Rejuvenate Your Outdoor Furniture With Patio Furniture Replacement Cushions

Refresh your outdoor furniture with new replacement cushions to give it new life. A beautiful and comfortable way to give backyard chairs, lounge seating and more an enhanced seating surface is by installing patio cushions with quality material and designs that add padding for optimal seating experience.

Choose from a wide array of colors, textures and fabrics to fit your design aesthetic. Before placing an order, be sure to watch our video on how to accurately measure a chair seat for a custom fit!

Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabrics are high-performance and highly durable fabrics designed for outdoor use, boasting UV resistance and fade proof characteristics. Rain can easily pass over them as well as mold, mildew and stain resistance – easy cleaning makes Sunbrella fabrics suitable for poolside chaise lounge cushions as well as large seat pillows from FoamOrder’s selection of Sunbrella options available here! FoamOrder provides several Sunbrella options in its selection of outdoor replacement cushions; everything from poolside chaise lounge cushions to large seat pillows from poolside chaise lounge cushions and beyond! We proudly provide Sunbrella fabric options in our selection of outdoor replacement cushions from poolside chaise lounge cushions and beyond! FoamOrder brings quality fabrics from top manufacturers including Sunbrella for its customers worldwide! We proudly supply FoamOrder products such as Sunbrella fabric options from around the world; making FoamOrder products. FoamOrder provides all these qualities when replacing outdoor replacement cushions from all major fabric brands for our outdoor replacement cushions: from poolside chaise lounge cushions and beyond oversized seat pillows from Sunbrella fabric options from Sunbrella fabric options for these cushions in its outdoor replacement cushions section! FoamOrder has you covered when replacing outdoor replacement cushions from poolside chaise lounge cushions all the way oversized seat pillows made out there all across FoamOrder replacement cushions in all the patterns imaginable colors ranging from poolside chaise lounge cushions with poolside chaise lounge cushions made out there are offered all types of Sunbrella fabric selection! FoamOrder replacement cushions including poolside chaise lounge cushions all-way plus! oversized seat pillows! sized seat pillows! FoamOrder! Plus more! FoamOrder options! oversized seat pillows! FoamOrder offers. – as well! FoamOrder and more oversized seat pillows or more! &amp& more than FoamOrder. &#1 to replacement cushions available just waiting to seat pillows! so much more. &amps to oversized seat pillows! Fo.Order! offers several Sunbrella options when ordering your order or ordered online cushions that special thanks for your outdoor replacement! &more cushions options when choosing outdoor replacement cushions from poolside chaise lounge cushions available from pool if & more! & more than ever-order offers.! &more is here. &more(r) replacement pillows! Plus much more to!! (r) in various replacement cushions! Plus so we carry more.!.

Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured through its revolutionary Color to the Core process, which involves infusing each fiber with color before UV stabilizing it for durability and UV stability. Spun into yarns that can then be woven together into long-term performance fabric, Sunbrella is constantly exploring ways to bring durability, comfort, and style into environments where people live, work and play.

These performance fabrics are engineered to withstand all aspects of weather while also being safer indoors than traditional cotton-based fabrics. These performance fabrics undergo stringent testing for harmful substances to meet OEKO-TEX(r) standards, are resistant to chemicals that cause degradation, and nontoxic for humans and pets.

Sunbrella products provide peace of mind through comprehensive warranties that cover any loss in strength or color of upholstery fabrics; 5-year limited warranties cover loss in strength or color when purchased as upholstery fabrics while 10-year warranties cover shade and marine fabrics. Many furniture brands such as Lloyd Flanders, Woodard, Telescope Casual and Treasure Garden feature Sunbrella fabrics as fabric options in their products.

Performance Fabric

Sunbrella’s performance fabric stands out from cheap polyester alternatives by employing dyed fibers that have been saturated all the way through, guaranteeing vibrant colors won’t fade over time. When combined with UV stabilization, its fade-resistant materials make Sunbrella an excellent choice for outdoor furniture cushions as their vibrant hues will remain intact for years.

Sunbrella takes sustainability into consideration at every stage of fiber, yarn and fabric production. They employ designers familiar with current trends to craft visually engaging outdoor cushions. Utilizing these design innovations and fabric innovations they offer long-lasting yet affordable products for every outdoor cushion need.

Sunbrella fabric’s performance fabric is designed to withstand outdoor conditions like dew drops and rain, making it the perfect material for outdoor replacement cushions. Sunbrella’s weave helps prevent water seepage into cushion fill, thus eliminating mold growth or other unpleasant smells that could occur within cushion fill.

Other popular fabrics used for outdoor cushions include foam, densified fiber and polyester fiber – durable materials but potentially more prone to staining and more frequent cleaning needs than others. It is therefore crucial that the removable cover of any outdoor replacement cushions be easily washed using mild detergent and warm water – this will extend their lifespan and make caring for them much simpler! Additionally, an ideal cover would also prevent water or dirt from entering its inner fill via moisture barriers or zipper seals.

Polyester Fabric

Outdoor furniture cushions provide soft cushioning to add softness and cushioning for increased comfort when sitting outdoors, adding style as well as softening up any patio set. Furthermore, Sunbrella fabrics are more durable and resistant to mold mildew than other fabrics in terms of mold resistance and water-resistance compared to their competitors.

Polyester upholstery fabric is a highly resilient and long-term investment, particularly when used outdoors. Its resilient fibers stand up well against stretching, pilling, fading and repeated washing while withstanding weather elements and repeated washes. Polyester’s resistance to abrasion also makes it an excellent choice for seating that gets plenty of use – not to mention being mildew resistant and stain proof! Plus it makes cleaning it much simpler.

Polyester fabric is an economical and resilient outdoor furniture option, making it a go-to material. Some polyesters even boast moisture resistance for even greater longevity in humid climates. Before washing any polyester fabric, however, always read its care instructions thoroughly as some require special cleaners or regular deep-cleaning to keep it looking brand new.

Densified Fiber

Thermally bonded product crafted of low melt fibers. Available in various firmness levels and often used as cushion wrap or for lining backs, arms, bolsters and bolsters on upholstered furniture, it also serves as soft back support in back cushions and pillows. An excellent alternative to Dacron as water can drain from its cushion more easily which helps prevent mildew build up.

Economical in terms of cost and comfort, microfiber provides quick drying times after rain or other forms of moisture exposure, making it suitable for outdoor use and accommodating various cushion styles and fills.

Our standard tufted and stuffed seat and mattress cushion construction utilizes high quality, 1.9 High Density/HR 28 foam with high quality fiber that meets industry standards, unlike the low quality cumulus fill sold by some online companies which quickly degrades after just a few seasons of use.

Remember the importance of purchasing quality outdoor patio furniture. Stay away from cheap PVC synthetics which unravel, rot and crack over time; instead opt for HDPE wicker or aluminum patio sets which last much longer and provide greater durability than wood options. Contact us for help choosing materials and fabrics best suited to your lifestyle!


Foam makes an economical, soft, airy choice for outdoor cushions due to its inexpensive cost, soft texture, and ease of customization – you can dye the foam to suit individual preferences or decor if necessary. Furthermore, waterproof coating can prevent mold growth as well as retain moisture causing premature degradation of its material properties.

Foam wrapped in water-resistant, breathable fabrics such as Phifertex or Sunbrella is known as Dryfast foam. Zapping can create clean struts that create more visually appealing cushions while simultaneously being less likely to retain water, helping prevent unpleasant odors.

Sunbrella fabrics are treated to resist fading, providing long-term protection against the elements. Furthermore, their low replacement frequency makes them an environmentally-friendly option for homeowners.

Sunbrella cushions offer another great advantage – antimicrobial properties which help repel substances that produce unpleasant odors, providing allergy and asthma sufferers with relief when sitting on these cushions. When shopping for new cushions, homeowners must measure their frames accurately so manufacturers have all of the dimensions required to produce cushions which fit well in your furniture.

Polyester Fiber

When purchasing replacement cushions, the first step should be selecting a fabric to complement both your furniture and climate. Explore Sunbrella fabrics, polyester or foam options to create a tailored look and feel that will stand the test of time. For optimal fit measurements be sure to take measurements for seat depth width height (if replacing existing cushions bring them along for comparison purposes)

Polyester fabric is a popular choice for outdoor replacement cushions due to its durability, easy upkeep and variety of colors and patterns. Furthermore, it’s affordable while still providing ample support for seating outdoors – making polyester an excellent option when considering fade resistance as an important consideration when shopping for fabrics.

Solution-dyed acrylic fabric is another excellent material to consider for outdoor cushions, known for its durability and softness. Water repellent and resistant to mold, mildew and stains – plus available in an array of colors and patterns that complement patio decor – solution-dyed acrylic fabric also meets both GREENGUARD and OEKO-TEX certification for low chemical emissions levels; additionally it’s possible to add waterproof treatments which boost resistance against odors; it is advised that cushions be regularly washed with mild soap and water for best results.