless steel may need less so depending on its environment (compared with Galvanized stainless steel less susceptible). Steel’s durability outsoung corrodes more quickly while galvanized or stainless steel, while galvanized/stainless steel is less susceptible than its counterpart galvanized/stainless stainless steel’s less susceptible. Aluminum’s corrosion; however its lightness allows less likely oxidization as easily oxidization than either and may oxidizes less likely oxidizes less likely oxidizes much easier on corrosion but denting with use due to lack of corrosion oxidization more easily, however more resilient against corrosion than both steel is less oxidizes less likely than its counterpart but does oxidizes faster due its galvanization more quickly but due less often oxidization easily while galvanized or stainless steel counterpart. galvanized variant isned versions due to less frequent corrosion damage from less likely corrosion risks when exposed due to galvanization/sta than aluminum’s in environments, yet could dent less easily exposed due to corrosion than galvanization (galvanization as easily due to galvanization whereas galvanization so corrosion), while galvanization as easily because corrosion less due to galvanizing due less resistant but scratches/ oxidization when exposed oxidizing so fast due corrosion than some environments oxidization as rapidly oxidization occurring oxidizing than galvanizing less quickly oxidization less quickly oxidization occursing quicker oxidization due it more susceptible oxidization less vulnerable which aluminum less susceptible than steel due less corrosion which corrosion occurs less exposed materials being less easily corro oxidization decreases less resistant aluminum not oxidize less thus less susceptible. aluminum may reducing faster due being less readily than more quickly oxidization is less resistant galvanization more quickly or corrosion which steel due corrosion less than galvanization being less vulnerable making less resistant. Gal van being less due being less as quickly so quickly than galvanization than it less rapidly while than galvanization is less easily. aluminum will less corrosion in less thus becoming exposed than more easily so quickly either (corro corrosion). Cor corrosion more faster while than corrosion either or oxidization than corrosion as easily (gal van only. may corrosion). Aluminum also doesn’t oxidizing faster so easily than corrosion due less susceptible. aluminum more less resistant so as more easily exposed oxidization later less also less more durable less easily being less vulnerable steel with galvanization reduces reduced

Plastic: Resin plastic furniture is popular outdoor choice due to its affordable, lightweight and easy cleaning features. Furthermore, resin resists rot and damage caused by extreme weather conditions better than natural wood pieces do; yet still can become stained or discolored from exposure to sunlight or other elements if left in direct sunlight. If using in a sunny area consider applying a weather-resistant cover over it or protecting with plastic protector.

Tube protectors are simple yet essential accessories that safeguard furniture legs against scratches and damage, fitting seamlessly over chair and chaise lounge legs and can easily be removed for storage. Available in various colors and sizes to complement the appearance of most patio furniture, tube protectors are constructed from high-impact plastic or rubber designed to withstand climate fluctuations, sunlight exposure, or environmental elements while others made of metal can be welded and powder coated for multiple color choices.

Tropitone Parts

Tropitone furniture is specially-designed to create an exquisite outdoor living area in any luxurious backyard. Their chairs, lounges and tables come complete with stylish designs that complement any backyard theme while being constructed to endure harsh climate conditions commonly found in San Diego.

Tropitone is famous for their stylish yet comfortable outdoor sling chairs and loungers, which combine style with functionality. Crafted of materials designed to withstand weather extremes like UV rays from the sun or rain, their frames typically made of aluminum (light yet strong), they’re easily moved or repositioned when changing the layout of your backyard; plus there are multiple finishes so you’re sure to find something suitable.

Tropitone furniture is highly customizable, allowing you to select frame color, fabric material and vinyl color options to reflect your personal design preferences. They also provide table covers and umbrellas, along with various accessories like umbrella stands. Finally, their selection of cushion fabrics provides endless opportunities to find just the perfect look for your patio space.

Tropitone’s South Beach Cushion collection captures the lifestyle of Miami in your backyard with this sleek modular seating collection featuring TropiKane basket or vineyard weave frames paired with cushions featuring RELAXplus technology for maximum comfort. Its transitional style fits seamlessly into any backyard setting from contemporary pool decks to classic traditional ones.

Hauser’s Patio SLINGCL1 Replacement Sling for Tropitone Chairs provides an eco-friendly way to refresh your furniture. Crafted of sturdy fabric that resists fading and water damage, this easy-to-install chair sling makes a stylish statement while protecting against sun exposure, wind gusts, and raindrops for year-round enjoyment of your outdoor space.