Protecting Your Patio Furniture With a Waterproof Cushion Cover

waterproof cushions for patio furniture

Mildew growth on outdoor cushions is an often encountered problem when using upholstered outdoor furniture. You can avoid this situation by using waterproof cushion covers and following an ongoing cleaning schedule.

Waterproof cushions are far easier to keep clean than non-waterproof ones, as well as less likely to attract mildew and mold growth. Most designs utilize reticulated foam cores wrapped within an impermeable waterproof shell.


When shopping for outdoor cushions, look for ones made with waterproof or water-resistant fabrics. These materials can help repel moisture which leads to mould and mildew growth on furniture cushions, and some also include UV protection that prevents sun fading from exposure.

Textilne is an excellent outdoor fabric option that mimics interior fabrics while remaining weatherproof and UV protected. Constructed of polyester yarns coated in PVC, its fabric provides waterproof protection and easy wiping cleaning; plus it even has a faint plastic smell! Another good choice would be waterproof cushions made from olefin or acrylic material which are easier to keep clean, more sun damage resistant, and offer greater sun resistance than cotton fabrics.

Fill is also of great significance: Polyester fill is cheap and soft, yet can quickly flatten out and prioritize visual aesthetic over functional comfort. Clustered polyfill provides slightly more support but may still flatten quickly; polyurethane foam offers affordable medium-firm support but may become waterlogged over time without biocide treatment.

Solution-dyed acrylic fabric offers an ultra-luxurious choice, as its fade-resistant properties allow it to retain its color for much longer. Furthermore, this durable synthetic fabric stands up well against harsh chlorine and salt water environments – an important consideration when choosing pool lounge chairs.

If you prefer something more stylish, a toss or bolster pillow can add color and interest to neutrally-colored outdoor furniture. Though less durable than seat cushions, toss pillows offer additional support for back and neck pain as well as being less costly than cushions themselves. Toss pillows come in various shapes and colors.


Sunbrella is an industry-leading performance fabric brand, offering an assortment of fabrics designed to withstand rain, sun and wind as well as mold mildew and stain resistance. Furthermore, these fabrics resist fading from UV rays while being easy to maintain – all qualities which make Sunbrella ideal for outdoor furniture cushions.

Sunbrella fabrics are constructed using high-performance polyester or acrylic yarns woven to form strong and durable performance fabric, available in an array of colors, patterns, textures and weaves to meet any style imaginable. From indoor to outdoor furniture use–awnings, biminis & dodgers; boat upholstery; enclosure curtains & cushions to cushions and pillows–Sunbrella has proven itself as one of the best solutions available withstanding extreme temperatures while still meeting OEKO-TEX standards for chemical safety testing.

There are three main grades of Sunbrella fabric: grade A, B and C. Each grade differs in terms of its level of color saturation and sophistication of texture and pattern design. Grade A serves as an introductory-level fabric that resists water, mold and mildew exposure but won’t hold up in direct sunlight and rain exposure; over time however its colors will fade over time due to sunlight or rain exposure. Grade B offers slightly advanced version of original Sunbrella with advanced texture patterns and sophisticated fade resistance, while grade C serves as completely waterproof fabric that resists both sunlight and rain exposure over time!

Sunbrella fabrics come with a 10-year warranty, are easily washable in cold water using mild detergent, and come with a protective coating to repel dirt and dust. Mold and mildew resistance means these fabrics won’t grow fungus when organic matter is removed by brushing off its surface; for optimal results follow manufacturer cleaning instructions to maintain optimal performance.

Cotton canvas

Outdoor cushions require the perfect fabric, and selecting waterproof material will help protect them against the elements for an extended lifespan. Choose from among many waterproof fabrics available such as Sunbrella rain upholstery fabric which features fade resistance, fast drying times and 31,000 double rubs – making it suitable for years of heavy usage and easy care with warm water and mild soap solution wipe-down or machine washing!

Cotton canvas is another economical and customizable material option, easily dyeable to match patio furniture. Unfortunately, cotton canvas doesn’t provide water resistance and mold and mildew growth can occur quickly without proper care; to maintain long-term quality it should be treated annually with waterproof applications as well as brought inside during periods of prolonged rainstorm.

Acrylic fabrics make an excellent option for outdoor cushions as they are both water resistant and UV ray resistant. Their fabric can withstand up to 1,000 hours of direct sunlight before it fades or starts deteriorating; plus they’re cozy and soft for comforting use outdoors. Furthermore, acrylic cushions may help those seeking an eco-friendly option in lieu of vinyl-coated outdoor cushions.

Olefin (polypropylene) is another waterproof material widely used for outdoor cushion materials. Constructed from recycled plastics and other man-made substances, this synthetic fabric offers low costs, quick drier times and easy upkeep compared to Acrylic Linen or Sunbrella; however it lacks softness. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to moisture could cause it to stiffen, while it remains flammable.

Spun polyester outdoor cushions are an economical and lightweight fabric option, resistant to fading and mildew while being relatively cheap and soft. While spun polyester may resist these factors, its durability may not match other materials available. Spun polyester may also create static that attracts dust particles such as pet fur or lint to adhere to its surface causing static charges to build up on cushions quickly and it may create static charges which attract dust onto cushions, creating static that attracts static charges that attract lint or hair to stick onto them, making these cushions ideal for hot climates where heat becomes an issue.


Waterproof cushion covers offer the ideal way to upgrade and keep patio cushions clean all year round, by protecting against moisture, mildew and fading – plus offering more longevity than regular cushions! Plus they can easily be machine washed for easier care with children or pets around!

Ottertex waterproof canvas provides an effective, high-performance solution that can protect outdoor cushions in rainy environments from the elements and extend the lifespan of outdoor furniture. With a waterproof coating to keep water at bay while resisting mold and UV rays, this fabric makes upkeep easy – simply wipe with damp cloth or sponge after use!

Fabric construction prevents tearing, making this an excellent choice for patio furniture with high backs or backrests. Furthermore, its wide array of colors and patterns allows you to find one to complement the style of outdoor spaces you have available to you – such as this Waterproof Pacific cushion cover in bright turquoise would look stunning next to either your pool or tropical beach!

Spun polyester fabrics are another excellent choice, offering durability and mildew resistance that’s suitable for outdoor cushions. Cotton or polyester-cotton blend fabrics may shrink more over time; this option can stain more easily if exposed to oil or sunscreen spillage, however.

Waterproof fabric boasts moisture-wicking technology to draw sweat away from the skin and keep you cool and comfortable while sitting on patio furniture. Furthermore, its lightweight properties make it easy to transport and store, so that you can take pleasure in using your furniture wherever it may be located.

Selecting an antimicrobial foam such as Polyurethane or High-Density Polyurethane to keep bacteria growth at a minimum on vinyl waterproof cushions.