Replace Your Patio Furniture Slings

Add an updated look to your patio furniture by swapping out its slings for something made from textiline fabric that offers extra strength and resilience.

Before purchasing replacement slings, take the necessary measurements carefully using our Sling Measuring Guide as instructed.

For optimal results, use a dual stretching bar tool (PFS-TOOL). These tools generate up to 600# of clamp pressure for precise stretching.


Over time, even high quality patio furniture slings become worn. Exposure to sun, chlorine and suntan lotion as well as everyday use causes them to become baggy or even rip. Replacing fabric slings is typically less costly than replacing entire chair frames, providing homeowners with an opportunity to transform their outdoor living space in one simple purchase.

Leisuretex provides PVC coated polyester fabrics as durable sling fabric options to make finding the ideal match easy for any home. Their PVC coated polyester sling fabric also works seamlessly with other outdoor fabric types to help create coordinated pillows, drapes, and shades – creating the ultimate backyard retreat retreat!

Phifertex is another top choice when it comes to mesh sling replacement fabric, known for being strong, durable and affordable. Their selection includes solid colors, stripes and patterns as well as Microban antimicrobial technology which prevents bacteria, mold and mildew growth – perfect for outdoor environments where cleaning chairs is a chore!

Once you’ve selected a color and pattern for your chair slings, it is crucial that you measure its dimensions for optimal fitting before ordering any fabric. Measuring is a relatively straightforward process that will help ensure you order exactly enough fabric. Measuring requires only a tape measure and notebook or sheet of paper as documentation tools for recording measurements.

When measuring a sling chair, be sure to note the width of its rail that holds the sling. A typical rail has two channels [grooves] where the fabric of the hem fits, with a solid round plastic cord inside to hold it secure. It is important that both width of rail and length of sling be measured as different sizes require different length requirements for their fabric slings.


Sling patio chairs are an affordable way to revitalize any backyard space. Perfect for poolside seating or dining tables outdoors, slings also make great additions for garden seating areas and can help add style. Over time however, sling fabric may become worn and discolored; however the frame usually still has many years worth of life left in them if your set includes high quality chairs; replacing this aging fabric with replacement slings could be an economical solution to rejuvenate the look of your outdoor area.

There are an abundance of sling fabrics to choose from, each boasting its own distinctive design, color, texture and weave. Some even come in two-tone versions for an eye-catching two-tone effect! Many mold, mildew and weather resistant sling fabrics like Phifertex and Textilene even provide antimicrobial protection, while the top-of-the-line Sunbrella provides superior chlorine and chemical resistance.

Once you have selected your fabric, measure existing slings to get an estimate of how much material you require, before cutting with sturdy fabric scissors and folding raw edge inward by 2″ (5.1 cm) before stitching it down for a clean seam finish. When finished with top and bottom slings, reattach hardware using your photos and markings – starting with side rails guided through envelope-style openings in fabric; arm and back bars using photos for assistance before stretching if necessary to achieve snug fits.

If you’re confident enough to attempt DIY sling replacement, YouTube offers many videos that will guide the process. Be sure to read all instructions and watch any relevant videos carefully prior to beginning. For this type of project, a DeWalt clamp with enough capacity to exert at least 300# of pressure is an absolute must.


Over time, regular use and environmental factors can cause patio sling chairs to fade in appearance over time. Sunlight, body oils, suntan lotions and dirt all take their toll, fading the fabric over time until it thins out and tears easily. Luckily, however, replacement slings can restore both usefulness and appearance to these chairs.

Sling material used in aluminum furniture comes in an assortment of colors, styles and designs. If you want an evergreen classic look with timeless appeal, select neutral colors. Or add some flair by opting for vibrant hues that pop against the rest of your outdoor living space decor. Or add pattern or weave designs that suit the atmosphere in your home while adding some unique character.

Though all sling fabrics offer basic resistance against mold, mildew, and UV rays, some offer additional properties that make them better suited to certain environments. If your chair will be near water, such as near the beach, Sunbrella Sling may be appropriate – featuring fade resistance and Microban antimicrobial protection; for indoor applications you could select Textilene Decorative or Woven Vinyl fabrics which also provide antimicrobial and UV protection respectively.

Woodard Slings offer over 75 fabric choices to choose from when searching for outdoor slings. Crafted with durable vinyl-coated polyester that stands up well against outdoor conditions, these fabric slings can be stretched tight between two frames on your chair to form an accommodating seating surface which conforms to your natural curves and contours for an accommodating seating surface.

Fabric selection for replacement slings is key to creating long-lasting, attractive, and comfortable seats. Review our sling measuring guide and select the fabric which best complements your chair frame; view a swatch sample to check its color, texture, and technical data before ordering – or view an online catalogue of fabrics to narrow down your choices further.

Please be aware that these slings will not work with furniture frames with spreader bars or fixed sling rails that are welded directly to the frame, as these require special tools and knowledge for installation. Absolute Patio Furniture does not offer installation services and cannot be held liable if attempted installation results in torn slings due to fixed spreader bars or fixed sling rails on furniture frames with fixed spreader bars or fixed sling rails being attempted.


When ordering new slings it is crucial that you have accurate measurements. Your chair or chaise frame must also be in good condition, with all bolts tightened properly. In particular, we require knowing the width and length of the fabric-holding rail (sling rail). We also need the size of your plastic sling rod (which goes inside sling rail). With these three details we can have your new slings made quickly and ready for shipping out quickly.

As an overall guideline for measuring sling rail width, take measurements 6 inches down from the top edge. This should give an approximate measurement as many slings have an inherent tendency to veer out at their center point. Once this number has been obtained, add several inches in order to account for both fabric stretch and the sling rail width before rounding this up to an accuracy of 1/8″ for recording purposes.

Measure the length of sling rail by starting from where fabric meets up with first set of bolts at bottom of chaise seat and finishing at second set of bolts at back of chaise lounge, subtracting some inches on both sides to account for width, then record this number.

Once you have taken measurements, it’s time to choose the fabric used for your slings. Our wide range of solid and stripe fabrics is sure to have something suitable for your patio furniture – if you can’t decide between colors or patterns just contact us and request samples; we will happily send them right out without charge!

Keep in mind when measuring for your new sling that the existing one may have stretched and changed shape over time, which makes accurate measurements even more essential. To get accurate readings, it’s best to measure with both pieces installed – this ensures the new sling fits perfectly as well as ensures it will have enough width for your furniture.