Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture

recycled plastic patio furniture

By choosing recycled plastic furniture for your patio, you’re helping the environment. Recycled plastic comes from used consumer goods that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Raw materials are melted down and formed into plastic lumber that looks similar to high-grade natural wood, adding dyes prior to molding which helps prevent color fading and scratches.


Recycled plastic patio furniture is made of upcycled products already used. It provides an effective way to reduce waste while conserving natural resources while still offering consumers quality outdoor furnishings.

Reusing materials helps reduce energy and raw material needs for production, leading to lower carbon footprints and reductions of landfill space. Quality recycled plastic patio furniture pieces can easily fit any outdoor living space; you’re sure to find Adirondack chairs, rockers and dining tables that will please the masses – so enjoy it for years and years to come.

Recycled materials offer many advantages for outdoor furniture use, including longer durability and lower replacement costs. Many UV treated pieces also help prevent sun-damage by protecting their colors against sun fading – saving both money and hassle!

Lightweight furniture such as this makes it easier to move and rearrange to suit any space, and strong winds do not damage heavier, stronger materials as easily. Therefore, this option makes an excellent choice for those who like changing up the appearance of their yard from time to time by adding new decor items to spice things up!

Recycled plastics are created by melting down and molding post-consumer waste from various sources, enabling them to be formed into shapes that cannot be achieved with traditional materials. Recycled plastics also come in an assortment of colors which makes it possible to design furniture sets to match your patio.

Utilizing recycled plastics in patio furniture is one of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways you can be responsible. Doing this saves energy, raw materials and plastic from entering our environment – while keeping it looking beautiful for years. Make an impactful statement today about being more eco-friendly while giving back!


Recycled plastic furniture is highly resilient. It resists rot, moisture and cracking well – meaning it can remain out all year without becoming damaged or unusable – unlike wood furniture which requires constant painting or sanding maintenance. Manufacturer instructions will likely provide guidance as to how you should care for it but generally speaking all it requires is occasional rinse with a hose or wipedown with damp cloth for maximum longevity.

Many manufacturers provide recycled plastic furniture with a lifetime warranty that covers it against fading or structural damage, giving you complete peace of mind in your investment. It is important to know which kind of recycled plastic was used by your furniture maker as certain varieties can be more resistant to fading than others; look for a resin identification code on the back of your furniture to determine its composition if available – otherwise chances are high it’s made from plastic number 5 or 2, common among milk jugs but also commonly found in outdoor furnishings.

By purchasing recycled plastic patio furniture, not only are you saving yourself money and helping the environment from more waste; you are also helping preserve it for future generations. Recycled plastic boasts a superior strength-to-density ratio than wood and can withstand weather better than most wood products. HDPE, or high density polyethylene is one such recyclable plastic used in recycled furniture products as it is also often found in milk jugs; thus making this eco-friendly choice so popular among consumers.

Recycled plastic patio furniture comes in various forms, including aluminum and salvaged wood. Loll Design creates one of the most unique American-made recycled plastic options with their 111 Navy brand of chairs and stools made out of salvaged aluminum combined with HDPE recycled from naval shipyards into simple yet beautiful chairs and stools perfect for those with nautical themes.

Polywood was one of the pioneers in manufacturing HDPE recycled plastic patio furniture, using it exclusively in their US production facility for added worker safety. They can also be found online.


Recycled plastic furniture comes in an assortment of designs to meet most outdoor decor styles, unlike wood patio furniture which may rot, crack or splinter over time. Recycled plastic patio furniture also remains easy to clean while being durable enough to be sanded down and refinished for even longer lasting performance.

Recycled plastic furniture tends to be less costly than its wooden or metallic counterparts, so setting a budget before starting shopping can help avoid overspending.

One of the most popular styles of recycled plastic patio furniture is that which emulates natural wood, using molded designs to produce chairs, tables or other items which resemble natural wood grain. One benefit of this method is no splinters and no worries about water damage or other elements altering its finish over time.

Another popular style of recycled plastic patio furniture features a simulated wicker look, created using molds and colors to simulate natural wicker. This solution doesn’t require re-staining over time and can easily be cleaned using soapy water to stay looking its best season after season.

Many brands of recycled plastic outdoor furniture offer a selection of colors to meet the aesthetic requirements of any home or landscape, while their UV protection helps prevent their colors from fading over prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Other eco-friendly ways of creating an inviting backyard include recycled plastic patio furniture as well as using old sports equipment like skis, boards and bats as seating solutions. Furthermore, adding plants will bring color and warmth when hosting guests in your garden.


Plastic furniture may not be top of mind when considering sustainable furniture for indoor spaces, but recycled plastic outdoor patio furniture can make an excellent addition to any outdoor space. Recycled plastic patio furniture is extremely durable and requires little upkeep: no warping under exposure to moisture and sunlight like wood furniture does; cleaning is easily accomplished using either water hosing or soft-bristle brush with mild cleanser; plus it resists rot, mildew, insect damage as well as refinishing needs like teak wood furniture does!

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is easy to care for and ideal for families with children or pets, due to its resistance to wear and tear and cleaning simplicity. Plus, most recycled plastic patio furniture is UV protected so there is less worry of colors fading due to exposure from sunlight!

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is typically created from post-consumer plastics such as milk and detergent bottles, helping reduce demand for tropical rainforest wood used in other forms of outdoor furniture. Most manufacturers of recycled plastic furniture utilize HDPE recycled plastic which keeps millions of pounds out of landfills while making recycling simpler for home owners.

Recycled plastic used to craft furniture is melted, molded, and formed into lumber-like material that can be cut or drilled like real wood. If desired, it can then be colored according to desired and pressed into its final form for press moulding into furniture pieces of any shape or size. This process ensures the color runs throughout each piece so if scratches or dings occur in any section, replacement layers of plastic will match seamlessly making any damage less obvious.

Recycled plastic and wicker patio furniture are excellent ways to save money while being eco-friendly. Both come in an array of designs and styles to meet the aesthetic needs of your backyard oasis, so be sure to shop for recycled plastic patio sets with the highest selection and highest quality! If purchasing recycled plastic patio sets, be sure that the brand you buy provides ample selection as well as superior quality!