Protect Your Patio Furniture With Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

waterproof patio furniture covers

Waterproof patio furniture covers can help shield outdoor furniture from harsh elements like rain, sun and wind – helping keep it clean while prolonging its lifespan.

Choose covers equipped with straps, Velcro fasteners, elastic hems, zippers and leg ties to secure their cover firmly and prevent it from moving and causing further damage. These fasteners help stop it from being misplaced during transport or storage.


Patio furniture can make a wonderful addition to any home and can serve multiple functions. However, its durability can be damaged by bad weather and prolonged sunlight exposure; so protecting it with a cover is important for preventing further damage as well as keeping dust and dirt off of it.

Waterproof covers for outdoor furniture are readily available and designed specifically for specific pieces. Constructed of tough yet durable fabrics for secure fitting and easy care cleaning (typically machine-washable), waterproof covers offer secure solutions without scratching up surfaces that need protecting. Some even come equipped with soft inner layers to avoid scratching!

Waterproof covers will extend the lifespan of outdoor furniture by keeping its color from fading over time and protecting against mold, mildew and rust growth. Polyester fabric offers long-term durability as it breathes well – the best choice when looking for waterproof covers!

If you are in the market for a waterproof cover, ensure it is constructed from quality materials and can withstand adverse weather conditions. When purchasing vinyl covers, ensure they are thick enough to withstand tear resistance as well as having double stitched seams so they cannot easily punctured, plus having vents along their bottom for snug fits.

Size should also be taken into consideration when buying a cover, since too large of an item will make it hard to fit and cause damage. Furthermore, choosing one that hugs closely around the furniture ensures it won’t come loose when exposed to high winds.

To select an ideal cover size for your outdoor furniture, it is essential that you take measurements of its height, width, and circumference using a tape measure. Once these are known, ALCO offers custom-sized covers which fit exactly to the shape and size of each individual piece – these covers are ideal for protecting deck chairs, coffee tables and armchairs against harsh climate conditions!


Nature provides us with many gifts, but when your patio furniture is exposed to harsh weather elements such as rain and sun, this experience may be lost. Not only can the constant exposure damage your outdoor space’s aesthetics and reduce its lifespan – instead invest in UV-resistant patio furniture covers which will help protect it for many years ahead.

Waterproof patio furniture covers provide essential moisture-protection to protect furniture against mold and mildew growth, keeping cushions and furniture dry and fresh. However, to achieve maximum effectiveness it is vital that air can circulate under the cover to avoid build-ups of heat and humidity; additionally it must fit perfectly around your furniture as a loose one may allow water seepage.

UV-resistant patio covers provide your outdoor furniture with protection from sunlight’s damaging rays, such as fading and cracking, while helping keep the area cooler by blocking out its rays. Furthermore, these covers can extend its longevity by shielding it from abrasions or scratches caused by accidental bumping into surfaces outside the cover itself.

Dependent upon your climate, there are various kinds of patio furniture covers to consider when making a choice for your outdoor space. Wicker covers are specifically made to cover wicker furniture and typically constructed of water-resistant materials. Plastic and synthetic covers may not provide as much breathability than fabric covers do; finally wood covers add natural charm.

No matter the size or scope of your outdoor space, using patio furniture covers can enhance it and increase enjoyment. These covers are designed to protect furniture from rain, snow, bird droppings and debris – they come in an assortment of colors and designs to fit in perfectly with your decor! Installation of these covers is quick and can be found online or at local home improvement stores – plus custom covers may even be made specifically for your furniture pieces!


Patio furniture covers can provide an effective means of safeguarding outdoor cushions against debris, dirt and rain, helping keep them looking brand new while prolonging use and decreasing cleaning frequency. But in order for them to last you must take proper care in keeping up with them; regular brushing helps remove dust build-up while regular washing prevents water damage as well as cleaning any mold or mildew from developing on them. Finally, double check that they can withstand colder temperatures.

When shopping for patio furniture covers, make sure the fabric is breathable. Breathable fabrics allow moisture to escape the cover, which prevents condensation and humidity from forming on cushions and reduces risk of mold or mildew growth. Breathable covers can be found made of vinyl, polyester and canvas materials.

One key requirement of patio furniture covers is their ability to withstand high winds. Wind can cause them to dislodge from your furniture and expose it to the elements; to provide added protection you should select covers with tie-down options for additional coverage.

Shape of patio furniture covers is another key factor. Improperly-formed covers may leave gaps at the corners, which allow debris to gather in and allow moisture to get inside cushions and cause them to degrade over time. To avoid this problem, look for covers with slightly dropped shoulders – these will prevent gaps from opening up at corners and allow water/moisture ingress into cushions causing lasting damage over time.

Conclusion It is best to purchase a waterproof cover that perfectly fits the size and shape of your furniture. While many stores sell one-size-fits-all covers, these may pose serious dangers for your furnishings – for instance if too small of covers trap moisture underneath, while too large could easily be dislodged by strong winds.


No matter the purpose of your patio space – lounge area or dining – a well-designed outdoor space can add value to your home and encourage family and friends to spend more time outside. Unfortunately, even beautiful furniture can quickly become worn without proper protection against rain, snow and other harsh elements; durable furniture covers are designed specifically to withstand these hazards so as to keep looking like new for years!

When shopping for furniture covers, it’s essential to carefully consider their material. Plastic may withstand moderate rains and sunny days well enough, but could crack in freezing temperatures or become brittle over time. Teak wood on the other hand has proven itself over the years as being naturally weather resistant; thus extending its useful lifespan with minimal upkeep required.

Choose a cover with waterproof stitching for optimal moisture control and reduced mold invasion risk. Also look for breathability features to limit moisture accumulation and heat retention.

Durable patio furniture covers provide another advantage in their convenience of cleaning. Most can be put through the washing machine using soapy water and soft-bristle brush; just be sure to pre-shrink before you put them on your furniture as otherwise they could shrink over time and no longer fit perfectly.

Durable patio furniture covers can be purchased for an affordable price and provide you with protection for your investment. However, not all covers are created equal; therefore it is wise to read reviews and scrutinise product details prior to making a decision.

Some manufacturers claim their covers are long-lasting and extremely durable, but you should always verify the fabric to make sure it meets quality standards. Choose polyester or vinyl fabric thick enough to withstand rain and other weather elements as well as having woven backing that keeps its taut shape while vents provide air circulation to reduce mold growth.