Replacement Cushions For Patio Furniture

replacement cushions for patio furniture

Replacing old or worn-out outdoor patio furniture cushions can be an effective way to refresh the appearance of your space. The first step should be selecting a suitable fabric type.

Frontgate provides a selection of high-performance fabric options, including Sunbrella fabrics that are fade resistant, stain repellent and mold, mildew and rot resistant.


Outdoor cushions add plush comfort and customizable style to patio furniture, while also increasing durability with weatherproof fabrics such as Sunbrella or Outdura. Crafted to outlive traditional textiles such as silk or rayon, outdoor cushions made with such materials last longer before needing cleaning; slipcovers allow you to change up their appearance quickly without investing in new cushion filler!

Making outdoor cushions on your own can be simple when equipped with the appropriate tools. Fabric scissors specifically designed for cutting fabric create smooth cuts while sewing pins keep fabric together during stitching. All these items can be found at most home improvement stores and will make the project less daunting.

When choosing fabric for outdoor cushions, look for fabric with UV ratings to avoid quickly deteriorating under sunlight, while absorbing moisture that could cause mold or mildew growth. Popular outdoor fabric choices such as polyester and cotton may fade quickly when exposed to direct sunlight; untreated fabrics also tend to absorb more moisture which could lead to mold growth. When it comes to long-term durability, Sunbrella acrylic fabric offers long-term reliability, featuring vibrant patterns with fade resistance backed by a 10-year warranty and can easily be cleaned using mild soap and water or bleached for tough stains or marks.

Choose a fabric that reflects your individuality and decorating style for maximum impact on the patio. To create a casual, relaxing ambiance, opt for light sage or natural fabric with a minimal pattern; to impress guests at outdoor events or parties more colorful floral or nautical prints may work better. Reversible covers allow you to adapt your design style accordingly, giving guests something new to talk about at each event or season while adding flair for birthday parties or charity fundraisers alike.


As one of the quickest and easiest ways to give outdoor furniture a comfort facelift, updating its cushion fill is an effective solution. Not only will new cushion fill increase comfort on existing wicker loveseats or benches, it will also reshape them to enhance its best features and bring out its finest qualities. Whether your existing cushions require fabric upgrades or replacement due to years of wear-and-tear damage, The Foam Shop has solutions.

Cushion fill is available in several forms for patio furniture replacement cushions, each offering its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to outdoor use, the best type is waterproofed foam such as outdoor cushion foam – also referred to as dry-fast foam – because its open cell structure allows water to pass through easily while drying quickly, keeping your cushion fresh and comfortable even in environments exposed to moisture.

Fabric should be suitable for outdoor use or treated with a water-repellant coating to make DIY outdoor cushions. Many woven outdoor fabrics are water resistant, and can easily be treated with waterproof sprays or coatings before being used to craft DIY outdoor cushions. In addition, polyester thread provides superior UV-protection.

Once your measurements have been double-checked and fabric has been cut to size, it’s time to begin creating your cushion. Start by taking your original base measurements and adding one inch for seam allowance; this will give you length measurements for both the top panel and width measurements of your cushion. To create side panels, measure all four sides of the original base separately to find out overall lengths for each of these sections.

Once your cushion is complete, turn it right-side out and insert its padding. Next, secure its bottom edge by sewing in place a zipper with thread. If making multiple cushions at once, be sure to pin in place any zippers first so they are aligned correctly before sewing them in. Finally, consider adding decorative trim around its perimeter (such as welt ) as a final step to complete them off!


Nothing can be more disheartening than spending money on backyard furniture only to watch it fade and become unusable over time. By protecting it with appropriate patio furniture covers, however, your investment is protected and extended in life. Pottery Barn provides outdoor covers designed specifically to work with various sets and are resistant to moisture, mildew, UV rays and more – some even come equipped with venting systems which circulate airflow to reduce mold risk!

These furniture covers are constructed of thick polyester with vinyl backing for durability and long-term use. Resistant to abrasions, rips and tears to avoid damage, they come in three distinct colors that coordinate perfectly with existing sets (Rave Cherry, Rave Kiwi and Rave Lemon) so you can find one to complete your existing arrangement. With Tortoise wicker patio chairs as an example, a Rave Kiwi cover adds color while Rave Lemon gives off an air of sophistication – the choice is yours!

Your furniture cover should feature two layers; an outer waterproof layer to keep rain, snow and sleet out of the cushions, while its soft inner layer prevents scratches on painted outdoor furniture and prevents further marks on paintwork. If your sectional sofa features sharp corners then ensure the inner lining has soft padding to safeguard its corners from accidental bumps or scrapes.

To find the perfect patio furniture cover, first measure its height and width. A circular cover should fit around table and chairs by placing one chair under each table and tying a rope around them both – once this information is in hand, shop for covers that offer snug fits that allow for expansion during hotter temperatures while contracting during cooler ones.

Replacement cushions for patio furniture is an easy and effective way to upgrade the aesthetics of your backyard. By selecting new fabric and adding an additional pillow, you can transform an old couch into an inviting outdoor sofa for hosting family and friends. If you need help selecting what cushion cover style will work best, contact a patio furniture store as many offer in-house cushion makers who specialize in creating covers for different chairs, chaise lounges and ottoman styles.


One would assume purchasing replacement cushions for patio furniture would be as straightforward as measuring their current cushions and having new ones manufactured to match. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case; especially if the originals have become worn and flattened over time. In such instances, if they measure slightly larger than their seat frame they could cause an awkward fit requiring you to measure instead the chair or chaise lounge frame seat surface instead of measuring individual cushions to ensure they fit correctly while also matching similar sizes of original cushions.

When measuring a sofa or chaise lounge cushion, its length (L), width (W), and back height (H) should be of paramount importance. A tape measure is ideal, although rulers will also work. When taking measurements be sure to stand facing your furniture when measuring and write them down; additionally a photo may help your custom cushion maker create your cushions more accurately.

As part of your furniture selection process, it is also wise to decide the type of cushion that would best complement it. Tufted cushions are typically the go-to choice for standard furniture because they offer the greatest economy while providing additional support and an elegant aesthetic. Foam cushions cost more but provide greater support.

Hinged cushions, commonly seen on poolside furniture such as chaise lounges and ottomans, feature a seam that allows it to bend backward and “hinge” at the back to keep its back against the chair frame. Although easier than traditional foam or tufted cushions to locate at stores, hinged cushions may require special ordering from suppliers.

Recovering patio furniture cushions is a great way to extend their useful lifespan before they completely wear out. Most patio furniture stores provide this service through either their own cushion maker or through recommendation. The process typically takes 4-8 weeks. When doing so, one cover of each cushion must be brought for measurement as well as Sunbrella fabric samples from which to select your cover material.