Protect Your Patio Furniture With Sunbrella Patio Furniture Covers

Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are designed to withstand the elements. From direct sunlight and heavy rainfall, to sitting outdoors in direct sunlight and still looking great!

Sunbrella cushions require periodic care and storage tips in order to retain their vibrant appearance and durability over the years ahead. Here’s what you need to do.


At home, many people enjoy relaxing on chairs and couches in their backyards. To further increase comfort, add Sunbrella outdoor cushions that will withstand rain, sunshine, and wind; not only is the material durable and water resistant but it looks fantastic as well! Its soft cotton-like material won’t degrade over time from weather-related issues – giving you access to your furniture pieces throughout summer without worry!

Sunbrella SeaMark fabric is an ideal combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, making it the ideal material choice for protecting boats or equipment exposed to harsh weather conditions. Crafted with traditional Sunbrella fabric as well as quality marine-grade vinyl textured vinyl textured, the material features fade-resistant waterproof construction as well as multiple colors options to match any space or decor aesthetic. Creative Covers Inc offers this high-performance Sunbrella material if you are searching for chair covers.

Sunbrella fabric comes with comprehensive warranties to safeguard your investment. Woven to resist mildew, stains, water and UV rays for long-term beauty and soft feel with vibrant hues that remain vibrant through repeated washings, Sunbrella sofa covers will keep looking like new year after year despite repeated wear-and-tear.

Sam’s Club offers an assortment of Sunbrella fabric covers designed to fit snugly around furniture contours for an easy and secure fit. Some feature drawstrings to keep them attached securely, while others provide easy attachment and removal using stainless steel hook secures.

Sunbrella replacement cushions can keep your chairs and loveseats looking their best. Seat and back cushions come in various sizes and shapes to fit most styles of chairs and couches; pillow shapes can even be tailored specifically for each piece in your set, such as an elongated lumbar pillow for neck support; classic square designs also complement most seating arrangements nicely.

Sunbrella furniture covers can help extend the life of your furniture by shielding it from elements that damage fabric, like sun, rain and snow. They will ensure your chairs and sofas look their best season after season! When shopping for patio covers from Outdoor Cover Warehouse consider the Regent collection for sophisticated yet fashionable design – offering solid colors as well as stripes or patterns to meet every taste and style imaginable! These covers will bring years of use!


Dining al fresco or lounging under the sun, an outdoor couch is at the core of any patio setup. Sunbrella patio furniture covers offer protection for cushions and frames while offering stylish options like click-close buckles and drawstring cinch locks to meet every style preference. Find one that meets yours for easy use and preservation of your furniture today.

Sunbrella fabrics are specifically engineered to resist stains. Accidental spills and muddy paw prints don’t phase these performance fabrics – they’re made to stand up to whatever life throws their way! Fade proof, mold resistant, mild soap and water cleaning solutions make cleanup quick and simple.

Sunbrella fabric comes in solid, striped and patterned options to meet any taste or decor imaginable, from understated classic to modern nautical styles – you’re sure to find exactly the look for your backyard oasis! Plus, its durable construction helps it withstand raindrops and UV rays for year-round enjoyment without worrying about any possible damages to its surface!

As soon as you’ve selected the fabric for your sofa and chairs, add visual interest by pairing it with Sunbrella pillows. Not only do these soft accessories improve seating comfort; their colorful palettes and unique shapes also make a fashionable statement! You could select ones in similar shades as your furniture to tie your space together, or mix and match different hues to create an eye-catching vignette!

Sunbrella furniture is an excellent choice for outdoor settings because its high-quality materials are designed to withstand even the harshest environments, such as rain, snow, and UV rays. Plus, its colors remain vibrant even after repeated exposure to sunlight.

This sunbrella chair cover is tailored specifically to fit the Conway Lounge (EEI-1846) and Conway Sofa (EEI-3973), making it the ideal way to protect them against rain and harsh weather conditions. Constructed from durable polyester and PE coating that repel moisture while blocking UV rays and keeping dirt at bay from your furniture’s surfaces. Complete with stainless steel hook secures and click-close buckles for convenient use, it’s the ideal way to preserve furniture while enjoying the beauty of backyard retreat.