Protect Your Investment With Sectional Patio Furniture Covers

Selecting the ideal sectional patio furniture will ensure its functionality and comfort, as well as match your personal aesthetic and style.

Consider a sofa chaise sectional as an example: these combine standard sofas and lounge chairs into one cohesive unit, with the latter located to one side of the sectional and its accompanying loveseat on the opposite end.


If you invest in quality patio furniture sets, protecting them from weather damage is important to keeping it looking brand new for many years to come. A sturdy cover will protect against moisture that could otherwise lead to mold and mildew growth and ensure they stay looking brand new for many years ahead.

If your furniture is located in an exposed, windy environment, select extra-durable fabric to provide maximum protection from tears and flying debris. Some covers come equipped with tie-down straps or buckles to keep the cover secure during high winds while some feature vent systems to prevent moisture build-up under or on top of the cover and onto your furniture.

Your outdoor sectional cover should be made of material that is both water-resistant and breathable to avoid mildew and mold growth, with sealed seams to avoid leaks. PVC backing could pose potential hazards that react with some finishes or sealants on furniture, so best to opt for a non-PVC option instead.

Quality sectional patio furniture covers must also be UV-resistant in order to safeguard your furniture against sun damage and fading, especially if exposed for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Consider getting one in darker color so as to block out UV rays more effectively.

Durable outdoor patio sectional set covers will feature a waterproof coating to protect your furniture from rain, snow and dirt accumulation, while also including a mesh vent system to avoid moisture build-up beneath the cover causing mold and mildew growth.

As part of your search, look for covers designed to withstand everyday use, with polypropylene or polyester/polyester fabric that’s stain-proof and fade-resistant – this will protect against everyday spills.

If you’re having difficulty choosing the ideal cover for your sectional sofa, customize it yourself! Custom covers offer you more control than pre-made options by letting you select size, color and features to match your furniture perfectly – plus it can even feature personalized embroidery or printing! It’s an amazing way to show your personal flair while standing out from other furniture in your neighborhood!


When purchasing modular sectional patio furniture, you are investing in creating an outdoor living space that adds comfort and versatility to your home. Protect that investment with covers designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and temperature changes and extend its life by keeping its finish and fabrics looking new for as long as possible.

Covers can help eliminate the need for additional furniture storage spaces. When your patio furniture is not being used, its cover can be quickly and easily put over it to provide protection from dirt, dust, debris and moisture that can quickly degrade fabric cushions; additionally, moisture vapor may create stains or mildew that causes permanent damage – saving both time and space on storage costs.

Pottery Barn offers sectional covers designed specifically to fit specific models of furniture and umbrella, providing an exact fit. Available in neutral khaki colors as well as solid hues to easily blend in with backyard decor without being eye-catching, these covers will tightly encase patio furniture pieces while including features to ensure they remain secure even on windy days.

These covers are constructed from durable, resilient materials designed to resist abrasions and punctures. Some feature vinyl coating that’s designed to resist mold, mildew and other substances that accumulate on furniture, while others boast high-density polyester that’s water-resistant to withstand environmental elements.

Many patio furniture covers offer UV-protection to prevent your furniture’s colors from fading over time, while their abrasion-resistant construction helps prolong its life and save you money by decreasing replacement needs. Furthermore, fabric cushions and finishes remain looking their best with their visual appeal remaining preserved to add visual interest and visual charm to outdoor living spaces.


Covers designed to protect patio furniture can help mitigate damages from rain, snow, ice and wind. By blocking moisture from directly touching the furniture surface and staining its finish directly with moisture from outside sources directly contacting it, covers can reduce risk of wood rot and staining as well as make cleaning and maintenance simpler and faster. Pottery Barn offers outdoor collections featuring custom-fit covers designed specifically to fit each piece in order to ensure optimal security and protection of their sets.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of furniture can extend its life span. A soft brush or sponge with mild cleaner should suffice to clear away dirt and grime off plastic and resin furniture; when cleaning wicker sectional furniture, mild detergent and warm water may help avoid unraveling of its tight weave pattern. Oil spills or other greasy stains must be addressed quickly as soon as they occur to avoid them soaking into fabric fibers and leaving behind marks; adding some drops of rubbing alcohol could speed up this process further.

Before making your decision about sectional furniture covers, take into consideration what material it was constructed from. Wrought iron and polywood furniture pieces tend to be more resistant to weathering; however, direct sunlight exposure still requires protection; covering will keep harsh UV rays off these pieces and extend their lifespan.

When selecting covers for your patio furniture, select those which are fully waterproof. Vinyl covers, for example, can clump together droplets of rain to allow it to run off instead of pooling on surfaces like pavement. A cover that isn’t fully waterproof may tear or disintegrate over time leaving moisture trapped beneath and potentially leading to mold or mildew growth on patio furniture underneath it.

Before buying any cover, always read its label carefully and look for tags indicating woven solution-dyed performance fabric material. This fabric resists sun damage, stains, mildew and machine washing for easier upkeep of your furniture.


Weatherproofing is an integral feature of most modular sectional furniture covers, helping ensure that your furniture will stay looking its best no matter the climate or season. Treasure Garden’s CP404 Modular Corner Protector fits snugly against modular wedge center pieces for rain and sun protection as well as moisture damage from moisture accumulation – keeping your patio furniture in top shape year-round! Its robust fabric prevents fading, moisture accumulation and mold growth to help preserve its condition all year-long.

Covermates’ Prestige Modular Patio Furniture Set Cover is another example, made of premium materials to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. It has dual vents to prevent mold and mildew growth while its waterproof seam binding keeps water from seeping into furniture pieces. Plus, with strong frame and handles it can withstand strong winds without coming apart or blowing off!

Consideration must also be given when selecting a sectional patio furniture cover based on its ability to block out UV rays, dirt and dust – especially important when purchasing outdoor sectionals that may be exposed to direct sunlight and susceptible to dirt build-up, mildew growth and bird dropping stains – however many modern sectional covers offer protection from all of these factors as well as acting as insect barriers.

Many sectional patio furniture covers are designed for easy, worry-free maintenance. Wipe them down with warm soapy water and a hose, and waterproof design prevents moisture damage to furniture beneath. Furthermore, some covers feature secure straps that snap over legs of furniture so it stays in place even during windy weather.

No matter if you are shopping for an entire patio furniture set or simply require some sofa covers for sofa, chair or loungers – investing in quality modular sectional covers will extend their lives and protect your investment. Look for customizable covers tailored specifically to meet your specific needs as well as those backed by an industry-leading warranty to protect both yourself and your investment in patio furniture for years of comfort and enjoyment.