Protect Your Patio Furniture With Sectional Patio Covers

sectional patio furniture covers

Stay safe and clean when outdoor entertaining with sectional patio covers from Costco. They protect from dirt, bird droppings, rain, UV rays and more, yet remain lightweight enough for easy storing away when not needed.

Neutral-toned covers will match most furniture in your backyard and add depth. When selecting fabric options, look for durable ones which resist tears while offering top-quality stitching.


Quality patio furniture is an expensive investment and to preserve it for many years to come, it needs to be protected from harsh sunlight, sudden rainfall or snowfall and wind. Opting for a cover which resists these factors is key in keeping outdoor sectional furniture looking its best while being resistant to tearing with sturdy stitching that prevents it from flying off in high winds.

Investment in patio or backyard furniture should not be taken lightly, and protecting it is key. A patio furniture cover is one way of doing just this, though not all covers provide equal protection; cheap covers may appear robust upon first glance but quickly break apart after repeated usage and fail to provide necessary shielding for your furniture. Choose durable covers made with quality fabric so your outdoor seating remains in pristine condition and enjoyed by family and friends for years.

Before purchasing an outdoor sectional cover, it is crucial that you measure all pieces to determine the necessary measurements for selecting an adequate cover size. Make sure to measure both height and width at every corner to get an accurate reading; don’t forget any side tables or ottomans! Once your measurements are in hand, select one which will accommodate all the items, while being easy to install.

Classic Accessories’ Terrazzo Patio Furniture Set Covers come highly recommended for those with large outdoor wicker sectional loveseat sets. Constructed of medium weight protective material, they can provide your furniture with a custom fit using sewn-in drawstrings to keep it secure from the elements and have one year warranties backed by one year of manufacturing automotive, motorcycle, RV and patio furniture covers – they have over 30 years’ experience designing durable covers to keep it free from scratches, dust fading yellowing saving significant replacement costs over its competitors!

UV Protection

Your sectional is your go-to spot for relaxing and socializing after a long day, so it’s essential that it remains undamaged when not in use. Patio furniture covers protect it against rainwater damage and UV rays while simultaneously protecting its cushions against mildew growth to keep your patio entertaining guests at all times.

An all-sun cover is the optimal way to protect a two- or three-piece patio sectional from excessive sunlight, protecting all seats and backrests against excessive fading and protecting each cushion from sunburn. These covers can be constructed from various materials – cotton to vinyl – depending on your preferences and climate; polyester provides greater resistance against rain, wind and sun exposure while being more breathable; this prevents mildew growth as trapped moisture escapes the fabric and vents out through its fabric pores, keeping mildew growth at bay.

Patio furniture covers can be designed to perfectly fit the shape and size of your sectional couch or chaise lounge, ensuring they hug every curve for an ideally snug fit that won’t slip, shift or tear over time. A cover that fits well will save money in the long run as it protects pieces against wear and tear so they will last longer while also saving money through protection costs.

Many of the most durable patio furniture covers come in an array of colors and designs to complement your existing decor. Some feature sophisticated patterns that instantly add curb appeal, while others have clean modern lines that work with any outdoor design scheme. Eevelle offers several durable covers with exquisite details like elegant welting around their edges for an eye-catching finishing touch such as Regent Collection from Eevelle or Meridian series that is solution dyed 600D polyester with UV protection – these options may help your backyard furniture last for many seasons ahead!

Patio sectional covers are an invaluable asset in any season; their waterproof material keeps your patio dry during those blustery winter months and their snug fit won’t let high winds blow them away. Plus, these covers can easily be machine washed for hassle-free care. These covers make a smart investment for your home!


Sectional patio furniture covers provide crucial protection for outdoor tables, lounge chairs, sofas, fire pits and grills from wear and tear and UV exposure that would otherwise reduce their lifespan. Made of long-wearing fabrics that resist damage over time to keep looking brand-new for longer. Available in neutral hues like khaki that blend into various landscapes as well as solid colors for easier securing and using; many include features to simplify use as well.

Patio furniture aesthetics play an integral role in creating an enjoyable outdoor living area. Pieces designed to complement and complete other furniture in a home must look good and feel great to be enjoyed, such as color, design, material composition or shape – for instance a patio couch comes in various styles to accommodate all aesthetic preferences – be they traditional rustic contemporary design. The choice between these options lies purely with each homeowner.

With proper selection, a patio sectional can become an indispensable component of any backyard, porch or deck space. Made from sturdy wicker with rustproof frames, they make excellent additions for limited spaces such as sunrooms or modest covered porches – cushions can even be easily removed and cleaned when required!

If you’re planning on adding new furniture to your outdoor space, wait until it arrives before purchasing a sectional patio furniture cover. Doing this allows you to measure it accurately so the cover fits perfectly; for assistance in doing this properly refer to the product description or consult its guide. Once measurements are in hand, search through available covers until finding one that meets your needs – snug fitting covers are key in protecting from harsh weather conditions, so for optimal results opt for one specifically tailored towards the model of patio furniture you have in mind.


Sectional patio furniture allows you to enjoy the comfort of a sofa or lounge without taking over an entire area. It makes your backyard or deck an ideal space for hosting guests, relaxing by the pool and just spending quality time with family and friends.

But when the weather turns and it comes time to store your sectional outdoors, it’s essential that the cover fits tightly to protect it from environmental elements like mildew and abrasions that could compromise its upholstery. A snug fit also prevents mildew growth that could harm its fabric surface.

Measure your sectional before purchasing a cover to ensure an ideal fit. There are covers specifically tailored for sofas, u-shaped sectionals and corner sofas as well as outdoor furniture – these custom-fit covers can accommodate each curve of the furniture for optimal protection.

Breathable, Water-repellant Fabric Protects Your Sectional

Some of the best-fitting covers for sectional patio furniture feature breathable, water-repellant fabrics designed to allow air circulation and help combat mold growth. Furthermore, these covers can withstand sudden downpours and temperature shifts with their water resistant features; their shorter design promotes proper airflow while some even feature tie-downs to secure them against windy days.

Opting for a durable, water-resistant cover has another significant advantage – saving money over time by protecting against UV light induced stains and faded furniture surfaces. Furthermore, such covers reduce cleaning time significantly!

When purchasing a sectional, opt for modular options with chairs and loveseat that allow for customized configurations of seating arrangements. That way, as your needs shift throughout the evening, they can quickly be reconfigured before being returned back into their original order once your event has concluded.

When purchasing outdoor sectionals or furniture of any sort, make sure the design fits both your space and aesthetic preferences. Bold patterns or loud colors could overpower your decor; however, there are other styles and designs available, like neutral-toned tans that blend in well with any color or style of furniture.