Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is made primarily of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Our popular adirondack chairs use 579 single-use milk jugs, according to the company that produces them.

Recycled plastic mixed with pigments is used to form furniture, which is resistant to cold, heat, fading, rusting and salt corrosion.


Recycled plastic patio furniture can be an economical choice when compared to its alternatives such as wood or wrought iron furniture, which can be considerably more costly. Furthermore, its lighter weight means transport and delivery are simpler. Recycled plastic is therefore an ideal way to save money or simply purchase something inexpensive for outdoor living spaces.

Recycled plastic patio furniture is also an eco-friendly choice, made of post-consumer recycled plastics like old detergent bottles and milk jugs that have been collected through recycling programs. Once collected, these raw materials are then melted down and formed into durable furniture pieces with subtle dyed pieces being poured directly into lumber to give an authentic wooden appearance that most guests won’t even recognize as faux lumber!

Recycled plastic patio furniture provides numerous environmental advantages. Most notably, it reduces landfill waste by making otherwise trashed products into durable outdoor furniture that’s long-lasting and appealing – plus this process lowers oil usage when making new pieces, which is great news for those concerned with their carbon footprint.

Plastic outdoor furniture materials are among the most durable available, standing up well against elements of nature. Plastic can withstand both hot and sunny climates without fading and will not rust or rot like its metal counterparts do; however, cold climate environments may necessitate storage during the winter months to prevent freezing and brittleness from setting in.

Recycling plastic furniture is easy to maintain. Simply wash with soap and water to wash away dirt or debris from its surface, while a cloth or scrub brush can remove stubborn stains. Cleaning recycled plastic doesn’t require special chemicals either – keeping your outdoor furniture looking like new for years!

Longer Lasting

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture stands up well against rain, mold and fungus and does not require regular painting for maintenance; its color stays constant even in direct sunlight exposure. Furthermore, recycled plastic patio furniture is easier than other forms to keep clean – just a quick hose down with water or nonabrasive cleaner is enough to remove dirt, grime and other debris without leaving behind permanent stain marks; its resistance against staining means spills won’t leave lasting imprints either!

Recycling plastic patio furniture provides another advantage: longetivity. Not only can this save money in terms of replacing or repairing it as frequently, but its longevity makes recycling plastic patio furniture even more cost-effective in the long run.

One of the primary draws to purchasing recycled plastic patio furniture is its environmental friendliness. Recycled plastic furniture is composed of post-consumer plastic waste that has been melted and formed into pieces that mimic natural wood grain patterns. One company that offers this sustainable furniture option is CR Plastic Products; their furniture uses ocean-bound and landfill-bound plastic waste as raw material while their patented CR Plastic Lumber(r) technology ensures they produce products that won’t mold, rot, or splinter over time.

Eco-friendly material that looks and feels just like wood, resin outdoor furniture offers a variety of colors not available with other outdoor furniture materials – cherry red or cerulean ocean blue are available for an added splash of vibrancy to any backyard space.

Many manufacturers of recycled plastic furniture provide both residential and commercial warranties to show their confidence in its durability, demonstrating they stand by its quality. Their warranties typically cover all components such as the aluminum frame and hardware, sling fabric and seat frame. Furthermore, most companies that produce this type of furniture often utilize Sunbrella fabrics – the industry standard when it comes to outdoor cushion fabric protection from UV rays – in their cushions to further ensure maximum resistance from fading.

Maintenance Free

Recycled plastic furniture is created from material that would normally end up in landfills, turning this waste into outdoor seating that helps reduce landfill waste while being sustainable and eco-friendly. Recyclable plastic furniture provides a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other forms of furniture like wood and metal pieces.

Recycled plastic patio furniture requires minimal upkeep to stay looking its best, thanks to being made of an all-weather material that stands up well against rain, snow and sun exposure. Recycled plastic is an ideal low maintenance choice for your outdoor space – particularly if your area experiences extreme climate conditions.

Recycled plastic furniture is typically constructed out of marine-grade polymer (MGP), an affordable type of plastic that mimics natural materials like wood and wicker. Recycled plastic furniture may also be more eco-friendly.

MGP furniture is composed of post-consumer waste products like used detergent bottles and milk jugs that have been carefully cleaned before being melted down and formed into furniture pieces. Dye injection ensures an even tone throughout each piece.

Lightweight but rigid enough not to become airborne easily in high winds, this fabric is an excellent solution for those who constantly rearrange their outdoor furniture to accommodate guests or match a changing style.

This material is also an ideal option for people living near the sea who must deal with salt spray on their furniture, since its easy care will withstand its corrosive properties and will remain sturdy against corrosion caused by saltwater.

Palm Casual’s recycled plastic furniture may appear cheap at first glance; however, thanks to molds and coloring used on its products by Palm Casual, many can’t tell the difference! Additionally, this highly customizable furniture can be made to meet the individual needs of every user.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is made from recycled materials repurposed into patio seating furniture. This reduces landfill waste by giving old or discarded plastic products another life, and manufacturers of this type of outdoor furniture offer many colors to match any decor. Recycled plastic outdoor seating solutions are an excellent way for businesses to save money while providing their customers with quality outdoor seating experiences.

Polywood, a durable thermoplastic resin material, is the go-to material for recycled plastic outdoor furniture. Easily adapting to harsh weather conditions without warping, polywood is also UV protected so no worries about color fading with prolonged sun exposure. And with plenty of styles and sizes to choose from, polywood will help you find pieces tailored precisely to your space.

Reclaimed wood furniture is another eco-friendly choice, harvested sustainably to achieve the same natural aesthetic of natural wood. Reclaimed wood often comes from barns, shipping pallets or other structures destined to be abandoned that would otherwise be dumped, making this material an effective way of earning points towards LEED certification. By choosing this material for your new patio furniture set you could even earn points toward earning LEED certification!

Bamboo and rattan patio furniture can also be selected with eco-friendly harvesting practices in mind, to reduce their environmental impact. Both materials are biodegradable – meaning that over time, they will break down naturally without harming the environment when disposed of properly.

Recycled Plastic

People choose recycled plastic patio furniture primarily due to the environmental advantages that come with using this form of outdoor furniture. Most recycled plastic comes from post-consumer and industrial plastic waste sources and then processed into imitation wood lumber, making recycled plastic an eco-friendly choice.

Recycled plastic comes in an extensive palette of colors – from cherry red to ocean blue – that enable you to add an eye-catching design element to your outdoor living space that would not otherwise be possible with traditional patio furniture. Recycled plastic patio furniture allows for bold statements of personal style while remaining environmentally conscious.