PVC Pipe Patio Furniture

pvc pipe patio furniture

When looking for patio furniture, it is essential to take note of its material composition. Metals such as steel tend to rust easily while wood may require more upkeep and be heavy for transporting.

PVC or pipe furniture has become increasingly popular due to its classic yet contemporary appeal at an economical price. Palm Casual offers an assortment of white and putty colored PVC frames complete with matching cushions and slings at Palm Casual’s store in Dallas.

Easy to Assemble

PVC furniture has become incredibly popular with homeowners because of its sleek, modern design and numerous benefits, including being easy to assemble. Furthermore, this type of furniture is economical: PVC is an inexpensive man-made material that blends well with various styles; lightweight yet durable for outdoor spaces like patios. PVC can even replace an existing table if need be! Whether looking to add tables to your patio or replace old chairs PVC is a fantastic solution!

Furniture-grade PVC pipes differ significantly from those sold at home centers for plumbing use; instead they’re constructed of high-grade plastic designed to last and include UV inhibitors to protect against discoloration or fading. Furthermore, PVC has more of an attractive aesthetic than wood or metal materials which is why many opt to use it when building their own PVC furniture pieces.

Doing it yourself pvc patio chair assembly can be made straightforward using the instructions that come with the kit. First, prepare the pvc pipe by measuring and marking its length onto paper before cutting them to length. Next, connect each elbow using tees. Finally, you should add fabric.

To create your DIY PVC Patio Chair, you will require four 23″ lengths of PVC pipe, two 9″ pieces and three 30″ pieces. After prepping your materials, attach elbows to both ends of each 23″ piece of pipe; also add a tee in the middle of each elbow; finally add one 30″ piece to each tee tee for stability and use of each elbow as the starting point of assembling.

Assembling PVC patio furniture requires using fittings that fit properly; otherwise it might not be as sturdy as desired. Furthermore, high quality fabric should withstand weathering well to complete this project successfully.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic has been treated to be highly durable, making it an excellent material choice for patio furniture as it will withstand the elements that might damage other forms of outdoor seating. Furthermore, PVC pipe patio furniture tends to be much lighter than similar pieces made from wood or metal allowing easier moving and storage.

PVC pipe used for furniture applications is often referred to as “furniture grade”. This variety has been specifically developed and treated in order to meet higher standards for quality, aesthetics and durability. Furniture grade PVC generally lacks the usual markings found on standard PVC pipes and features a smoother surface finish making it suitable for crafting aesthetic furniture and fixtures. Furthermore, being lightweight means this PVC can easily be handled while remaining comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time.

PVC pipe used in pvc pipe furniture typically contains UV protectant to help combat discoloration from sunlight over time, which would otherwise discolor other materials over time. Pvc pipe patio sets make great choices for Florida beachfront homes where saltwater exposure and harsh sunlight could potentially harm traditional patio furniture sets.

Patio’s Plus Destin, Florida provides a full line of PVC pipe outdoor patio furniture in two designer frame colors: bright white and sophisticated bone (putty). A classic cushion selection features outdoor fabric choices sized perfectly to fit popular PVC furniture frames; two styles are offered: “crown top” style cushions as well as squared off look cushions.

PVC pipe furniture line boasts a selection of white and putty colored furniture frames, cushions, slings and vinyl straps for you to select. Custom orders can usually be completed within a week; call now to discover all of its possibilities!

Easy to Clean

PVC patio furniture is an economical and easy way to adorn your backyard, featuring durable pieces designed to withstand any harsh weather conditions and no rusting issues like other patio sets do. Not to mention they’re easy to assemble – making PVC an economical way to decorate.

PVC pipe furniture is designed for easy maintenance. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt or grime, while for stubborn mildew removal use a mixture of bleach and water (diluted). There are even mildew removers specifically formulated for outdoor use that you may find useful.

These products can be purchased from any hardware store or online, in some instances even in bulk. There is an assortment of colors and designs to choose from when designing furniture made of PVC pipe; just make sure that furniture-grade PVC is used. This type is thicker and stronger than regular plastic, while being UV-resistant so as not to discolor under sunlight.

PVC furniture’s other advantage lies in its resistance to tipping over, an essential feature when living in areas with strong winds. Furthermore, pvc furniture’s lightweight construction ensures it won’t sink as deeply into the sand as other forms of patio furniture might.

PVC furniture stands apart from metal in that it does not rust and requires less upkeep, lasting much longer with regular maintenance and lasting harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall. Furthermore, PVC furniture makes a great addition for sandy environments as well as various terrain types.

For optimal PVC pipe furniture performance, regular maintenance with Casual Clean spray on cleaner is highly recommended. Casual Clean’s spray on cleaner will bring back its former glory while prolonging its life span and can even be used on all forms of PVC furniture such as wicker and cast aluminum furniture.


PVC pipe patio furniture is lightweight, making it easier to move around your yard and redecorate living spaces. Assembly takes significantly less time compared to other pieces of furniture.

Furniture constructed of high-quality materials designed to withstand adverse weather conditions are an ideal option, such as weatherproof resin. Not only are these pieces resistant against rusting but can even withstand salty beach water and blistering Florida sunshine without suffering damage; thus making it possible to be used year round! They’re also more cost effective than other furniture types as well as lasting longer than most.

PVC pipe furniture is highly customizable and comes in various styles – classic or modern! No matter what your taste may be, there is sure to be a piece that suits it in your home.

Furniture grade pvc pipe can be purchased both online and at local home improvement stores; however, standard pvc pipes available at these centers aren’t suitable for creating visually pleasing furniture and fixtures. Furniture grade pvc boasts enhanced visual appeal with smoother surface finishes free of typical markings or imperfections found in standard pipes; its durability makes it popular among DIY enthusiasts as well as professional furniture makers alike.

PVC pipe furniture is both economical and long-term durable, making it easier to transport, move and clean. Assembling it only takes minutes; perfect for busy individuals!

PVC furniture is highly versatile and can easily match with the fabric of your choice for cushions or slings. In fact, we offer over 400 outdoor fabrics ranging from Olefin and Textiline fabrics to vinyl jacquard and polyester brand names; matching sling and strap fabrics can even be obtained – these woven materials have been designed to withstand wear while maintaining form and beauty over time – so your furniture will continue looking fantastic year after year!